A guide to choosing the right Bethany Beach rentals

A guide to choosing the right Bethany Beach rentals

Roughly midway down the Atlantic-facing shoreline of Delaware, past the buzz of Rehoboth Beach and on the cusp of Fenwick Island, where picket fences bow in the blustery coast winds, Bethany Beach rentals beckon families, couples, and folk with the pup in tow. They sit on a boardwalk-lined stretch of shore that’s pretty and vibrant, with crab shacks, running tracks, and plenty of space for hard-earned R&R.

Choose the rental type to suit you in Bethany Beach

A luxurious house has a garden with a boardwalk and a pool

There’s a mix of different places on offer for all who come a-searching for Bethany Beach rentals. Before you dive in and book, it’s a good idea to get a feel for what sort of vacay home you need in this corner of the Blue Hen Sate.

Will the pooch be coming, too?

Why leave Fido in the kennels when there’s perfectly good driftwood to be chased outside Bethany Beach vacation rentals? Just a little extra fee can secure room for the canine in many a sand-side letting in these parts. But get to know the rules of the boardwalk before you go – barkers might not be allowed there, and they certainly have to be on the lead.

Something sumptuous with your own swimming pool

You don’t have to stick to bracing dips in the Atlantic Ocean. There are vacation rentals in Bethany Beach, DE, that tout their own private swimming pool. It’s likely that it will be shared as part of a larger complex of condos and flats, but there’s also a chance you could score a splash pad to call your own, too.

Bethany Beach oceanfront rentals – all for the views

There’s no better way to enjoy the salt-filled airs and the wild vistas of the Delaware coast than by picking Bethany Beach vacation rentals on the oceanfront. They might cost a tad more than places in the blocks behind, but you will gain porches and patios with BBQs gazing over the swells, romantic sunrise and sunset shows, and walking access to the main beachfront.

An area guide for booking vacation rentals in Bethany Beach

A grand home with three stories is ringed by wrap-around porches

Delve into the map of Bethany Beach with this neighborhood guide. It should help you decide on what part of the town you want to head to, with info on the sort of rentals and the type of atmosphere that await.

The beating middle of Bethany Beach on the boardwalk

The boardwalk area at the heart of the resort is the best place to search for Bethany Beach oceanfront rentals. That’s because it’s brimming with rows of high-rise condominiums that spill down to meet the shoreline, often with swimming pools and grassy gardens out front. It’s also possible to save a little by skipping over to Atlantic Avenue one street away, where the crab shacks, the cafés, and the surf-turf bistros are within easy walking distance.

Get away to South Bethany Beach rentals

Chilled, quiet, and quaint, South Bethany is all about escaping to a bona fide beach town. The rentals here are clad in wood, and painted in hues of blue and ochre and yellow. They line marinas and waterways, with many even boasting a boat mooring and waterside garden. The vibe around the area is generally more local, with loyal visitors that come back year on year to a warm welcome.

Something refined up Gulls Nest way

The planned vacation communities of Gulls Nest are a doozy for deluxe rentals and grand oceanfront homes in the vicinity of Bethany Beach. Many of them rise on the edge of manicured golf courses or have yacht jetties just meters from their front gates. It’s that sort of retreat.

Cheap deals on vacation rentals in Bethany Beach, DE

A cute cottage in Bethany Beach is reached by a boardwalk path

If you’re pining after a relaxing break on the shores of Delaware but don’t have stacks of cash, the helpers below can really come in handy. They reveal some ways that travelers have been successfully cutting the cost of rentals in these parts for years.

Early deals and last-minute deals

The best way to give yourself the widest array of potential bargains in Bethany Beach vacation rentals is to book as early as possible. Before the summer crowds snap up their homes, you might be able to swoop in there and score a bargain. Another option is the last-minute package, which could mean good rates, but only if other visitors haven’t got there first.

Dodge the Bethany Beach vacation rentals on the oceanfront

We know there’s a certain allure to having a condo or a cottage that faces the boardwalk or the beach. But if it means paying extra, you’re going to need to consider if it’s a luxury you can afford. Only a block or two back from the lapping ocean are homes that can be just a fraction of the price.

Seasons change everything in Bethany Beach rentals

Bethany Beach hits its heights in the summer months. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, crowds flock to its gold-flecked coastline and elegant seafood kitchens. But you can still wear T-shirts and shorts in fall, and in late spring, only you might find that the price tag in nearby rentals is much easier to swallow.