All about booking that Atlantic Beach, NC, rental

All about booking that Atlantic Beach, NC, rental

Between the Bogue Sound and the wide ocean, there’s a place in North Carolina where the living’s always easy and the atmosphere is always chilled. Welcome to Atlantic Beach, a land of surf schools, surf-and-turf grills, BBQ houses, and pristine beaches. This guide can help you zero in on Atlantic Beach, NC, rentals that are primed for your type of stay, no matter if it’s a romantic exodus with the other half or a wholesome bout of family fun.

All sorts of Atlantic Beach vacation rentals

A huge condominium complex with a sprawling swimming pool and grassy lawns

There’s a slew of different Atlantic Beach, NC, rentals on the menu. Some are large and opulent, others small and compact. A few have handy pet-friendly policies, while others are all about maximizing your encounter with the ocean. Let’s take a look…

Condominiums are all over Atlantic Beach

From west to east, Atlantic Beach is riddled with more condos and condo resorts than you can shake a surfboard at. That’s great news for families and couples after a vacay home that’s both modern and well-located. What’s more, booking one of these often means scoring a whole host of extra amenities. They could include shared swimming pools, arcade game rooms, on-site bars, and sunning terraces.

Treating Spot to an ocean break

It’s not only two-legged folk who need a little R&R now and then, you know. Stick fetching and tail chasing can get tiring, which might be why so many Atlantic Beach vacation homes are willing to welcome the pooch. For those all-important run arounds, you might want to venture down to Fort Macon State Park at the end of the barrier island, where the canines can bounce over remote dunes and sniff the boardwalks to their heart’s content.

Beachfront homes are the cream of AB stays

Just imagine flinging open the patio doors to reveal vistas of wave-frothing ocean waters every morning. Just imagine evenings of cold beers watching the sunset tint the Atlantic red and yellow. For that, you might need to seek out front-row properties, which are the closest of all to the honey-glinting sands here.

A neighborhood guide for Atlantic Beach vacation rentals

A two-story home with a porch and seating areas

So, you’ve decided on Atlantic Beach for that next break, but where exactly do you plan on putting down roots? There are a few notable corners to the town, each with a different level of energy and a unique character of its own. Check them out…

Anywhere near Oceanana Fishing Pier

The 1,000-foot fishing pier of Oceanana acts like the lightening rod of the town, drawing in families and rod-slingers, surfers and seafood lovers. It’s surrounded by taste-bud-tingling fish kitchens, not to mention long stretches of cinnamon-hued beachfront. There are vacation homes in the vicinity too, albeit some of the most sought-after on the whole barrier isle.

Wild scenes at the Fort Macon State Park

You won’t be able to secure a stay inside the boundaries of the Fort Macon State Park – it’s a protected maritime nature reserve after all. Go a little to the east around E Fort Macon Road, however, and there’s a collection of pastel-painted cottages with walking access to the sweeping dunescapes and the muscular fortress that once protected the Carolinas from Blackbeard himself.

Beautiful Beaufort is a stone’s throw away

Trade in the ocean breeze for a bout of maritime history by hopping across the sound to the much-loved town of Beaufort. It’s a charming little spot, with townhouses and cottages that rub shoulders with museum exhibits that spin tales of swashbuckling pirates. It’s also got one of the best-served marinas in the region, with charter options and plenty of moorings for boaters.

Scoring the best deals possible in Atlantic Beach

Pink shutters adorn the windows and a white-picket porch sits under the columns of a grand NC home

The only thing better than looking forward to a vacation is looking forward to a vacation that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s where the pointers below come in. They reveal reliable ways you can cut the price of Atlantic Beach vacation rentals and hit North Carolina’s sparkling Crystal Coast for less.

Long-term rentals could be a doozy

More curled surf waves, more chance of catching that 10-pound fish, more sunning sessions on the promenade – there are loads of reasons why you might want to spend a little extra time down on Atlantic Beach. You might not think that saving cash was one of them, though. But that’s before you take a look at the enticing deals that face renters who are coming for a month or more. Owners are often willing to knock off hefty chunks from the price of longer contracts, especially during shoulder seasons.

Don’t limit yourself to the beachfront

Everyone wants to stay within earshot of the rolling waves and the surf breaks. But, if you’re keeping a close watch on the budget, that might not be possible. Don’t worry though, paying less often means only straying one or two streets from Boardwalk Boulevard.

Autumn draws in Atlantic Beach

The average price of vacation rentals in Atlantic Beach, NC, rises and falls throughout the 12 months of the year like one of the peaking waves that roll into the island’s surf spots. It hits its zenith in June, July, and August, which is when the weather’s best and families chase R&R during the school breaks. That said, there are balmy days in fall, but costs can crash more than $80 a night in September and October.