Awesome houses for rent in Florida

Awesome houses for rent in Florida

In one of the most visited states in the country, where beaches converge on dolphin-swimming barrier islands, marinas bob with whitewashed yachts, sand dunes are crawled over by rare sea turtles, mojitos are clinked in sunset bars, spring breakers party the nights away, and wild swamps spread out to meet world-famous theme parks, there really is myriad options on the accommodation front. This guide can help you book houses for rent in Florida, whether you’re in the Keys, the Panhandle, or Orlando.

The range of vacation houses for rent in Florida

A two-story Florida villa looms over an outdoor hot tub and a pool

Delve into the mix of vacation houses for rent in Florida to get a feel for the sheer hodgepodge of different options you’ll be looking at when you come to book. Will it be a sleek villa that takes pampering to the next level? Will it be a family escape near the theme parks?

Your pad with a private pool

It’s not called the Sunshine State for nothing – some towns get over 320 days of rays per year, with thermometers clocking into the 80s regularly during spring and summer. That makes houses for rent in Florida that have their own swimming pool a real treat. Of course, there are different types of swimming spots to consider, from ocean-side infinity pools to shared pools in villa complexes.

Four-bedroom houses, or something for the family

Families and Florida are a match made in heaven. From the whizzing NASCAR showdowns of Daytona beach to the loop-de-looping rides of Disney World, there’s always something to entertain visitors of all ages in these parts. Cue a whole medley of houses for rent in Florida that are perfect for the crew. They have multiple bedrooms, big gardens, usually covered swimming pools, and larger living spaces.

Deluxe villas in Florida

The choice of vacation home for the luxury lover heading Miami or Orlando way, villas in Florida usually mean staying somewhere that’s got moxie and pizzazz. In areas like North Bay Village, just a whisker away from the buzz of South Beach, they huddle between the homes of Hollywood celebrities, with yacht moorings and enticing pools overlooking Biscayne Bay. Around Kissimmee, they become spacious retreats for families and couples, touting driveways and gated gardens laden with palms.

Some favorite destinations with amazing Florida rentals

Wicker patio furniture huddles in a corner on a terracotta patio

The pointers below offer an insight into why the Sunshine State remains such a doozy of a getaway. They range from Gulf Coast to Atlantic shore, through hardwood hammocks and happening cityscapes, revealing the sheer wealth of awesome places where you can seek out vacation houses for rent in Florida.

The pretty Panhandle and its side of panache

As it spills into the Gulf of Mexico, the Panhandle region comes with a hefty order of quartz-white beaches and loveable resort towns. The area of South Walton sort of sums it up – score Seaside, Florida, house rentals there and you’ll spend days sipping iced tea in Victorian pavilions or shopping in local art boutiques. It’s different over in Destin or Panama City Beach, though, where spring break blowouts merge with aquariums and dolphin expeditions.

The Atlantic coast of Florida, from Daytona to Miami

There are more stunning lengths of pristine sand and ocean water than you can shake a ticket to the Daytona Speedway at on the eastern haunch of Florida. And the rentals? Starting with the Magic City and South Beach, where slick condos and villa-style vacay homes fringe Art Deco boulevards filled with pumping neon clubs. Further north comes Cocoa Beach, the surfer mecca. Then there’s St Augustine, a town of colonial relics and swashbuckling forts from centuries gone by – a haven for historical cottages.

The Florida Keys – a taste of the tropics

Get ready to relax. Pour a rum punch and wax down the sea kayak. Welcome to the Florida Keys. This sprinkling of coral cays and stretched-out islands just south of Miami is where America goes all Caribbean. Wavy beaches are replaced by small coves crept over by coconut palms, there are parrotfish and dolphins in the snorkeling lagoons, and Key West is brimming with pastel-painted cottages that would look right at home in the Bahamas.

Inland Florida, between national parks and theme parks

Orlando is titled the Theme Park Capital of the World, sat right in the heart of the state. It’s got its own massive airport, along with stacks of gated villa communities and neighborhoods filled with family-ready homes, loads of which come with shuttle links to Cinderella’s Castle and the splashing slides of Blizzard Beach. Further south, you can get remote cottages in the vicinity of the Everglades National Park, which is for families after a safari filled with wading birds, sharp-toothed crocodiles, and ancient oaks.

The western Gulf Coast

A red-painted beach house stands just a few steps from the sand

Towns you’ll never want to leave stand on barrier islands you won’t believe are real along the west coast of Florida. In fact, places like Clearwater Beach and Sarasota are regularly mentioned on lists of the very best beaches in the country, what with their shell-strewn sugar sands and turquoise ocean waters. Naples is also there, with that happening 5th Avenue fashion district and charming pier. And so is Crystal River, where you can delve into state parks that house manatees and wild springs.