Getting great St George Island rentals

Getting great St George Island rentals

A whopping 28 miles of beachfront, reed-sprouting salt marshes, oat-swaying dunes, and timeless village communities coalesce on this laid-back squiggle in the Gulf of Mexico. Far from the buzzy Panhandle resorts and the gleaming condo blocks of Sarasota, St George Island rentals are a chance to relax and unwind as the waves set the rhythm and nature swirls all around.

Enticing features of St George Island vacation rentals

A four-story mansion with a wide garden and a swimming pool is on the front row before the beaches

You might be leaving behind the energy of the Sunshine State’s iconic resorts and cities, but that doesn’t mean ditching the creature comforts of home. Just check this list of some of the most alluring aspects of vacation rentals St George Island, FL…

Luxurious extras in St George Island rentals

St George might be quieter than most, but don’t be fooled into thinking that means going rustic. In fact, some of the vacay homes here are downright opulent. With huge square meter counts and breezy porches set just meters back from the beach, steaming hot tubs on offer, and glistening swimming pools, they’ll give you that slice of the high-life you’ve been looking for.

Pet-friendly abodes on a pet-friendly island

St George Island is known as one of the most canine-happy corners of the Florida coast. Because its beaches tend to be more secluded and wilder than compadres to the west and south, there are looser rules on where the pup can roam and do that all-important stick chasing. What’s more, houses where you can take the dog are everywhere, with some even touting their own yards where Fido can bounce the tennis ball.

Get a St George Island vacation rental with an elevator

Reduced mobility should never get in the way of hard-earned R&R on Florida’s shores. That’s why stacks of condos and multi-story villas in these parts boast their very own internal elevator. So, panoramic balconies overlooking the dunes and primary suites with ocean views are on the menu for all visitors.

What part of St George Island should I visit?

A charming lodge with gabled roofs and wrap-around decks is fronted by coast pines

With all those miles of shoreline and oodles of sloshing wetland parks and resort areas to get through on St George Island, you might want to consult the pointers below on the most tempting neighborhoods before you get a-booking…

Perfectly planned resort

Spread over the western end of St George, the perfectly planned resort is a patchwork of raised boardwalk trails and pristine dune landscapes. You can keep a lookout for ospreys and slow-coach turtles as you hop from your home to the shoreline – wildlife is everywhere. And talking of your home, the stays tend to be concealed by palm rows and gardens, hiding curvy swimming pools and lofted porches with outdoor seating.

Go east to St George Island State Park

Nature lovers might want to break out to the eastern edge of the barrier isle, where the eponymous St George Island State Park ranges from pine-studded swamps on Apalachicola Bay to cinnamon sands on the Gulf of Mexico. There are multi-story buildings that can sleep up to 12 to choose from there, often with balconies where you can do a bit of birding or clink sunset cocktails all together.

By the St George Island Lighthouse

As soon as you cross over the Island Drive causeway to St George, there are rentals that cluster around the base of the beautiful St George Island Lighthouse. This tends to be the liveliest quarter of the barrier, with surf-turf kitchens, forever-smiling local folk to meet and chat to, and little art workshops that have collections inspired by the ocean.

Ways to get great deals on St George Island rentals

A classic beach cottage painted blue, with a porch that's lofted off the sandy ground on stilts

You shouldn’t need to crack the piggy bank and empty the accounts to secure a stay in stunning St George – this is an off-the-beaten-path patch of the Sunshine State, after all. To push prices even lower, you can follow the handy hints below.

St George Island beach rentals are usually the costliest

To hear the Gulf of Mexico inhale and exhale as it laps over the bleached sands, or the sea oats bristling in the light breezes against the shore, you might need to zero in on the homes that sit right by the beach. Just be aware that those tend to cost the most, with lettings only a street or two back dropping in price considerably.

Seasonal trends are worth paying attention to

Summer might bring the crowds, but don’t underestimate the charms of the winter months in St George Island. The Gulf remains tepid and soothingly balmy even into December and January, so there are still people swimming. What’s more, the boardwalk trails come alive with joggers and cyclists, while rates all over the region plummet.

June and July jaunt? Book early

There are always going to be crowds jostling for the best deals in St George vacation rentals around June and July. If you’re planning on joining them for those steamy months on the sands, it’s worth booking far in advance, when the bulk of the good deals should still be available.