All about amazing Mexico Beach rentals

All about amazing Mexico Beach rentals

They might be tucked onto an eye-wateringly wonderful length of the Panhandle just a short drive from Panama City Beach, but Mexico Beach rentals are all about escaping the energy of the Sunshine State’s buzzy Emerald Coast. Here, the waves lap softly, time moves slowly, and you’ll have holidays filled with hammock appointments and romantic beachcombing. Tempted?

Some sorts of vacation rentals in Mexico Beach, FL

An American flag flies off the porch of a grey cottage in Mexico Beach

Delve into the medley of Mexico Beach rentals below to discover everything from irresistible Southern beach shacks to homes where even the four-legged family member can get their taste of Florida sun…

A woof and a tail wag for pet-friendly properties

Because it’s just a little more remote than the other resorts that speckle 30A and South Walton to the west, Mexico Beach is a great place to consider bringing the pup. Within a 25-mile radius of the center, you’ll find pooch-welcoming parks in Port St. Joe and Cape San Blas. What’s more, there are stacks of pet-friendly properties up for rental, which only charge a small extra fee per stay, per animal.

Beach cottages and beach shacks

Mexico Beach likes to do things a little differently than its chic and energetic compadres on the Emerald Coast. Just one glimpse at the wood-paneled cottages and their salt-washed porches down by the dunes on the oceanfront is usually enough to reveal that. In place of big condos and sprawling resorts, these quaint Floridian escapes can really get the romance flowing with kitschy marine interiors and romantic sunset shows.

An apartment or condo in a complex

The main 98 Highway that runs through Mexico Beach is fringed by a montage of low-key villa and flat complexes. These tend to be among the cheaper vacay properties in town, but also throw in a couple of tantalizing extras for families on a budget – think shared swimming pools, hot tubs, games rooms, and more.

Great areas for your Mexico Beach vacation rental

A cozy porch with white chairs

You’ll want to have a rough idea of what areas are hot and what areas are not when it comes to booking vacation rentals Mexico Beach, FL. Cue the pointers below, which flit from the sands to the secluded marinas to offer a handy rundown of different neighborhoods with great vacay properties.

Two steps to the sands – beachfront rentals in Mexico Beach

If you’re determined to score somewhere you can clink cold beers while watching the sunset across the Gulf of Mexico, and feel the rhythm of the waves lapping against the ivory-white sands as you go to bed, there’s really nothing for it but the beachfront. Expect to pay a little more for the luxury of bedding down there, though.

Cute homes abound in Waterside Village

A hop over the highway but still within walking distance to Mexico Beach’s soft sands, the Waterside Village is a patchwork of pretty, pine-fringed canals and cute homes with timber walls and porches. On its eastern side, a clutch of local pizza joints and Caribbean coffee roasters only adds to the draws for families.

Consider Cape San Blas as an alternative

Less than one hour’s drive to the south-east, past little Port St Joe, and over St. Joseph Bay, the stunning sands of Cape San Blas offer something really similar to Mexico Beach. They are quiet, set to sleepy fishing-town vibes, and come laced with cottages, condos, and shoreline shacks with coastal views. The spot’s a fine alternative if you’re struggling to find the perfect home away from home in the region.

How to grab bargains on Mexico Beach vacation rentals

A line of handsome, wood-paneled coast homes, each with a balcony

One of the best things about ditching chic South Walton further along the coast is that prices tend to plummet as you enter the eastern end of the Panhandle. But there are always ways to cut the cost of your stay in Mexico Beach even further, just as the pointers below should show…

Don’t think about beachfront properties

There’s no question that the most coveted properties in this corner of the Sunshine State are the ones that have views of the Gulf of Mexico. Now, you might want to fork out a little extra to have the pleasure of coastal breezes and walking access to the shore, but moving just one block away can often save a bunch.

Choose the right month

Stats show that average rental rates across Mexico Beach can soar almost 25% if you come with the crowds between June and July. So, how about considering a late spring jaunt instead, when you’ll still be able to don the bikini and soak up the rays, only the cost of that cottage by the sand is sure to be lower.