Explore history and coast with Charleston vacation rentals

Explore history and coast with Charleston vacation rentals

Charleston vacation rentals are about going back in time to the days when horse carriages clip-clopped over cobbled streets and revolutionaries met in the sailor taverns. But they can also be about seeing stunning South Carolinian coastline, putting sparkling beaches and dunes on the doorstep. This guide can help you pick the pad that’s perfect for your jaunt to this grand dame of the East Coast.

Charming types of Charleston, SC vacation rentals

A grand, two-story historic home in Charleston, with white walls and flower pots all over

If you’re not sure what sort of vacation home rentals in Charleston, SC, are in the offing, the list below reveals just a few of the tempting types you can get. Will it be an ocean-view escape or something that oozes history?

Let loose on the luxury in Charleston vacation rental homes

Just like the opulent Antebellum mansions of old Charleston, there are some modern vacation homes here that aren’t shy of taking luxury to the next level. They could come with sumptuous primary suites with original features, handsome exteriors with Neo-Classical touches, and even their own swimming pools and spa tubs.

Historic homes in Charleston

To really feel like you’re lost in the yesteryear of the Palmetto State, how about plumping for an historic letting in the midst of the age-old French Quarter. Staying in one of these could mean staying in a building that’s changed hands over several centuries. They’re likely to have period design twists and sit amid some of the grandest architecture in town.

Charleston, SC, vacation rentals on the oceanfront

From Folly Beach to the Isle of Palms, Charleston presides over one of the most popular corners of coastline in the Carolinas – not just South Carolina. That means there are oodles of homes that gaze across the wild Atlantic and its shimmering sands. They could be deluxe mansions with pools by the sea oats, or family condos with shared games rooms near bumping boardwalks.

An area guide for vacation home rentals Charleston, SC

Beautiful vacation home obtained from a historic carriage house

Picking the right part of this fairy-tale city can make all the difference between a vacation filled with history and a jaunt to the surf-splashed sands of South Carolina. The guide below can help you make the perfect choice.

Downtown Charleston vacation rentals – history abounds

Vacation rentals in downtown Charleston, SC, are all about being immersed in layer upon layer of heritage. They nest between pastel-painted Antebellum mansions and Neo-Classical façades, with the French Quarter often coming up trumps as the place to be – it’s a patchwork of pink-tinted buildings from centuries gone by and sidewalks shaded by cabbage palms. Head here to glimpse the character of the Old South.

Isle of Palms – your ticket to the coast

Charleston, SC, vacation rentals on the oceanfront don’t come much more alluring than on the Isle of Palms. Sat just 12 miles over the Intracoastal Waterway from Charleston proper, it’s a place where you can indulge in R&R on a grand scale. Links golf holes beckon one moment, then come vintage ice-cream parlors, then private tennis clubs.

Folly Beach, where Charleston meets the waves

The jewel in the crown of Folly Island is Folly Beach, which also reigns as the most popular summertime escape for Charlestonians who want to dive into the cool Atlantic Ocean, surf the waves, and soak up the rays between May and August. You can start your search for Charleston vacation rental homes by the pier, where condominiums mingle with cozy shacks with breezy porches.

Ways to score a bargain on Charleston vacation rental homes

A skyline shot over historic Charleston

If you’re pinning after a taste of the Old South but need to watch the travel budget, the pointers below are here to help. They offer tips on when to book and where to book, so you aren’t left with a shortage of cents after securing that dream trip to the Carolinas.

The summer sees price peaks

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day there’s a noticeable rise in the cost of stays in Charleston. The weather is hottest then, with beach conditions at their best and sightseers flocking in big crowds. However, spring is also lovely, with milder warmth and less humidity, not to mention more affordable lettings.

There are alternatives to the shore and the center

While it might seem like the choice is between the Old City, the French Quarter, and the palm-studded coast – it’s not. There are other parts of Charleston that come with cheaper all-round rental rates, but might be a little further out from the main sights. Think of looking to districts like Mt Pleasant or James Island for those.