Plan your trip to Kure Beach rentals

Plan your trip to Kure Beach rentals

Prepare to be captivated by the thought of Kure Beach rentals. Just a short drive from Wilmington and resting on the thin sliver of Pleasure Island, they’re in a place where family-fun, simple pleasures, and the rejuvenating power of the ocean all combine. Some can put you near to long fishing piers, others by acclaimed aquariums, and others still by the immersive Civil War battlefield of Fort Fisher. Don’t worry, though – the sand and waves are always close.

The various types of Kure Beach vacation rentals

A rectangular pool is surrounded by a deck by a large beach house

There’s a real assortment of different abodes to consider for your vacation to the coast in Kure Beach. From big to small, oceanfront to waterfront, simple to deluxe, the escapes in these parts vary across the board. And there are some with features that can seal the deal.

Pining after a swimming pool?

Why not? There’s no reason you have to limit yourself to the white-capping swells of the Atlantic when you want to cool off. In fact, pools often don’t cost that much more in the rentals of Kure Beach. You can find affordable rentals with them if you zero in on shared condo complexes and villa parks.

Accessibility for folk who need an elevator

One great thing about Kure Beach rentals is just how accessible they are. And we’re not just talking in terms of proximity to Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. We’re also talking in practical terms. There are loads with wheelchair access as standard, and others that have in-built elevators to whisk you straight to your condominium door.

A cute coast cottage in Kure Beach

There’s a sub-category of Kure Beach rentals that are sure to have you sighing at the sight of them. Like little Creole-Caribbean bungalows, they come painted in jazzy pink and daffodil yellow. They have wooden walls and small yards with palmettos and fire pits. They’re perfect for two people who want nothing more than to get away to the shore together.

A neighborhood guide to Kure Beach

A boardwalk leads all the way to the back door of a white-painted coast cottage

Don’t book without knowing precisely what area of Kure Beach you’re going to be heading for. The town might not be massive, but choosing the right neighborhood can make all the difference between a fun-filled family adventure and a romantic weekend for two.

Where the action happens at Kure Beach Pier

This family-owned pier that juts 240 feet out into the Atlantic holds the distinction of being the oldest of its kind on the coast of North Carolina. It was built way back in 1923, as the focal point of the town. Today, little has changed on that count, and any Kure Beach vacation rental in the area of this attraction promises to put surf-and-turf kitchens, ice-cream parlors, and burger-flipping sports grills nearby.

Fort Fisher Boulevard running south

To escape the pulsing energy and family thrills of the heart of Kure town, you can mosey down to the coast cottages of Fort Fisher Blvd. It connects all the way to Fort Fisher State Historic Site, which means any pad there will be touching Civil War history and reenactment battles. They are also usually right by the beach, with dunes and waves just past their backyards.

There’s a buzz to Carolina Beach

Get yourself a home away from home that’s sandwiched between the twirling carousels of a classic boardwalk and long, wide runs of white-tinged sand, all by swapping Kure Beach for Carolina Beach. It’s just a little to the north, and reigns as one of the Tar Heel State’s best-loved resort towns.

How to get bargains in Kure Beach, NC, rentals

A turquoise-tinted lodge with white porches and palm trees

The quest for wallet-friendly bargains in Kure Beach starts here. The pointers below reveal tried-and-tested ways that travelers can cut the cost of a lease on this sun-splashed island, even when it comes to the most luxurious ones of all.

Seasons determine the prices

There’s no doubt that rates rise as the summer gets into full swing in Kure Beach. Thankfully, you don’t have to visit in June, July, or August to find the sun baking the beach and grilling weather. That’s still a possibility in fall, and comes in the spring, only homes will generally cost less at those times of year.

Booking early beats the crowds

It sure does. In a resort as popular as this, where 1000s of families and couples will come between Memorial Day and Labor Day and beyond for their break by the breakers, it’s common for the most affordable places to be snapped up fast.

Oceanfront options typically cost more

If you’re not terribly fussed on treating someone to stunning sunrise shows and laying with a sundowner beer as the waves roll in, you might consider moving a block or two back from the front row of Kure Beach. In the streets behind Fort Fisher Boulevard, it’s often possible to find pint-sized cottages without an ocean view for less.