Getting great vacation rentals Savannah, GA

Getting great vacation rentals Savannah, GA

Layer upon layer of architectural majesty and flair spill into the squares and lanes of old Savannah, showcasing Federal frontispieces, Queen Anne façades, great Neo-Classical colonnades, and elaborate Victorian faces as you move from plaza to park and back again. There’s really nowhere else like this in the whole of the South. No, seriously – Savannah was one of the few cities left completely untouched after the Civil War. You can immerse yourself in it all by choosing historic vacation rentals in Savannah, GA, places for less out by the suburbs, or homes touching the sloshing Atlantic Ocean.

The quest for cheap Savannah rentals

A wood-paneled cottage sits on the sidewalk of Savannah, GA

It might be eye catching and filled with rich historical mansions and Antebellum gems, but Savannah isn’t the most expensive city you can visit in the South. That’s music to the ears of globetrotters on a tight budget. And the tips can turn up the volume, revealing ways you can slash the cost of Savannah rentals and leave more dollars in your pocket.

Get a feel for the flux of the seasons

From the moment the azaleas bloom in spring to the sultry evenings of the Indian Summer in fall, you can expect to find most of the top-rated Savannah rentals all booked up to bursting. That also pushes rates up, which is why less popular months like February and March are typically the best times for budget seekers.

Being early means better bargains

Savannah’s irresistible historic areas and cobbled streets are now the stuff of legends – this isn’t hailed as the best-preserved city in the South for nothing, you know. Loads and loads of people head this way, on honeymoons, history-filled trips, sightseeing weekends – you name it. To ensure you beat them to the best bargains, booking at least 90 days in advance is advisable, and not just for Savannah vacation rentals, but also for flights, car hire, and tours.

Skip away from the Savannah Historic District

As the old city’s cobbles and plazas merge with the ancient oaks and lichen-pocked statues of Forsyth Park, you find some of the most enchanting, heritage-rich, and forget-me-not stays going. But they are also likely to be some of the priciest around. Skip them in favor of suburban homes in more outer districts like Midtown and you might end up paying less.

What about lingering a little longer?

Now this might sound a touch counter-intuitive, but bear with us. As monthly and weekly rentals can come with hefty discounts in tow, extending that stay on the Georgian coast or in the heart of handsome Savannah itself can actually unearth some pretty great deals. Yes, you will be spending more than if you were just flying in for a two-day hit of Antebellum frontispieces, but you’ll get more attractive rates over longer periods for sure.

Savannah areas that are worth a look in

Arched balconies with metal filigrees front pink walls on a charming Savannah house

Here, we skip from stony street to the hazy parklands of the center, out to salty barrier islands, and to more off-radar quarters of town, all with the aim of finding the best places for booking Savannah rentals this year…

The irresistible Savannah Historic District

One of the largest of its kind in the country and a veritable chocolate box of architectural wonders, the Savannah Historic District unfolds in a mosaic of live oaks, Spanish moss, rattling tram lines, and cobbled streets. It’s certainly the place to be to feel the palpable atmosphere the city’s famed for, not to mention for Southern gastronomy and ghost tours.

The Riverfront district has a buzz about it

The north side of Savannah spills into the Savannah River in grand style. Cumulatively known as the Riverfront District, but better known by its main drag, River Street, it’s all jazz bars, Delta blues holes, crab restaurants, and old industrial tenements turned hip and cool eateries. Stay here and you can also launch expeditions across to Hutchinson Island on the ferry, where you’ll discover large convention centers and gorgeous golf courses.

Midtown‘s escapes are quieter – and cheaper

While the wide-eyed visitors snap shots of Forsyth Park and River Street, you can settle in the calmer blocks of Midtown. It’s a vast district to the south of the main area, which you can easily reach by bike or bus whenever you want. It’s got fewer vacation options overall, but they are generally more affordable and can still pop up on oak-rimmed avenues in centuries-old buildings, especially around Daffin Park.

Leave behind the city for Tybee Island

A cottage by the beaches of Tybee Island

Something of a left-of-field suggestion, but one that’s perfect for fusing Southern sightseeing with bracing breezes and Atlantic beaches, Tybee Island is a mere 17 miles down the meanders of the Savannah River. The rentals there straddle the coast and come with pristine beaches and maritime aquariums virtually on the doorstep. It might be worth thinking about, particularly during the warmer summer months.