There’s loads to like about Fripp Island rentals

There’s loads to like about Fripp Island rentals

Fripp Island rentals sit on a beautiful barrier island that pokes its nose out into the Atlantic off the South Carolinian coast. It’s an artful mosaic of manicured golf courses and bird-stalked wetlands, with a fringing of picture-perfect sand to the east. The vacay homes are suited to all sorts, whether you come for a family escape, a wedding ceremony, or a romantic honeymoon set to ocean breezes.

The features of vacation rentals in Fripp Island, South Carolina

A scarlet flower blooms by the driveway and lawn of a two-story beach cottage

The whole of Fripp Island is a master-planned and gated community, where homes cluster around well-kept cul-de-sacs and beach roads. But the resort is no homogenous mass of cookie-cutter stays. It’s got charm, character, and vacation rentals of all shapes and sizes.

Cottage style for charm

Painted timber walls and porches that hide under sub-tropical blooms and loblolly pines are the name of the game on the cottage front. These more remote vacation rentals are great for romantic types who want to share a tight-knit bolt hole together in peace and quiet. Expect views across marshes and woodlands, beaches and dunes.

Amazing al fresco spaces

One thing that Fripp Island vacation rentals have mastered is the outdoor living space. Virtually all the options you can find in this corner of SC come with at least some sort of exterior area. That might be a small, romantic balcony that looks across the wavy Atlantic shoreline. Or, it could be a sprawling deck from where you can birdwatch in the palm forests and coast groves to the west.

Fripp Island rentals with a golf cart

It might sound strange that many a home away from home here will offer a golf cart as part of the package, but that’s because Fripp Island’s streets are largely car free, and there’s the small matter of those two championship rounds of 18 to get through. Look for a place to stay that’s got its own electric ride and you can whiz to the beaches and the first tee to your heart’s content.

Villas add something luxurious

If you’re after a dash of hard-earned R&R on that jaunt to the South Carolina shore, there’s really no substitute for the modern villas of Fripp Island. These tend to come as part of a complex of other villas, which means you can enjoy the benefits of communal facilities – swimming pools, exotic spas, plush gardens, and even boardwalks that lead straight to the beach.

Bringing the pet to Fripp Island

Simply can’t countenance leaving the four-legged family member behind while you head off to hit holes in one and soak up the rays on the beaches? That’s no problem. This resort is pet-friendly, but not all of the vacation homes within are. That means you’ll need to filter out the places that don’t accept animals from the ones that do. And, be ready to pay a tad extra for the furry guest.

What areas have the best Fripp Island vacation rentals?

A sign reads

Fripp Island might be a single resort, but it’s certainly not small. Great swathes of protected nature reserve, pristine marshes, and sand dunes erupt here, but so do sprawling golf courses and boating marinas. The handy pointers below can help you navigate the lot…

Out on Ocean Point Drive

Fripp Island vacation rentals that pepper Ocean Point Drive really do live up to the name of the road they stand on. With some of the most striking panoramas of the Atlantic in the area, they tend to have floor-to-ceiling windows and oversized porches with 180-degree vistas of the waves and the ocean as it rolls out to the horizon.

The heart of the resort at Tarpon Blvd

There’s a real abundance of home rentals and villas crowding Tarpon Blvd. But that’s to be expected – this is the main route in and out of the island, and the place where most of the action happens. So, get ready to stay close to a smattering of BBQ grills, sports bars, and salt-washed cocktail shacks. Oh, and the beaches are neatly linked to the center by inviting boardwalks.

The ocean-view pads of Marlin Drive

You can usually find a little extra square meterage in the large-scale homes that dot Marlin Drive to the north-east of Tarpon. They can easily sleep between eight and 15, with multiple bedrooms and big outdoor spaces. A golf cart will almost certainly be required to get around from here, unless you just want to hit the beach, which is mere meters over the dunes.

Up by Old House Creek

Two rocking chairs gaze out across a flooded wetland that sprouts green grasses

To see the landscapes begin to feather into reed-topped marshes and wiggling waterways, you can head a little to the north to Old House Creek. There are, indeed, plenty of old houses with Victorian-era looks and wood-fronted architecture lofted over the sidewalks. It’s also a great spot to seek out nature-shrouded cottages where you won’t even have to leave the patio to enjoy a South Carolinian safari.