Be stunned by Cannon Beach rentals

Be stunned by Cannon Beach rentals

Come join the tufted puffins and the roaring Pacific waves down on one of Oregon’s most gasp-inducing stretches of coast by picking Cannon Beach rentals. There are all sorts of pads to pick from, whether you want to wake to visions of the mighty Haystack Rock, or prefer a pet-friendly home tucked into the quieter blocks a little away from the shore. This guide can help you choose the right place, in the right area, for the right price.

The various types of Cannon Beach rental

A bungalow sits below pine trees with a hot tub in the garden

Putting together a memorable Cannon Beach getaway depends on getting all the features you want from that home away from home. Cue the pointers below, which list just a few things you might want to think about when you come to book.

An abundance of pet-friendly lodgings

Wild waves, frothing salt spray, and primeval lengths of cliff and coast are the perfect present for any adventurous pooch. That’s why a whole medley of homes in Cannon Beach and its surroundings come with pet-friendly policies. You might find you’ll need to pay a little extra to check-in Fido, too, but that’s usually calculated simply – per animal, per stay.

Your Cannon Beach vacation rentals with a hot tub

After being soaked by the Pacific and bracing the blustery beachfront to see Haystack Rock in all its glory, there’s nothing like heading back to the bolthole for a soak in your very own hot tub. If you’re lucky, that bubbling spa bath will be al fresco, perhaps even with sweeping views of the pine-crested Oregon Coast to the north and south of the main town.

Cute Cannon Beach cottages

There’s no shortage of charm-steeped West Coast abodes in Cannon Beach. For tugging at the heart strings and getting the romance a-going, they are just perfect. We’re talking little shingle bungalows with gabled roofs and paned windows, where patios gaze across the oat-swaying dunes and secluded gardens beckon lovers.

Alluring areas of Cannon Beach for vacationers

A deck has a stunning view of Haystack Rock

Some say you can’t go wrong with any Cannon Beach vacation rental, and it’s true that this whole town does enjoy a prime location on a majestic length of shoreline where there’s adventure on all sides. That said, some areas do stand out, whether for eating options or panoramic views…

North, to Kramer Point

The north side of the town, where Ecola Creek wiggles to meet Kramer Point by the ocean, is actually the beating heart of the resort. There are smaller flats, condos, and some gingerbread cottages here, all within striking distance of the best restaurants – think Oregonian brew houses and salty fish-and-fry shacks.

Haystack Hill – views you won’t forget

The most sought-after spot of all for Cannon Beach rentals is probably going to be Haystack Hill. A high ridge of seagrasses, it rises up above the main beach to host cozy cottages and lodges with big balconies. They all boast views of the iconic Haystack Rock, which comes strewn with puffins and patches of seaweed just beyond the cinnamon sands.

Your stay on the Oregon Coast Highway

Cruising up the coast roads of Oregon is an experience in itself, and the rental options that speckle the edges of the Oregon Coast Hwy as it weaves through the middle of Cannon Beach are just perfect for spinning rubber down that asphalt. Many have parking lots or driveways, letting you be the first in the front seat come morning, with the sat nav set to breathtaking reserves like the rock-spiked bays of Ecola State Park or the crashing waterfalls of Hug Point.

Bargain deals on Cannon Beach, Oregon, vacation rentals

A quaint doorway leads to a shingle-clad hut in Oregon

You won’t want to be worried about the travel budget when you hit Cannon Beach. This town’s all about getting lost in the adventure, no matter if that’s hopping tidal pools on a marine safari, hiking cliff trails, or conquering the waves on a surfboard rental. The pointers below can help on that count, revealing ways you can slash the cost of any vacation home.

Always book nice and early

There’s high demand for homes in Cannon Beach, especially the ones with dramatic vistas of Haystack Rock. That means being ready and beating the crowds to booking can really pay dividends. You’ll have the pick of the top deals, before they all get snapped up.

Warmer months usually mean higher rates

Generally speaking, you’re going to pay extra for a place to stay in months like June, July, and August. That’s not so much due to the weather as it is to the timing of the college and school breaks. In fact, you can still find balmy days in Oregon up to the end of September and into early October, which is also high time to find a bargain deal.

Cannon Beach rentals on the beachfront cost more

While there is something truly awesome about bedding down with visions of the mist-clad Haystack Rock just outside your bedroom window, it’s worth remembering that seafront homes tend to cost considerably more. Hop back to the Oregon Coast Hwy and you could see a significant drop in the cost of lettings.