Fall in love with Chincoteague rentals

Fall in love with Chincoteague rentals

The place to go to feel the breath of the Atlantic waves in Virginia is a Chincoteague rental, which can transport you across to beautiful barrier islands that stretch along the East Coast in a mosaic of reed-growing wetlands, powdered white dunes, and sea oat meadows where wild ponies roam. Meanwhile, other stays beckon in Chincoteague town itself, an off-beat fishing hub that oozes quaint character.

Chincoteague Island rentals – the range

A charming little cottage house with stairs going up its side in Chincoteague

So, you’re looking to score a forget-me-not Chincoteague vacation rental? That shouldn’t be too difficult. There are some seriously pretty places tucked into this isle’s salt-washed nooks and crannies, along with luxurious pads, and even options where the pet will be welcome.

Escape to a cabin on Chincoteague Island

If you move away from the bustling duo of Main Street and Maddox Blvd, gingerbread cottages and flower-strewn B&Bs soon get replaced by bolt hole cabins. They sit where the land fragments into dashes of waterlogged reeds and riverways, on the outskirts. The upshot is that they will be quiet, secluded, and just a little bit romantic.

Find your dog-friendly getaway in Chincoteague

You might not be able to take the tail-wagging compadre across to Assateague’s picture-perfect beaches – there are strict canine rules there – but you shouldn’t discount bringing the four-legged family member completely. That’s on account of just how pup-friendly Chincoteague vacation rentals are, not to mention the shanty taverns and seafood eateries along Main Street.

The luxurious side of Chincoteague Island vacation rentals

Luxury in Chincoteague rentals comes tempered by East Coast refinement. There are no OTT penthouses in these parts, but rather elegant Victorian mansions. That said, a few modern conveniences go a long way – private swimming pools are available, as are homes with steaming hot tubs.

An area guide for anyone booking Chincoteague rentals

Pine trees rise by a blue-roofed home on the waterside in Chincoteague

Chincoteague Island might not be big but it’s still worth knowing exactly what part of town you should visit. That’s because there’s a certain buzz to the center, and a distinct quietude to the more far-flung corners, along with different sorts of vacation rentals on offer from area to area.

Main Street for Chincoteague Island rentals on the marina

You’ll wake to the sound of creaking rigging and flapping sails, the call of the seagulls and the scents of fresh-of-the-boat fish if you choose to bed down in one of the places that fringe Main Street. One of the biggest bunches of lettings faces Marsh Island across the Narrows, where you might even get boardwalk access to boat moorings on one side and surf-turf grills on the other.

Maddox Blvd – eateries and great road connections

It’s worth remembering that the sandy, secluded beaches here are all located on Assateague Island, which can be reached using a short bridge going via Maddox Blvd. That’s not just a link road, though. It’s packed with cute country B&Bs and little cottages fronted with lawns, which punctuate rows of ice-cream parlors and pizza places and maritime buffets.

Facing Assateague for something quiet

Want a Virginian escape-from-it-all trip? Zero in on the tree-ringed, waterside Chincoteague rentals that speckle the south-east side of the island. They face remote Assateague across the landing, so you can watch the coast forests sway in the breezes, catch glimpses of feral horses from your deck, and enjoy peaceful surroundings away from the cafes and kitchens.

Score cheap vacation rentals Chincoteague, VA

A fire pit blazes in the garden of a Chincoteague lodge

Don’t worry, there are no hidden secrets when it comes to unearthing the most wallet-friendly homes away from home on beautiful Chincoteague Island. It’s mostly just a question of tried-and-tested common sense, as the pointers below reveal.

Prices usually spike in summertime

As the warmer weather of June, July, and August approaches, so too do the more expensive hotel and rental rates. It’s the case every year, which means you might want to think about skipping the crowds and the height of the heat for visits in late spring or fall to get your bargain.

Always book well in advance

There’s one rule that always rings true – the closer you get to your travel dates, the fewer potential deals will be out there on vacation rentals in Chincoteague, VA. That’s because any stays that look cheap will be snapped up fast, especially if you’re planning a jaunt in the popular summer season.

Main Street and marina rentals are usually a tad more

It’s normal to pay a premium for the homes and cottages that lace Main Street, Maddox Blvd, and the harbor areas on the north-west side of Chincoteague Island. To save a little, consider the more remote cabins that pepper the neighborhoods closer to the reserves of Assateague Island.