Santa Rosa Beach, FL – rentals near shimmering sands

Santa Rosa Beach, FL – rentals near shimmering sands

Surrounded by the oak-topped estates of long-forgotten Southern tycoons, the rippling wetlands of Hogtown Bayou, and the gleaming shores of the Emerald Coast, there’s a lot to be said for the setting of Santa Rosa Beach. It’s just one of the enticing communities in South Walton, which all offer access to some of the most celebrated sand stretches on the Gulf of Mexico. Use this guide to get booking amazing stays in the town and its vicinity.

Enticing aspects of Santa Rosa Beach rentals

An arty and creatively designed condominium has a living room that looks over the waters of Blue Mountain Beach

Ensure you get the cream of the crop and the vacation homes that suit you the most by reading the pointers below. They can help sort the types of letting you know you don’t need from the ones that really get the wanderlust going.

Chic stays are never too far away

If you’re one for the finer things in life then come this way please. Vacation rentals in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, hit home runs on the luxury front. Simple touches like king-sized beds topped with Egyptian cotton, or sprawling kitchens with marble surfaces, start the ball rolling. But it all culminates with aquamarine swimming pools in the garden, palm-shaded sunning areas, and locations that are right by the soft Floridian sands.

Pet-friendly policies in Santa Rosa rentals

Santa Rosa Beach is the anchor of the region known as 30A, which is awash with forest reserves and coastal walks. Thankfully, loads of the vacation homes are as welcoming to four-legged guests as they are to humans. You’ll just need to be aware that there are often extra fees involved in bringing the pup, strict rules about taking dogs on the beachfronts, and leash restrictions in the nearby nature parks.

Delicate interiors and on-trend design

Santa Rosa vacation homes are steeped in style and class. Many owners have drafted in local artists or interior curators to ensure their coastal pads reflect the character of the community, channel the feel of the ocean, and soothe guests with balanced fengshui.

The top places for vacation rentals in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

A luxurious rental by Blue Mountain Beach has a palm-topped garden and white-painted porches

Knowing precisely where to search out those elegant Santa Rosa Beach vacation rentals can make all the difference to your trip. Will it be the azure shore waters of Blue Mountain? Will it be the happening lawns of Gulf Place?

Chill, stroll, and enjoy in Gulf Place Town Center

The meticulously planned village-style escape of Gulf Place Town Center is primed to slow the rhythms of life. Winding promenades converge on coconut groves, sidewalks have enticing organic cafés, and tropical cabbage palms bloom from every corner possible. Warm days also bring plenty of art shows, farmer’s markets, and music events to the wide green, making it a good place to experience the South Walton spirit.

A stunning view of the Mexican Gulf in Blue Mountain Beach

In a land where the Gulf waters glow as blue as the lupine flowers, it’s easy to see why people crave a vacation home that’s right by the ocean. There are loads of those on the hilly shores of Blue Mountain Beach. Everything from chic Floridian condos to painted cabanas line the ridges there, close to talcum-powder sands and an eclectic mix of Greek tavernas and Japanese sushi joints.

Be enchanted by Seaside

A little to the south and a little to the east of Santa Rosa Beach itself, the appropriately named town of Seaside is a doozy for lovers of laid-back living and artful urban planning. It’s consistently hailed as one of the prettiest resorts in Florida, with cobbled lanes and rotund beach pavilions with 180-degree views. Rental wise, expect pastel-hued cottages that would sit comfortably on a Caribbean island.

Sealing great deals on Santa Rosa Beach vacation rentals

A huge pool and a hot tub spread out in front of a large block of Santa Rosa condo rentals

With their upscale reputation and glitzy vacation condos, you might think that Santa Rosa Beach and the Emerald Coast weren’t great hunting grounds for travel bargains. Follow the tips below and you might want to think again…

Know when to book Santa Rosa vacation rentals

Rates all along the Florida Gulf Coast go up and down with the changing of the seasons. The summer months of July and August can be scorching hot and bring rains. The winter is packed with snowbirds escaping the cold of the north. Spring break has its own followers. The upshot is that it pays to know when to come and when not to come, not only so you can score great deals on beachfront lettings, but also to avoid the crowds.

Get in there early

There will be plenty of time to laze and not think about anything after you’ve dropped the bags in your big double suite overlooking the alabaster shores of Blue Mountain Beach. For now, it helps to be prepared and focused on stealing the best rental deals before anyone else does in this popular corner of the Sunshine State.