A booking guide for Corolla, NC, rentals

This section of the jaw-droppingly beautiful Outer Banks has garnered a reputation for upscale living and luxury. Just a glimpse at some of the Corolla, NC, rentals out there is enough to verify that – palaces with gorgeous deck areas and beachfront locations are common. However, the isle also brings the wild and untamed beauty of the North Carolinian shore to bear. Visions of windblown sand, driftwood-strewn beaches, and remote wetlands are never too far away. Tempted? This guide can help you book the very best Corolla rentals for less.

Enticing features and types of Corolla rentals

There are stacks of things that catapult Corolla, NC, vacation rentals into the stratosphere of coastal lettings. For starters, most of these pads look darn fantastic, with a unique Eastern style and a touch of the New England feel about them. Then you delve inside, and find even more alluring features…

Your Corolla home on the oceanfront

One of the great things about choosing the Outer Banks is that it should never be too hard to find somewhere to stay that gazes straight out at the frothing swells of the ocean. In Corolla, loads of the loveliest lettings pop up between the oat-sprouting dunes and offer visions of the tide, wild horses, and windy beachfront from their kitchens and living rooms.

A condominium rental in Corolla

Perhaps there's just the two of you? Maybe you want something compact and affordable? Either way, the condo or duplex could be the perfect choice. There are lots on offer up and down the coast of the Outer Banks, but in Corolla they tend to have a whiff of the high life about them. Features like shared swimming pools and boardwalk access to the beach help with that.

Pet-friendly lodgings in Corolla

From Duck to Kitty Hawk, the Outer Banks are an astoundingly dog-friendly destination. The pup is allowed to hit the beaches of Currituck County and Corolla at any time of the year and day, so long as they are kept on the leash – wild horses might not take too kindly to a bark in the face. And there's more good news, because many Corolla rentals are happy to welcome the four-legged family member for a small extra fee per stay.

Areas of town to look Corolla vacation rentals

The resort area of Corolla stretches along a wiggling barrier island out on the edge of the Atlantic. As it goes from south to north, running through little resort clusters and protected reserves, it offers up several different areas to think about staying in…

Ocean Hill – picture-perfect Outer Banks

Wedged between the handsome outline of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and the wiggling wetland trails of the Currituck Banks Reserve, little Ocean Hill has large homes with wrap-around porches and even grand mansions with over five bedrooms apiece. There's also a certain buzz to the neighborhood, with smoking BBQ grills beckoning a street back from the beach.

The call of Corolla Light rentals

Turn up the luxury dial just a little by zeroing in on Corolla Light rentals. This managed complex of large, multi-story villas is replete with private pools, al fresco hot tubs, tennis courts, spas – you get the idea. Oh, and it's only a short walk from the beachfront and the sound alike.

Head further south to Sanders Bay

Going towards Sanders Bay means finding the more accessible and down-to-earth Corolla rentals. Here, you get locally owned B&Bs and little condo flats that shouldn't break the bank. It's also an area with plenty of conveniences, from tour organizers to water sports outfitters to the Timbuck II Shopping Village.

Save money on Corolla, NC, house rentals In-content

With spa days and wild horse tours to get through, it's easy to see why you might want to cut the cost of a house in Corolla. You could be forgiven for thinking that wasn't possible with all the luxury lettings in this corner of NC, but think again…

Seasonal changes can bring attractive deals

There are huge spikes in the average price of rentals in Corolla – and the whole of the Outer Banks beyond it, for that matter – when the warm months of June, July, and August swing around. That means anyone willing to brave a few chilly evenings in late spring or fall can usually get something that's easier on the wallet.

Know the cheaper parts of town

Oceanfront homes, grand mansions, and sought-after resort complexes can all see prices crank skywards, which is why you'd do well to consider the southern side of Corolla if you're after the best deals of all.

Always book early

Good deals in this deluxe coastal escape come and go quickly – they get picked off fast by travelers just like you. To give yourself more chance of scoring them before someone else, it can help to start searching for a stay long before you plan on going.