6 homes for your group yoga retreat

Active vacations, or “fit-cations,” are becoming more popular as Americans prioritize physical health and mental wellness. Getting away from the day-to-day chaos is a great way to decompress and focus on your well-being. Yoga retreats and destination spas can be pricey, but a great alternative is a DIY wellness retreat in a vacation home.

Splitting the cost of a vacation home and booking private yoga instruction can help cut costs to create your own yoga retreat for a bride who wants a low-key bachelorette party, or for an annual girls weekend. Plan your next group getaway for as little as $35 per person per night at one of these properties available to rent on Vrbo. 

Yoga Deck - Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular destination for yoga retreats with its lush jungles and serene beaches. It’s hard not to relax in the country’s natural beauty. This luxury home has views of both jungles and beaches from its private yoga deck. With nightly rates around $93 per person per night, your group can have full access to two private pools, a fully equipped gym, and massages onsite. 

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Private Yoga Studio - Colorado

Enjoy a peaceful retreat in Winter Park, Colorado. Depending on the time of year, visitors can enjoy activities like skiing and hiking.This vacation home features a private studio onsite with beautiful views and yoga props including mats, blocks, and weights available for guest use. You can’t beat nightly rates around $35 per person per night in this mountain getaway. 

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Beach Yoga - Costa Rica

Want to practice yoga on the beach? Look no further than this Costa Rican getaway that is less than 10 minutes away on foot. The area has no shortage of yoga instructors from Nosara Yoga Institute to take classes or schedule private instruction for your group. This beautiful home has enough room for six guests, paying about $64 per person per night. 

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Serene Desert - New Mexico

For a truly one-of-a-kind experience, stay in Rass Mandal, an adobe home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with colorful and international-inspired architecture and decor, from the domed “Mandala Room” upon entrance to the Morroccan-style kitchen. Amenities at Rass Mandal include an outdoor yoga pavilion and a meditation space in the primary bedroom. Your group can rent the home for $108 per person per night. 

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Tatami Meditation Room - Washington

Find your zen in this Japenese-inspired home in Sequim, Washington. Start your day with tea in the Japense garden and end it with silent meditation in the traditional tatami room with tatami mats, floor pillows, and shoji doors. The 4-bedroom home has enough space for eight guests paying about $37 per person per night. 

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Bali-Inspired - Austin

Escape to Bali without expensive international flights in this Bali-inspired vacation home in Austin, Texas. The luxury loft house has beautiful outdoor spaces and a private pool to enjoy the beautiful Texas weather. The owner even offers additional onsite services like massage therapy, yoga classes, and Bollywood dance lessons for an additional cost. Guests can expect to pay around $91 per person per night. 

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