Enchanting Edisto Beach rentals

Enchanting Edisto Beach rentals

Peppering the sandy hills and sub-tropical palmetto groves of Edisto Island, Edisto Beach rentals are your chance to explore an untrodden and wild part of the East Coast. Some entice with windows that cast their gaze across the rollers of the Atlantic Ocean. Others have come-swim-in-me pools and cozy interiors where you can snuggle up with the other half. This guide can help you find the right pad, pinpoint the right part of town, and even get bargain deals.

Some great features of Edisto rentals to watch out for

A painted, timber-clad beach cottage with palms in the garden

From hidden woodland cottages to oversized Carolinian coast bungalows, there’s a potpourri of different types of Edisto Island rentals out there. The pointers below aim to help you discover precisely what one is for you, with some insights and hints on features worth watching out for…

Places that welcome the pooch, too

Pack the tennis balls and the leash, dog lovers – there are plenty of Edisto Beach vacation rentals that are more than happy to check-in the pup, too. You can get them all over town, from the shoreline to Docksite Road. You’ll just need to read up on restrictions about canines on the sands come summertime, which are in place from May to October in Edisto.

Cabin and cottages

There’s one sort of Edisto rental that artfully fuses coastal living with a touch of pioneer charm – the cabin. You’ll have to look for these hiding in the thick palmetto groves, between fern blooms and live oaks. They tend to be cozy and cute, with gingerbread faces and steep-gabled roofs. Talk about a romantic break…

Swimming pools in shared complexes

There’s a real air of luxury to many Edisto Beach vacation rentals. That could mean a plush interior style with floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious deck areas outside. It could mean sumptuous primary bedrooms with ocean views. Or, it could mean the addition of a swimming pool. These are especially common in the shared condo complexes near the creek side of the isle.

Easy-to-access Edisto rentals with an elevator

Although many of Edisto’s beachfront properties are set in sandy gardens and reached by timber stairs, the ones that string along Big Bay Creek and the northwestern side of the resort are typically more modern and easier to get to. Loads also come with elevators, which is great for anyone with reduced mobility.

Top areas to search for Edisto vacation rentals

A rustic beach house with pine-studded grounds and rough-wood porches

Choose Edisto Beach rentals in the right place by using the handy location hints below. They range from chilled boulevards on the dunes to dense forest reserves with cabins nestled deep within.

Score your ocean view on Palmetto Blvd

Pining after a beachfront rental? Palmetto Blvd is the place to go. It runs down the east flank of the islet, with timber-clad bungalows that have decks and balconies facing the swells. It’s most lively at its northern end, where pizzerias mingle with ice-cream parlors by the entrance to the state reserve.

Dining and luxury by Big Bay Creek

The most built-up part of Edisto Island is over on the northwest side of town. Fringing Big Bay Creek and Docksite Road, you’ll catch all sorts of refined seafood bistros, gastropubs, and casual coastal diners with boat-to-table catches. There’s also a golf club and plenty of sleek condo complexes with spas and pools in the vicinity.

A remote escape to Edisto Island

You can think of Edisto Beach as the main anchor of greater Edisto Island. Around the town itself, to the north and west, spreads a vast nature reserve of wiggling creeks, wetlands, murky bayous, and gnarled old oak forests. The 174 is the main route through it all, and there is a speckling of truly out-of-the-way cottages along its length. They sit close to the much-photographed avenues of Botany Bay Road, too.

How to get great deals on Edisto Beach rentals

There's romance and mystery about this cute cottage in Edisto's pine groves

Salt-water safaris and sumptuous seafood dining are just two of the things you might want to funnel the budget into over on Edisto Beach. To help with that, the pointers below reveal a few ways you can slash the cost of accommodation on this wave-lashed isle.

Book really early

Edisto Beach is small but the crowd that wants a piece of it certainly isn’t. That means you’d do well to secure your escape long in advance of traveling, before all the most wallet-friendly options have been snapped up by others.

The fall trumps the summer for deals

There’s no question that prices creep upwards when the summer months swing around in Edisto. That’s the same for most of the resorts up and down the coast of the Carolinas, with people coming for sun, sand, and sea. To save, you might think about trips in the fall, when the weather can still be warm but rates plummet.