Booking top Pigeon Forge rentals

Booking top Pigeon Forge rentals

Get ready a bout of bluegrass energy, a dose of Dixieland adrenaline, a hit of Appalachian action that’s pretty much unrivalled in Tennessee. This is Pigeon Forge, where you can be stomping to country tunes in the company of Dolly Parton waxworks one moment and scrambling up leaf-strewn trails in the hills the next. Between the lot are some cozy and alluring Pigeon Forge rentals that you’re bound to love.

A range of Pigeon Forge rentals

A steep-gabled cottage with a covered porch hides in the Tennessee woods

Like the medley of different draws that straddle the meandering Parkway and the various forks of the Pigeon River in this rambunctious resort town, there’s a similar mix of vacay homes. You can go rustic with wild cabins. You can go deluxe and be pampered in Swiss-style alpine retreats. Here’s a little taster…

A traditional condominium

Easy, compact, modern, and clean, condos have loads going for them, especially in a family-orientated spot like this. They are versatile and come in all sizes, with some boasting multiple bedrooms to host the whole crew. The cream of the offering comes with those shared facilities, however. Complexes often have communal swimming pools, saunas, on-site parking lots – the list goes on.

Mountain lodges and chalets

Get ready to cozy up in exactly the sort of home away from home in the Smokies you’ve always imagined. That’s what the wood-built, stone-walled chalets and lodges of this area help you achieve. They would look normal peppering the Alps of Europe, but here they also have a twist of Tennessee country charm. Wood fires, forest views, and wide porches are the norm.

Go the whole hog with a charming Smokies cabin

There’s no escape like a cabin escape. You’ll venture out to the hemlock and maple forests that dress the Smoky foothills around Pigeon Forge to find these characterful stays. There, they have fire pits and creeks in the garden, small interiors that can transport you back centuries, and all-natural construction materials that help them merge seamlessly with the environment.

Navigating Pigeon Forge – a rental neighborhood guide

Big windows adorn the sides of a lodge near Dollywood

Choosing what part of this bumping burg in the TN peaks you want to stay in is all important. There are some areas where the whirring Wild Eagle roller coaster and the smoking Wild West trains of Dollywood rise high. There are others where the horizon is given over to the contours of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Each offers a very, very different sort of trip.

Settle on the door of Dollywood

Calling all families, all wannabe cowboys, all would-be Davy Crocketts – Dollywood is certainly a corner of Pigeon Forge that will capture your imagination. Only a stone’s throw away are the breathless Barnstormer ride, the twisting Tennessee Tornado loop-de-loops, and the gushing Daredevil Falls flumes. And just in case that’s not enough, there are plenty of condos here that spill onto golf courses or offer indoor pools and playrooms for the little ones.

The iconic Parkway – the thick of it

There’s nowhere that beats to the rhythm of country and western like the Parkway. It’s the epicenter of the whole resort, linked from north to south by the Fun Time Trolley, which pulls up at 200 locations, and even stops in Gatlinburg to the south. Along the way, it passes all sorts of sprawling hotel resorts, motels, condos, apartment blocks, Southern BBQ grills, music bars, curious wax exhibits, The Island amusement park – it’s endless.

Down Gatlinburg way

As you start to squeeze through the low escarpments of wooded ridges that cluster around the northern fringes of the Great Smokies south of Pigeon Forge, you begin to come close to Gatlinburg. Another much-loved highland resort on the cusp of TN-North Carolina border, this one’s focused on mountain charms and adventure. It’s got ski fields. It’s got hiking outfitters. It’s got remote cabins by babbling creeks. Don’t forget the boots if you’re heading this way.

Sevierville – in the home of Dolly Parton

There are oodles more Pigeon Forge vacation rentals on the way to Sevierville a little to the north of the main center. In fact, it’s an alluring destination in its own right, with wooded trails, an acclaimed aviation museum, and a statue of the great country queen herself to see. The lettings in the area tend to be a little easier on the wallet than down around Dollywood, too.

Grab your bargain deal in Pigeon Forge rentals

A traditional log cabin stay with big porches and a forested backdrop

Tickets to the rides, the Titanic Museum, the waxwork collections, the Smoky Alpine Coaster, and the whole load of other local attractions can send the cost of a trip to this corner of Tennessee skywards. That’s why it’s super-important for many a visitor to get a top bargain on rentals in the town. Ways to do just that are outlined below…

Watch those seasonal peaks

The usual culprits on the calendar – summer and the festive period – see prices soar upwards in Pigeon Forge. To pay less for your cabin or condo, it might be worth thinking about making the most of the dips in rates that come with mid fall or early spring.

Stray a little further from the main sights and sounds

Loads of people want to be right next to Dollywood’s rattling coasters and cotton-candy stalls. Others will prize a place that gets them out by the trailheads of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. And the Parkway itself can be a sought-after location to boot. Moving away from these coveted areas means the possibility of more affordable, and more secluded, stays.