10 ways to get that Staycation feeling

Sometimes circumstances make it hard to plan a vacation, but everyone deserves a chance to unwind and take a break. If you’re dreaming of a trip and some quality time with loved ones, we’re here to help you out with top tips on how to be a staycation pro! Your next adventure could be just a stone’s throw away.

1. Get out in nature

Spending some time in nature is a proven way to reduce stress and increase happiness, so go ahead and get away from the hustle and bustle! Go for a bike ride or a walk (or have a look at maps on your phone!) to discover lakes you’ve never seen before, or parks that are way bigger than you realized. Whether it’s a hike, a day trip to the beach, or simply walking your dog for longer than usual, you’d be amazed how much of an escape some time in nature can offer!

2. Learn a new skill

Your every day routine can be comforting in its routine, but it can also make you forget that there’s so much out there to learn. Taking some time off at home is a great chance to take up a workshop or course to learn something different, whether it’s a new language, a skill, or a workout you’ve never tried. Who knows, this little break from the everyday may result in a new hobby or a favorite sport!

3. Explore nearby towns

When constantly dreaming of your next far-away destination, it’s easy to ignore the amazing places nearby. If there are towns nearby that you’ve never visited, or haven't been to in a while, grab the family for a little road trip and explore the world around you! Check out the best local restaurants or cafes, treat yourself to some shopping, or simply enjoy a day out together with some new scenery. Even your own town can be full of great opportunities for adventure. Try to see the places and attractions you know with fresh eyes, instead of just walking past, and enjoy the charm of the place you’re from!

4. Look for cool experiences in your backyard

When just a day won’t cut it, a whole weekend experience might be exactly what you need to get away from the usual stress. Staying on a farm living the country life, staying in a cute b&b, or planning a theme park getaway are just some ideas for cool local experiences that you haven’t thought of yet. Get creative and get out there!

5. Treat yourself with a DIY spa day

When was the last time you did something just for yourself? If that made you think back a while, it might be time for a treatment or spa day! Switch off your mind while you pamper yourself, relax in the bath or lay out in the sun. Not so keen on the DIY? Book yourself a massage or a manicure . Whatever your fancy, whether it’s a full day of face masks and bubble baths or something as simple as a few hours at the hair salon, it can be a little piece of paradise.

6. Celebrate the little things in a big way

Whether it’s a birthday, a new milestone in life, or just having some time together, turn little things into big celebrations and make special days even more memorable! Get the whole family together for a day or trip out, cook up a big festive meal, or plan a family sports day. Who said you need to wait for Easter or Christmas to celebrate a holiday? 

7. Practice digital detoxing

While being constantly connected can be great for flexible work and staying in touch, it’s also the reason we’re never fully able to switch off and enjoy the moment. Spend a weekend or a few days without checking messages, email or even the news and truly focus on yourself and the ones around you. Just let everyone know that you won’t be available for a few days, and let the tech go! Whether it’s during a few days away, or just on a normal weekend, disconnecting can make you regain the focus and energy you needed.

8. Dive into local live music

Do your research and find out what your area has to offer. A gig, an open-air event or a local band’s show  can give you an evening full of fun and adventure. And you never know who could be the next international superstar!

9. Visit a local market

Local farmers markets or craft shows are a great way to explore new things without straying too far. While this will guarantee a whole lot of fun for you and your family, it also supports local businesses and is a sustainable way to do the weekly shopping- total win-win!

10. Gather your loved ones and plan a staycation in a nearby rental

Sometimes all you need is the people you love the most – and a little change of scenery! Whether it’s a stay in the mountains, the beach, or your own hometown, spending some quality time together away from the usual can work wonders. Find a great house with fun features like a pool or a hot tub. Spend time enjoying dinners, long chats next to the fireplace, and walks in nature. There are endless opportunities to find your perfect vacation in a home close to home for some fun filled nights and the relaxation you deserve!