10 ways to actually use your travel pictures

Funny, isn’t it? We try so hard to capture every precious second of vacation — the first swim without armbands, that celebratory dinner whipped up in the chef-worthy kitchen, those seriously sensational sunsets — only to leave our photos sitting forgotten on our phones once we’re home. Well, here are ten inventive ways to bring your pictures to life, and keep those vacation vibes going long after your journey home.

1. Turn vacation pictures into a coffee table keepsake

Put your favorite travel pictures into print with a gorgeous photo book. With so many styles to find online — hard and soft cover, pocket-size to square, in every color of the rainbow — they’re a welcome upgrade to the humble photo album and a great way to showcase all those family vacation pictures. Fill yours with memories, captions, and personalized messages to create the perfect gift for family and friends, or treat yourself instead to this unique coffee table keepsake.

2. Brighten up your home with statement wall art

Go big and go bold by blowing up your photos and printing them onto canvas, wood, or even metal. Can’t decide which picture to choose? Frame all your faves and create a mosaic masterpiece to brighten up your staircase, hallway, or lounge. Feel-good vacation vibes guaranteed every time you walk by.

3. Put a sentimental spin on stationery

Turn your favorite travel pictures into thank you cards, notelets, or business cards, for a unique take on your stationery supplies. Panoramic views of the mountains, the sun blazing orange on the horizon as it sets on another perfect day,  or up close and personal shots of lush tropical palms provide beautiful backdrops for your tailor-made paper creations.

4. Write a travel blog

Always fancied honing your writing skills? Now’s your chance. Create a blog packed with your photos and stories and keep your friends and family updated on all the happenings of your getaway. Next time you take a vacation you’ll be ready to write your next tale as it unfolds, each time adding a new adventure to your travel memoir.

5. Turn vacation pictures into puzzles

Create personalized puzzles from your photos for tailor-made jigsaw fun. They’re a nostalgic post-trip treat, and great for playing with family and friends on your next Vrbo getaway.

6. Share vacation images with your trip buddies

Save and share your images quickly and easily with a cloud-based photo hub like Google Photos. Invite your friends and family to upload their travel photos to this central spot and get access to everyone’s shared albums in seconds. More pictures, more memories, and more storage space back on your phone!

7. Bag some swag

Forget mugs, key rings, and coasters — the world of swag is soaring to another level. You can now turn your favorite vacation pictures and patterns into blankets, bedding, phone cases, tote bags, and even socks!

8. Revamp the family newsletter

Fan of a family update? Create a fun email full of your favorite photos plus the scoop on all the latest happenings for your family and friends to enjoy.

9. Display your travel photos in a shadow box

Penchant for collecting keepsakes from your trip? Create a memorabilia box filled with your vacation mementos — think photos, ticket stubs, and trinkets — for a miniaturized model of your vacation to hang in your home.

10. Share your vacation pictures with us!

Looking for a zero-effort way to share your favorite shots and spread that vacation love? Upload them to Instagram, tag us with #vrbo, and who knows — you could find them featured in our Insta stories!