Known for its fascinating museums, famous landmarks, and impressive skyline set against Lake Michigan, Chicago is one of the most exciting cities in the country. If you're looking to get out of the city and escape to a quiet, laid-back destination for a few days, a staycation near Chicago is a great option. You can find charming vacation rentals all around the Chicago area with all the essentials of home so you can unplug and recharge with your friends or family away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Chicago staycation inspiration

Staycations are all about kicking back and relaxing, whether that means enjoying down time with the family, intimate couple's activities, or basking in your own company. Fortunately, staycations are whatever you want them to be, and you can find plenty of exciting places to book private, secluded vacation rentals for your staycation.

Family vacations

If you're planning a family vacation, a staycation may be a great option for they whole crew. You can find family-friendly vacation homes that come with all the essentials of home, including a kitchen, laundry, backyard, outdoor entertainment space, and more, as well as toys, games, and entertainment systems to keep the kids happy during the trip. During your staycation, you could have fun getting the whole family involved in preparing home-cooked meals, taking nature walks in the woods with the kids, touring local historic sites and museums, or kicking back while the kids enjoy the backyard.

Romantic retreats

With its rolling hills, verdant valleys, and glistening lakes, the Illinois countryside sets the stage for a romantic retreat for couples. Romantic vacation rentals for two are available all over for a private and relaxing vacation in the country, giving you access to nature and the charming attractions of small towns and villages. You could spend your time exploring nature and watching for local wildlife, shopping and sightseeing in town, or simply relaxing at home with your significant other while you enjoy the peace and quiet.

Solo relaxation

Offering amenities like hot tubs, private pools, and stunning views, many vacation homes for solo travelers give you everything you could want or need for your retreat. You could find cozy rental homes with luxurious amenities to relax in your pajamas and catch up on television or reading to fully recharge on your trip. If you want to spend time outside, there are plenty of great places to stay near woodlands, parks, lakes, and waterways for an outdoor playground.

Top destinations for a staycation near Chicago

From vibrant outdoor spaces dotted with historic villages to scenic landscapes with preserves and wildlife, there's something for everyone near Chicago. Whether you want to explore the outdoors or spend time indoors with tranquil scenery, here are the top destinations for a staycation near Chicago.

Jo Daviess County

Filled with picturesque landscapes and scenic roads, Jo Daviess County offers the laid-back vibe you need for a quiet retreat. It's home to beautiful outdoor spaces and preserves for you to explore to get in touch with nature, such as the Apple River Canyon State Park, Buehler Preserve, and the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. You could also visit the Valley of Eden Bird Sanctuary, a public preserve that's home to all types of wild birds like woodpeckers and owls that you can see on tranquil nature walks.

Lake County

Located north of Chicago on the sparkling Lake Michigan, Lake County is a popular destination for families, couples, and outdoor enthusiasts. The area draws visitors for its opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, biking, horseback riding, and swimming. There are also town attractions such as museums, malls, restaurants, and performance venues. You can find a range of vacation rentals throughout Lake County that put you within reach of all the fun activities, whether you need a large rental for the family or a small space for just you.