All about amazing Seagrove Beach rentals

All about amazing Seagrove Beach rentals

Seagrove Beach rentals seem to have mastered that mix of the chilled and the chic, the elegant and the easy-going. They’ll whisk you away to a town of creaking boardwalks and fashion boutiques, where seafood grills hide under manicured magnolia groves, and a sun-bleached run of sand slopes softly down to an ocean that’s almost as warm as the heated swimming pool back at the vacation cottage.

The various categories of Seagrove Beach, FL, rentals

A luxurious swimming pool with stepping stones leading to a beach boardwalk

Whether it’s a seafront escape where you’ll rise each morning to the rhythm of the Gulf of Mexico, or a family cottage that’s got a swimming pool nestled in its oak-strewn garden, most travelers will find something to suit in the resort of Seagrove Beach.

Treat yourself to a pad with a pool

The Gulf might just be a short walk across the 30A and down the boardwalk planks, but there’s no reason you can’t give yourself another spot to swim in. Cue the range of Seagrove rentals with their own pool. Some will be cool and soothing, others will be heated and steaming.

The joys of Seagrove Beach vacation rentals on the coast

Some of the most sought-after homes of all can be found poking out of the main town center and fringing the boardwalk trail as it wiggles over the undulating dunes right before the beachfront. For the most part, they really capitalize on the location, with big windows gazing across the azure shore waters and porches with BBQ grills just a few steps from the quartz sand.

The romance of a Seagrove cottage

If there’s only one type of vacation rental that sums up Seagrove, it’s surely the quaint cottage. Dressed in carved timbers and ringed by wrap-around porches, with antique-speckled living rooms, and a touch of the nautical décor about them, these are spots primed for a special weekend away with the other half.

Great places to find your Seagrove Beach rental

A quaint cottage house with timber walls that are painted light blue by a boardwalk

Here, we range from side to side of Seagrove Beach to help you discover the most popular enclaves of the town, and choose the neighborhood where you and your travel crew will settle in the best.

Go stylish on the Beachfront Trail

Sat at the eastern end of Seagrove Beach, between the oat-blanketed dunes of Deer Lake and Eastern Lake, the Beachfront Trail has become the home of some of the most snazzy and upscale rentals. They are open plan with big, modern kitchen areas and wide balconies that stare down to their private pool and the coast – you can’t go wrong.

The 30A – the obvious place to look

Just the name of the 30A Highway that threads through the Parisian bakeries and roaster coffee shops of central Seagrove is synonymous with the cool and collected vibes of this region. On its north side are come-snuggle-in-me cottages with porches hidden in ancient oak and moss clusters. On its south side are the ocean-view suites and condos for those who want to hear the Gulf breathing.

Seaside is another option

The unique and loveable designed community of Seaside awaits a mere 12-minute drive along the Panhandle from the heart of Seagrove. With pastel-colored homes with a grand and classical air, bustling pavilions that host tearooms and bistros, and little kayaking lakes just behind the sand, there’s a little of everything to get stuck into.

Ways to secure budget-friendly Seagrove Beach rentals

A sky-blue cottage with wood slats and a white-painted porch

The whole stretch of the Emerald Coast that’s linked by the 30A isn’t usually up there with the cheapest of Florida’s coastal destinations. That said, you can find bargains if you know when and how to look for them. Check the pointers below…

June and July are Seagrove’s favorites

Seagrove hits the catwalk come midsummer. It struts a sun-drenched coastline and a buzzy promenade of shops and farmer’s markets. It’s also the time when most people will head down to the shore, with rates skyrocketing to match. Consider early or late spring as an alternative, when it’s warm but much cheaper.

Seagrove rentals right by the sands are typically more

There are palpable rises in the cost of rentals in Seagrove the closer they sit to the glowing white-sand beaches. That’s understandable – living by the Gulf is a great experience in itself. However, cottages and condos just a block or two back can still ooze charm, only they come with more wallet-friendly price tags.

Booking early is a good way to begin

Seagrove – and most all of the other beach communities of South Walton – certainly isn’t big. That means there’s no overload of vacay homes, and you’ll need to start planning your trip early if you want any chance of scoring a great deal.