A booking guide to Long Beach Island rentals

A booking guide to Long Beach Island rentals

The locals call it LBI, this 18-mile run of picture-perfect New Jersey beachfront and handsome coastal homes. From north to south, it occupies some of most loveable sections of the Jersey Shore, packing in chilled-out surf towns frequented by wave riders, and buzzy summer colonies with grand Long Beach Island rentals where pools shimmer and decks are splashed with sun. Tempted? This guide has everything you need to get a-booking your pad in the area.

Features to expect in LBI beach rentals

A vacation rental with pool in Long Island Beach

Before you settle on Long Beach Island’s soft white sands and rolling swells for your summertime break, it’s worth seeing some of the features that make the local vacay homes such a doozy of a pick for families, couples, big groups, and others…

Chart-topping luxuries in Long Beach Island, NJ, rentals

Looking to live the high-life this season? You shouldn’t have to look far on LBI to get it. This isn’t hailed as a summer colony for New Yorkers for nothing, you know. There are sprawling mansions built in the style of classic East Coast lodges, with wood-shingle walls and wraparound decks. They can often sleep over 10, come with huge al fresco decks by the dunes, and interiors that ooze New England-esque nautical touches.

A pet-friendly rental in LBI

For some folk, a summertime escape simply wouldn’t be right if the pup wasn’t in tow. You can treat the canine to a bout of Jersey Shore stick chasing but just be aware that there are seasonal bans on dogs being off the leash on some beaches, and complete bans on others in LBI. However, most pet-friendly homes will add extra square footage and yards to cater to those four-legged guests.

Add a swimming pool into the LBI mix

They say you’re never more than half a mile from the ocean in Long Beach Island, but if that’s still not good enough, then how about zeroing in on a place to stay that’s got its very own swimming facility? There are 100s of them available. Some tout private pools in walled yards with slides for the kids. Others have shared pools ringed by sunbeds and patio furniture.

A Long Beach Island town guide

Beachfront vacation rental with large outdoor dining area

Choosing Long Beach Island is just the first step in vacay planning. Next up, you’ll need to choose the specific beach town that entices you the most. There are plenty to think about, whether it’s the deluxe homes of the north or the hopping blocks of the south that’s piqued the interest.

Long Beach – where most folk go

Long Beach, known formally as the Long Beach Township, is the community that covers the largest part of this beautiful barrier island. As such, you can look forward to rows and rows of homes that sit just feet back from the pearly white sands, especially if you make for Ocean Blvd. It’s a top place to bring the kids, too, what with pizza joints, ice-cream parlors, and yacht clubs peppering the neighborhood.

Beach Haven for all the action

Crank up the summer tunes, prepare for tasty Jersey shrimp, and ready the sunscreen – Beach Haven is all about having a good time on the Jersey Shore. It’s widely considered to be the liveliest quarter of the island, with bars fringing its white beaches and buzzy shopping precincts like Bay Village and Schooner’s Wharf on the menu.

Surf City and the quieter north

As you drift northwards along the barrier things tend to get a little more exclusive and refined. Around Surf City, the houses increase in size, condo blocks are replaced by majestic lodges with huge yards and swimming pools, and elegant surf-and-turf restaurants begin to appear. The farthest north you can go is to the Barnegat Light, where a handsome old lighthouse rises next to the yacht-filled High Bar Harbor.

Scoring amazing bargains on LBI beach rentals

Two garages are just some of the perks of this beachfront rental

Whether you’re after LBI rentals in bumping Beach Haven or a jetty-side mansion near the Barnegat Light, there are some good booking practices that can help cut the cost of your stay. Check them out below…

Skip the summer rush

Everyone knows that vacation rentals in Long Beach Island, NJ, come into fashion when the temps crank upwards. Countless city slickers along the Jersey Shore and New York depart their metropolises and come in search of sun, sand, and sea from Memorial Day onwards. Of course, that pushes up rates, which means bargain hunters could be better off with trips in late spring and fall.

Resist the temptation of oceanfront rentals

The most sought-after Long Beach Island rentals of all are usually the ones that put soft sands and surf breaks just steps from your bedroom. If you don’t mind making a short walk before seeing the glowing powder of Surf City and Beach Haven, there’s a load to be saved by moving just a single row back.

Be prepared – book LBI beach rentals long in advance

There’s hefty competition for the most luxurious and best-located homes in Long Beach Island. There’s so much, in fact, that deals won’t last long before they’re snapped up. The lesson? Book early and hopefully you’ll be the one doing the snapping up.