The lowdown on Dewey Beach rentals

The lowdown on Dewey Beach rentals

Dewey Beach is a salt-washed surf town with real soul. By day, people whiz and wind around the bay on jet skis, or skimboard as the swells lap the honey-tinged sands. When evening comes, it’s all about clinking cocktails and watching the sunset, or jiving to gritty rock and roll in the rambunctious surf-and-turf bars. This guide aims to help you find the best Dewey Beach rentals, so you can explore this happening Delaware getaway too.

Treat yourself to a Dewey Island rental with extra features

A white-tinted beach runs past a small bungalow with a deck and chairs by the water

From wood-shack cottages with a surfer-dude vibe to breezy East Coast condos that gaze over glinting pools and the shore, there’s a load of different vacation rentals in Dewey Beach. The pointers below can get you thinking about various frills and features you might want included in your pad by the Atlantic…

Dive into rentals with a pool

It’s easy to give yourself the luxury of a swimming pool. Just filter out vacation homes that don’t have a spot to splash in and you should still have 100s of options in Dewey Beach and its vicinity. The real question is what sort of pool you want. Will it be a private one ringed by a green lawn and sun terrace? Will it be a communal condominium pool where you can meet and mingle with likeminded travelers?

Pet-friendly Dewey Island beach homes

There are special rules governing where dogs are allowed to go, when they can be off the leash, and the times they can hit the sands on the beachfronts from Dewey to Rehoboth. That’s worth checking before you come, but don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any problem scoring a rental that welcomes tail-wagging best buddies. There are tons.

Prized beachfront locales

Forget huge condominium blocks and high-rise resort hotels, Dewey Beach is fringed by salt-topped bungalows and three-story lodges with balconies. The upshot is that there’s not only a whole bunch of rental options that can have you hopping out of bed to see the waves rolling in, but that the shoreline still retains a certain undeveloped charm.

Pick the right area of Dewey Beach

A yellow-sand beach rolls past a large condo block and grassy dunes

A vacation to the coast of Delaware can change considerably depending on what corner of this resort you choose. You might be totally set on sand-side homes with boardwalks by the door. But what about the lively nightlife quarters on the bay? Or other nearby towns that pulse with energy and family fun?

To the west of the Coastal Highway

Dewey Beach really is a beach if you move to the west side of the Coastal Highway. It’s there that all the oceanfront homes and condominium complexes face the frothing Atlantic Ocean. It’s there that you’ll get rentals that fling open their back door onto dunes and picket fences right by the sands.

Jiving down Head Bay Cove

Bars and beach huts, cocktail shacks and grungy rock bars coalesce around the inlets of Head Bay Cove on the bay side of the resort. There are condos nearby, so you might want to pick them if your idea of a top vacation evening is dancing the night away and munching on surf and turf.

Crank up the energy with Rehoboth Beach

Can’t find anything suitable around Dewey Beach? Don’t worry. Rehoboth Beach has oodles more vacation rental options. You will need to be okay with adding a little bit more hedonism and buzz to your break, though. Take the town’s boardwalk. It’s a mass of taffy apples and twisting roller-coaster rides, all scented with chowder stands and crab kitchens.

Tips on getting great deals on Dewey Beach vacation rentals

A blue-painted timber cottage has a deck

Every year, 1000s of revelers, water sports aficionados, sun seekers, and families will be in the running for the best deals on Dewey Beach vacation rentals. That’s where the tips below can come in handy, helping you beat the bunch with some tried-and-tested know-how on slashing the cost of accommodation.

June to August is not budget territory

There’s a visible spike in the average amount paid for Dewey Beach vacation rentals between the end of May and the end of August, with July seeing the highest mean overall. The upshot? Think about skipping those popular times altogether. There are still usually balmy days in September, while the ocean is warmer then, and rates are considerably lower.

It’s not all about the beachfront

Remember that Dewey Beach has much more up its sleeve than an award-winning beachfront of pristine sand and clear water. There are also bouncing live-music bars and busy boardwalk trails, in areas where you might find that the cost of rentals is cheaper overall – minus the ocean view, of course.