Big Easy houses for rent in New Orleans

Big Easy houses for rent in New Orleans

Swinging jazz bars and the twinkle of the honky-tonks, the sizzle of gumbo shrimp and the crush of ice in frozen daquiris – the allures of the Big Easy are many. If you’ve set your sights on this bucket-list Southern city, this guide to booking houses for rent in New Orleans could be a doozy. It ranges across enticing neighborhoods and reveals the character of lettings, helping you zero in on the perfect stay on the side of the Mississippi River.

All different types of New Orleans vacation rentals

An al fresco space with a cushiony chair and fire pit in central New Orleans

Get to grips with the flurry of different options that are on the menu when you come to choose your special New Orleans vacation rental. From large to small, compact to sumptuous, there are some suggestions below…

Grand mansions in New Orleans

There’s still a palpable whiff of high-class Southern living in New Orleans, which you’re sure to encounter if you drift away from the bumping French Quarter to the oak-fringed Garden District. There, the streets widen out and the properties become great estates, fronted by majestic Neo-Classical columns, hiding sumptuous Victorian interiors draped in curtains and velvets.

Discover luxury vacation rentals in New Orleans

But don’t go thinking that Uptown has the monopoly on sleek homes and apartments. There are oodles of other places that’ll make you sigh with affection. From Marigny to the French Quarter, flats, duplexes, and townhouses can provide uber-chic lounges with flat-screen TVs, primary bedrooms with whirlpool baths, hot tubs, and urban gardens with reading bowers and hammocks.

Apartments are on offer all over

Choosing a private flat or apartment is a sure way to open up the New Orleans vacation rentals that sit in the gritty music districts and the happening historic areas of the city. That’s because space can be at a premium down by Bourbon Street and the like, so compact and smaller lettings are able to wedge between the Sazerac outlets and saloons.

Neighborhoods of all shapes and sizes in the Big Easy

The view from the balcony of a rental in the French Quarter

New Orleans is a woven patchwork of enthralling districts and areas that spreads over both banks of the Mississippi and out to misty Louisiana bayous in the distance. To ensure you end up staying in a place that you’ll love, the pointers below cover some of the most popular parts of town.

French Quarter rentals – the most sought-after of all

French Quarter vacation rentals are a ticket to one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the South – nay, the whole country. It’s a land of iron-wrought balconies and dangling gaslights, where trumpets echo between cocktail joints and there’s always somewhere to dance and dine. Thankfully, the area also has one of the highest concentrations of places to stay, but you should always expect to pay a little extra for the central locale.

Magical Marigny and its Creole character

Cute cottages painted banana yellow and banana-leaf green mingle on the sidewalks of gritty Marigny. Just to the north of the French Quarter and the bends of the Mississippi, this one’s steeped in Creole heritage and charm. It’s the place to go for kitsch boltholes built of wood, for spicy jambalaya plates, and for Voodoo fortune-telling sessions.

Elegance and opulence in the Garden District

The Garden District is the jewel in the crown of the Big Easy. But, more than that, it’s a darn captivating spot to be in. There are vintage street trolleys rattling over decades-old tram lines. There are Antebellum homes that look like 1800s farm estates. There are the haunting carvings of the famous Lafayette Cemetery. And between it all? A mix of some seriously luxury vacation rentals in New Orleans

Getting out of town in Gentilly

Huddling around vast Lake Pontchartrain in the far north of the metropolis, Gentilly is a lived-in patchwork of old rancher retreats, 1900s cottages, and low-rise bungalows fronted by palms. It tends to be quieter – and cheaper – than its compadres to the south, which means it’s a great pick for romantic couples and families alike.

Ways to secure great deals in New Orleans vacation rentals

A lilac-colored house in New Orleans, with green shuttered windows

Follow the pointers below and you might just find that you’ll touch down in this Louisiana party town with a little more cash to pump into Sazerac mixing sessions and live jazz nights. It’s all about cutting the cost of rentals across the city.

Steer clear of certain dates

Rambunctious shows of samba dancers and Voodoo parades overtake New Orleans in February and March, ushering in a whole season of Mardi Gras celebrations that can see rates in all sorts of rentals skyrocket. On the flip side, fall and early winter tend to be cool and less busy, and boast prices that are significantly lower than much of the rest of the year.

Head away from the heart of the action

French Quarter rentals are always in high demand. And while a pad that’s on the cusp of the sleepless jazz venues and haunted Creole mansions can be an amazing experience, budget wise, there are better options in other neighborhoods – think Marigny or Gentilly further north.