Kiawah Island rentals – be rejuvenated

Kiawah Island rentals – be rejuvenated

Talk about a place that lets you recharge the batteries. Kiawah Island rentals are your gateway to a world of ocean breezes and beautiful dunes, tide-lapped sands and turtle-trodden palmetto woods. Throw in a couple of great golf courses, bobcat-trodden boardwalk trails, excellent birding, and some chic boutique shopping, and it’s suddenly easy to see why so many want to escape Charleston for this oasis on the SC coast.

The variety of features to look forward to in Kiawah rentals

Kiawah Island luxury vacation rental with pool

The guide below unravels just a few of the amazing features and traits you can expect to find in Kiawah Island vacation rentals. From golfing tees next door to private splash pads, there’s all sorts to entice and enchant…

Vacation rentals Kiawah Island, SC, with pool access

Yes, the Atlantic Ocean might just be a skip and a jump down the boardwalk, but it can get a tad chilly and rough. That’s why vacationers love a Kiawah rental with its own pool. There are loads with shared swimming spots, which usually sit in communal gardens with sunbeds and cabbage palms surrounding them. The most luxurious will have a private pool, though, which could even boast jaw-dropping views of the beachfronts.

You can find pet-friendly Kiawah Island rentals, too

The four-legged family member is sure to enjoy the soothing South Carolinian waves and the soft sands just as much as you. Why not bring them along? Plenty of villas and cottages here are ready to welcome the pooch or the feline, offering extra space and dedicated yards for stick-throwing sessions. Just be wary of rules governing off-leash adventures on the beachfronts and in the protected habitat reserves – you wouldn’t want Fido to come face to face with an alligator, eh?

Golf-ready Kiawah Island, SC, rentals

Coming with the clubs in tow? Got your heart set on hitting a hole in one between the palmettos and the rollers? There’s a sub-category of Kiawah vacation rentals that are sure to be perfect. They fringe the golf courses and offer walking access to the clubhouse. Many even throw in a golf cart for good measure.

Alluring areas for great Kiawah Island vacation rentals

kiawah island vacation rental in east beach village

Get a feel for the corners of Kiawah Island that are known for their top-class vacation homes by reading the guide below. It ranges from prestigious golf resorts to stunning coastal enclaves, letting you choose between wild ocean vistas and balconies overlooking the greens.

The buzz of East Beach Village

Right in the middle of Kiawah, on the cusp of one of the barrier’s most celebrated golf courses, and hosting the vibrant Town Center Market mall, East Beach Village offers a mix of family-sized villas and romantic cottages. It’s also got art galleries and taste-bud-tingling Lowcountry foodie kitchens, with spicy frogmore stews and sizzling shrimp grits by the vat load.

Classic West Beach Village

The first resort development to ever hit Kiawah Island still inspires a loyal following of returnee vacationers. It’s laced with a run of ocean-view homes and mansions, with decks and patios where swell watching and stargazing are both favorites. Outside of the lettings in West Beach, you can hit 18-hole championship courses or go to local coffee shops for artisan brews and handmade cakes.

Be secluded in Vanderhorst Mansion

The Vanderhorst Mansion can trace its roots all the way back to the 1700s. These days, however, the crops are no more. It’s all sprawling, sumptuous lodges and quaint cottages with gabled roofs and landscaped gardens. They hide behind a set of privacy gates and have long runs of their own private sand, so these are for honeymooners and folk who really want to escape.

Chasing good bargains in Kiawah Island, SC rentals

kiawah island inland vacation rental

With all those challenging golf holes, tempting East Coast seafood, and exclusive fashion boutiques to get through in Kiawah, you can see why it would help to have a top deal on a rental home. That’s where the pointers below come in, revealing tried-and-tested ways to slash the price tag of all sorts of lettings along these South Carolinian shores…

When the crowds come, the prices will skyrocket

In resort destinations that tout a medley of sun-splashed sand, cool ocean waters, and golfing, you can bet your money that rates will creep upwards in the summer months. After Memorial Day, you could pay as much as 50% more for a place that was a bargain only weeks before. And the same goes in fall, when costs will drop significantly following a busy August.

Don’t limit yourself to beachfront properties

Loads of Kiawah vacation rentals will come with views of the sand and the dunes, but you might find they will cost a little extra overall. In fact, just by heading a short distance back from where the rollers wash the shore, you can considerably reduce the amount you’ll have to pay for that home away from home.