A guide to booking Navarre Beach rentals

A guide to booking Navarre Beach rentals

You might not want to tell anyone that you’re heading off to Navarre Beach rentals this year. The moment they see the oat-swaying dunes and the caster-sugar sand of this stunning length of Panhandle shoreline, they’re likely to be captivated too. One of the Sunshine State’s real hidden gems, this little cluster of cottages and condos is hemmed in by protected marine reserves and 12 miles of picture-perfect beachfront. Use this guide to discover your place to stay.

The various types of Navarre Beach vacation rentals

 Two chairs gaze over a swimming pool, sand dunes, and the ocean

Vacation rentals in Navarre, FL, aren’t your usual bunch of high-rise condo blocks and villas by the ocean. This small resort sees to it that things are kept personal, charming, and quiet. Cue a medley of stunning beachfront properties and deluxe pads for romantic types…

Navarre Beach rentals on the beachfront

There are really only two streets in all of Navarre Beach, which means there’s a 50% chance your chosen stay will be on the Gulf side of the town. Most of those are linked straight to the cotton-white sands over wood-built boardwalks that cross the undulating dunes, so you can start the morning with a little wildlife spotting and a swim just moments after shutting the front door.

A deluxe Navarre Beach home with a pool

Temperatures tend to hover in the high 70s even in the wintertime in Navarre Beach. That’s why waterfront places are in such high demand, but also why almost all the condos and homes in town come with a private pool. You’ll be able to pick cool villas with a swimming spot to call your very own, or opt for something more affordable in the form of a shared condominium with a communal pool.

Pet-friendly vacation rentals in Navarre Beach

Although dogs are banned on the main beaches of Santa Rosa Island around Navarre Beach itself, it’s only a hop and a jump down to lively Pensacola where two canine-friendly parks sit by the sand. What’s more, there are plenty of pooch-welcoming stays up for grabs, with some even touting outdoor gardens where you can walk Fido on the leash.

Where to get your vacation rentals Navarre Beach, FL

 A stilted home with a private porch that's right on the beach

Knowing what part of Navarre to zero in on is all important. Will it be the salt-sprayed beach boulevard? Will it be the cove-side marinas on the bay? Will it be a nearby resort town where spring breaker vibes dominate?

Gulf Blvd is a treasure trove of Navarre vacation rentals

Dead set on getting a Navarre Beach rental right on the beachfront? This is the place to look. As it wiggles down Santa Rosa Island, Gulf Blvd passes the diners and surf-turf grills of Navarre Pier, weaves around slick resort hotels, and ranges over dune parks with lonely sea oat meadows. It’s the perfect backdrop for both a modern condo and a cozy bungalow by the waves.

White Sands Blvd to be on the bay side

On the northern side of Navarre Beach is where you’ll find the townhouses and condominiums with views across Santa Rosa Sound. Usually a little more affordable, they are a couple of minutes away from the shimmering main beach, but often have boat jetties and locations next to bird-filled wetlands to balance that out.

How about Pensacola Beach?

There’s a real buzz about Pensacola Beach, which sits just 30 minutes down FL-399 from Navarre to the west. Come here to join the festivities of Mardi Gras parades and hit chowder shacks on lively boardwalks. Or, come to get more luxurious vacation homes only meters from the protected reserves of the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Finding cheap Navarre Beach rentals

A statue of Poseidon guards a large beach house between two cabbage palms

There are plenty of ways you can cut the cost of booking vacation rentals in Navarre Beach, FL. Whether it’s planning to come during a less-popular season or choosing a sort of home away from home that really lends itself to budget jaunts, the pointers below have you covered.

Sand-side vacation rentals Navarre, FL, tend to be pricy

The experience of waking to the sound of lapping Gulf of Mexico swells and going to sleep as the salty breezes roll across the dunes is something you’re going to have to pay for. That’s because the beachfront homes here tend to be the most exclusive, with places on the Santa Rosa Sound coming in cheaper overall.

Navigate to Navarre Beach in spring

The cost of condos and homes and villas in Navarre can often shoot up by more than $100 a night in the middle of the summer. It’s the liveliest time of year, that’s for sure, but also not the only one with great weather. Late spring is worth considering for that – expect mercury levels in the low 80s throughout most of May.