Unearth awesome Rosemary Beach rentals

Unearth awesome Rosemary Beach rentals

There’s loads to love when it comes to Rosemary Beach rentals. Country porches with swinging hammocks and white-painted picket fences meet flower-strewn bungalows and little lodges that could have been plucked from the side of a Swiss lake. And that’s not even mentioning how close all those come to the glowing Gulf of Mexico, its glinting white beaches, and glorious dune landscapes. Let’s get stuck in…

Rosemary Beach rentals of all types

A gorgeous little cottage with pillared porch, shuttered windows, and palm-topped gardens

Read on to get a feel for the roster of various vacation rentals in Rosemary Beach, FL. Whether it’s a kitsch coach house that hearkens back to the 1800s or a slick beachfront condo with modern kitchen areas and primary suites, there’s sure to be something that’ll tempt you.

The quaint carriage house

Of all the different types of Rosemary Beach vacation rentals out there, it’s arguably the carriage house that’s the most iconic. Built to mimic centuries-old English cottages, they tend to be bright, airy, and rich in character. You’ll find them all over the town, fringed by large porches and fronted by pretty lawns.

Consider a pet-friendly stay in Rosemary Beach

The whole region of South Walton is known as one of the most canine-friendly on the Florida coast. Loads of the local cafés and restaurants, the paved promenades, beaches, and even the weekend farmer’s markets are open to pooches as well as humans. And there are homes here that will charge just a little extra to let you bring along the four-legged friend.

Beachfront pads are to die for

Nowhere is more alluring than the point where Rosemary Beach spills down the oat-topped dunes to its pristine sand stretches and the turquoise Gulf of Mexico. That’s probably why Rosemary Beach vacation rentals on the shoreline tend to cost extra. But loosening the purse strings might just be worth it – think stunning sunset shows from your al fresco deck, or views of the sloshing waves from the primary suite.

Ways to get cheap Rosemary Beach rentals

A traditional carriage house stay with a wooden balcony and two large garages

The pursuit of bargain Rosemary Beach vacation rentals is made all the easier by the tips below. They detail ways you can cut the cost of a trip to South Walton by gaming the seasons, by choosing the right areas, and by being prepared…

Always try to book early

Rosemary Beach rentals are in such high demand from sunbathers, shoppers, foodies, and all sorts of other folk that it’s always a good idea to get in there early with your booking. That means searching for a stay at least a few months in advance, and preferably even before, especially if you’re after coveted homes with views of the Gulf.

Leave the beach behind

Talking of homes with views of the Gulf, one obvious way to reduce the cost of a visit here is to skip a little away from the sands. Places that have balconies opening onto gorgeous vistas of the Florida coast might be romantic and unforgettable, but they are also exclusive, with rates peaking in this part of the town.

Change your travel plans with the seasons

The summers in Rosemary Beach are positively bumping compared to the winters. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, rates in local B&Bs and vacation rentals will top out. But you don’t have to come between June and August to enjoy good weather. It can be beach conditions in May or September, too, only with fewer people about, and bargain stays to boot.

What areas of Rosemary Beach have the best rentals?

A sleek villa in Alys Beach with an eight-shaped pool in the garden

There’s not really any bad area of Rosemary Beach, nor of South Walton – the region that ranges all around the Panhandle beyond this little town. That said, there are some places where you might want to focus your accommodation search, to really make the most of that break to shimmering Gulf Coast shores.

A slice of the high life in Alys Beach

Things take a turn for the classy down by Alys Beach, which sits just to the west of Rosemary proper. There are elegant beachfront homes with big decks and gardens by the cotton-colored sands. And there are upscale eateries with haute cuisine and wine cellars for those evening adventures.

The 30A highway

The moniker 30A has become a byword for the beautiful scenic route that links the whole of this part of the Florida Panhandle. But in Rosemary Beach, the roadway runs through the heart of town, whizzing past French bakeries, seafood kitchens, and creative gastropubs, not to mention some of the most centrally located of all Rosemary Beach vacation rentals.

More low-key options in Inlet Beach

You can swap out exclusive carriage houses and quaint cottages for modern condos by heading to Inlet Beach. A whisker east of the center, this one’s about family stays with swimming pools, and more affordable flats that have access to their own stretch of sun-splashed shoreline.