A different side of the Big Apple in Long Beach rentals

A different side of the Big Apple in Long Beach rentals

Part affluent suburb for city slickers of NYC, part beloved beach resort with wave-washed sands and a penchant for surf, boardwalk strolls, seafood grills, and good-time summer living, Long Beach is where the Big Apple meets the Atlantic. This guide is all about booking Long Beach rentals, no matter if you’re after a romantic apartment just for the two of you, or a whole home to entertain the family.

Top features of Long Beach, NY, vacation rentals

A blue-and-white house with a large long in Long Beach

So, what’s to love to about Long Beach rentals? Well, there’s loads. Maybe you’re the sort who’s convinced by beautiful outdoor decks and seating areas. Perhaps you prefer sumptuous interiors and sprawling primary suites. Let’s see…

Al fresco areas make the best Long Beach summer apartments

While the heart of Manhattan might be about smoky jazz bars and underground Irish taverns, this part of the Empire State is focused on outdoor living. To cater to the summer rush, loads of the vacation homes have roof terraces, patios, grill areas, and private yards, some of which will even roll over the pine-peppered dunes in front of the main beach itself.

Luxurious interiors that clock up five stars

There’s something seriously elegant about the chicest Long Beach rentals of all. Like a precursor to the grand mansions of Long Island and the Hamptons to the east, they beckon with art-filled living rooms and designer kitchens, opulent primary bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms with whirlpools and walk-in showers.

Get to know the areas of Long Beach, NY

A home with a driveway in Long Beach, near lively Beech Street

Unpack that map of New York City, zero in on Long Island, and get placing pins – this part of the guide is all about finding the most amazing and immersive areas in this salty surf town. It outlines the unique character of various neighborhoods, and the sort of vacay rental that each has up its urban sleeves.

West Beech Street – pulsing with life

The scents of hickory-smoked BBQ cuts mingle with jalapeno-topped Tex-Mex tacos and East Coast surf grills along the busy strip of West Beech Street. Over the years, this has developed into the vena cava of the district, drawing shoppers in the day, diners in the evening, and partiers for after-dark shindigs. Around it, you’ll find hip and happening apartments for rent, and sleek townhouses with driveways and small yards.

There’s more going on along West Park Avenue

Long Beach’s answer to Broadway is W Park Ave, an electrifying medley of cinema screens, cafes, chain eateries, and diners where you’ll never be bored – or short of something to eat. The rentals in this area are the easiest to get to on public transport out of NYC, and they tend to be spacious, modern affairs with multiple bedrooms.

Right on the Long Beach Boardwalk

Running between the sands of Ocean Beach Park and W Broadway, the timber-built Long Beach Boardwalk has been an anchor of the city since it first became a resort way back when. These days, its brimming with whizzing bicycles and scooters, has surf schools and deluxe hotels, and tons of wave-side rental homes with views down to the Atlantic.

Scoring top deals on Long Beach, NY, rentals

A white-painted house set on two levels with a large porch

This might be the fringes of New York City, but there’s no reason you can’t unearth a wallet-friendly deal. That’s precisely what the tips below are good for. They show ways to slash the cost of places to stay in this salt-washed sector of the Empire State.

Always book your pad early

Long Beach is a magnet for surfers and boardwalk strollers in the summer months. In fact, between June and August, it’s one of the most popular getaways in the vicinity of the Big Apple, and that means millions of potential visitors. Each of them could be the traveler that steals a deal from under your nose, so try to get in there early before everything’s gone, and book ASAP when you do see a bargain.

Long-term rental options can be cheaper

There are a select few Long Beach rentals by owner that are listed for longer periods of lease. You will have to commit to being in town for at least a month or more, but doing that is often a shortcut to smaller rates.

Move a little back from the beachfront

There’s no doubt that the most coveted location in Long Beach is along the shore, which is where you find the rentals that have sweeping views of the breaking rollers. If that’s not a luxury you think you can afford, there are still excellent homes and apartments waiting in the blocks behind, perhaps near the buzzy bars of Beech Street.