All about finding Isle of Palms rentals

All about finding Isle of Palms rentals

Hailed as the get-away-from-it-all escape on the Carolinian coast around Charleston, this paradisiacal corner of the Palmetto State is well-versed in the art of R&R. It’s covered in a patchwork of golf courses, sparkling swimming pools, tennis courts, and cinnamon-hued beaches. And it’s got oodles of upscale Isle of Palms rentals that are ready and waiting for anyone in need of a little Southern pampering.

Top features you can get in Isle of Palms rentals

A big pool and hot tub is outside a Victorian-style beach house

For a glimpse of what awaits in Isle of Palms vacation rentals before you jump in and book, the pointers below are at hand. They reveal a few of the main facets to these stays, so you can get a good idea of what accommodations are on the menu.

Isle of Palms beach rentals – literally on the beach

There are homes popping up on Ocean Blvd, along Palm Blvd, and in the Wild Dunes resort that have nothing but a few sea oats and salt-washed decking planks between them and the frothing waves. Zero on in these and you can rest assured that “oceanfront” really does mean facing the great big blue of the Atlantic.

Barking up for pet-friendly getaways

You’ll need to get a feel for the local canine restrictions on the beaches, which limit off-leash roaming during certain seasons and at certain times, and apply for a dog permit from the local police force if you’re planning on staying for longer than just a vacay. However, none of that’s tricky, and there are tons of pet-friendly rentals where you can bring the pooch for an adventure by the coast.

Take a dip into Isle of Palms rentals with a pool

Chic living and the Isle of Palms go hand in hand, which might be why there are 100s of rentals here with swimming pools as standard. You can find places with access to shared pools in resorts like Wild Dunes. Or, you can hold out for a pool to call your very own in a larger villa, beach bungalow, or mansion.

Ways you can get great deals on Isle of Palms rentals

A low-rise bungalow with seats outside its front door in a lush green setting

There are some well-known ways to whittle down the price of a stay in South Carolina’s Isle of Palms. Some of the best are listed below, with the aim of giving you a dash extra moolah for the green fees and sea kayak hires.

Long trip? Make the most of rate cuts

It’s really common for the managers of Isle of Palms house rentals to offer reduced-rate contracts to anyone planning on coming for a month or more. That’s great news if you’ve got extra time away from the office and want nothing but days filled with water sports, holes in one, and sunbathing.

Think about the time of year

There’s a clear peak in the average cost of Isle of Palms beach rentals between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It’s the hottest time of the year, during the school breaks, and when the golf courses look their finest. The upshot? Dodging that and going for a trip in spring or fall can work wonders for the travel budget.

Last-minute Isle of Palms beach rentals

Feeling a spontaneous jaunt to the salt-washed shores of South Carolina? There’s a chance it could work in your favor, especially if it’s not during the summer. Loads of owners across the popular beach towns of SC are happy to reduce rates for short stays booked at the last minute. Otherwise they’d be leaving their rental empty and no one could come and enjoy the sun-baked shores and golf holes.

An area guide to the Isle of Palms

The breezes brush the reeds and sea oats by a green-tinted coast cottage

Isle of Palms isn’t as small as you might think. As it runs along the Atlantic from Sullivan’s Island to Dewees Island, it crosses classy country clubs, cute town centers with enticing gastronomy and drinking outlets, and quiet neighborhoods that promise to put the ocean right on the doorstep.

The frills of a resort in Wild Dunes

There’s everything you could want packed into the sprawling Wild Dunes community that caps off the north-eastern edge of the Isle of Palms. Private tennis courts? Just grab your racquet. Swimming pools? There are four communal ones, including bubbling hot tubs by the beach. Golf? How do 36 holes of Golf Digest-rated championship sport sound?

Ocean Boulevard and beautiful Front Beach

Spreading southwards from the main town center is the much-loved strip of Ocean Boulevard. At its northern end is the entrance to Front Beach – the isle’s most celebrated width of honey-tinged sand and rolling waves. Around that is an array of cocktail bars and Lowcountry kitchens, interspersed with coconut-scented grills and Caribbean eateries. And then come the oceanfront homes, dotting the sidewalks right by the dunes.

Closer to history in Sullivan’s Island

One isle over and much closer to the heart of come-explore-me Charleston is the beach getaway of Sullivan’s Island. It’s peppered with age-old fortresses that ooze Revolutionary War tales and pretty lighthouses, and has plenty of family-sized mansions with multiple bedrooms, nestled neatly between wetlands, boardwalk trails, and a three-mile beach.