Frio River rentals – Concan and beyond

Frio River rentals – Concan and beyond

Wiggling and winding through the beautiful Hill Country region of Texas, this see-through waterway has become a favorite vacation spot. These days, Frio River rentals pepper the banks and cluster in lively resort spots, offering a ticket to the bluff-topped bends, the kayaking outposts, and the walking routes. Let’s get booking…

Frio vacation rentals – the different types

A cute cabin with a timber porch is fronted by blooming wildflower meadows

Before you can start dreaming of long, lazy tubing sessions and ice-cold dips in the riverway, it’s a good idea to get a feel for the various types of Frio River vacation rentals that are on offer. Will you plump for a quirky cabin or something a little more 21st century?

Cabins on the cusp of the Frio River

If you really want to feel like a lone ranger in the Lone Star outdoors, a cabin on the side of the Frio could be the way to go. They are built from rough timbers and look every inch the pioneer escape, with rickety wooden decks and moss-caked roofs. But the rustic vibe doesn’t mean they are rustic inside. In fact, they usually boast fitted kitchens, Wi-Fi connections, and TVs.

Riverfront rentals that have the water on the doorstep

One of the greatest pulls of Frio River rentals is that they put cool, crystal-clear spring waters on the menu. Some of the available lettings take that to the next level, though, offering a backdoor that opens straight onto swimming spots and wooded banks. They are perfect for family vacations filled with tubing and kayaking.

Treehouses and glamping along the Rio Frio

There are a select few Frio River vacation rentals by owner that can add a little quirkiness and curiosity into the mix. Perhaps it will be a treehouse wedged between oak trunks, with wood-paneled interiors and views over the forest canopy. Maybe you’ll be tempted by an exotic yurt, which offers a slice of the Mongolian nomad life in the Lone Star State.

Enticing destinations for Frio River house rentals

Seating and a table is shaded by a wood-built canopy

There’s not just one place where you can score an amazing Frio River vacation rental, there are lots. As this gleaming creek winds through the groves of holly and cedar, past Texan wineries and ranches, it throws out plenty of tempting resorts, towns, and destinations.

Frio River vacation rentals in Concan, TX

Concan is the definitive home of the “water-cation” on the Frio River. A hub for tubing outfitters, don’t be surprised to see the place stacked with rubber rings and kayaks. Move a little further out and there are championship golf courses and birding parks with designated lookouts and trails. And between the lot? A great selection of cozy cabins, lodges, and even tree houses, many fronting the meanders of the Frio itself.

Leakey – a taste of the mountains

The Hill Country ridges can creep up to more than 2,400 feet around Leakey, which is why the region that encompasses the town is often hailed as the Swiss Alps of Texas. Around the outskirts of the city are glamping yurts and ranches, with wide gardens and hammocks, along with private swimming beaches on the river. Further afield, you can get deluxe homes on scenic byways.

Rio Frio – the name says it all

Just as the name implies, this little town midway between Leakey and Concan is perched right on the side of the fresh water. It’s really small, but if you head north, you’ll easily find some of the area’s more secluded getaways. They hide under low peaks with fire pits in the yard and creaky porches out front.

Ways to get cheap Frio River vacation rentals

A light-wood cabin with a deck and patio heater in the Texan sun

To leave more in the budget for those daily tubing rides and fishing expeditions, it can help to ferret out the cheapest of the cheap Frio River rentals. That’s where the pointers below come in. They reveal ways you can find low rates when you come to book.

Hotter days – higher rates

It’s hardly a surprise that vacation pads that pepper the sides of a soothing spring river in Texas tend to get pricier when the mercury creeps skywards. The warmer the weather, the more people there are in search of a cool escape to the Frio. So, if you’re after a bargain deal, it might be worth thinking about seasons like spring and fall, when thermometers are reading fewer degrees all round.

Forgo any Frio River rentals on the riverfront

Yes, it’s a pleasure to skip out of your bedroom and hop straight into the green-blue currents of the Rio Frio. However, you’re likely to have to fork out extra for a pad that puts you on the banks. On the flip side, places in nearby town centers, or a couple of rows back from the water, can be bargains.