Getting down to Mission Beach rentals

Getting down to Mission Beach rentals

If you’re the type who prefers acting your shoe size, not your age, the buzz of Mission Beach could be hard to resist. Bouncing volleyballs go this way and that on the beaches. Cyclists whiz up and down the salt-washed promenade. Mission Bay’s right there, too, offering amusement parks and rides and slides. So, drop the office work, shred down the Pacific 101, and get chilling in sand-side Mission Beach rentals.

A guide to features in Mission Beach rentals

Glass shimmers in blue on the modern houses of Mission Beach

Read the pointers below to get a feel for the range of alluring pros that make Mission Beach vacation rentals such a doozy of a San Diego pick. Be warned, though – they might just push you to press “book” right away.

Stunning views of the Pacific Ocean

The piece de resistance of Mission Beach vacation rentals is surely in the location, which, for many, means feeling the brunt of the Pacific waves and enjoying front-row seats overlooking the surfboard-studded shoreline. Facing west, you’ll gain amazing sunset shows if you score somewhere right by the coast.

Pet-friendly stays are plentiful

Why should Spot or Fido miss out on the fun of Mission? There are driftwood sticks to chase in the designated Dog Beach, and pooch-friendly Fiesta Island back in Mission Bay. There are loads of grills and bistros that welcome the pups, too. And you can get houses that will only charge a small nominal fee to add the barker to the check-in list.

The joy of condos on Mission Beach

Some of the most enticing pads of all in Mission Beach are condos. On the oceanfront, they often spill onto sun-baked terraces with big patio tables – watch the surfers and sunsets from those. In the streets behind, they can be compact escapes with multiple bedrooms, and even communal swimming pools for when you tire of the chilly Pacific.

An area guide to Mission Beach for vacationers

The grassy lawns of Pacific Beach are lined with apartments and condos

Discover the perfect quarter of Mission Beach by sifting through the tips below. They range from the vintage rides and slides of Belmont down to the rocky fishing outcrops of Point Medanos, all with the aim of helping you have the best time away.

Rattling rides at Belmont Park

Lose yourself in a fantasy maze of Tiki shacks and Giant Dipper coasters by opting to book a place in the vicinity of Belmont Park. It’s the old-timey pleasure garden of Mission Beach, drawing patrons of all ages with its cotton candy-fueled days of sun-splashed fun. As you might expect, local rentals tend to be great for whole families.

Sunsets to remember in South Mission Beach

As you skip down to the southern side of Mission, the sands widen just a little and there’s a few rocky outcrops primed for fishing folk. In this area, big, minimalist condos open their floor-to-ceiling sliding doors onto patios and decks that look straight out at the Pacific. It’s an amazing thing to have in your private rental, particularly when the sunset glows and bonfires start roaring along the shore.

Up to Pacific Beach

For all intents and purposes, the dual areas of Mission and Pacific Beach are one in the same. They run into each other, connected by a powdery stretch of sand that’s poked by piers and fringed by a lively prom. Only, there’s something distinctly surf-mad up here, with raw energy in the breaks at the Tourmaline Surfing Park, and plenty of beers bars and grunge shacks to entertain folk around the Crystal Pier.

Ways to get a bargain in Mission Beach, San Diego, rentals

An outdoor patio has table and chairs under a red umbrella

With all that happy-go-lucky lifestyle, those pristine beaches, and gnarly surf peaks, you might think you’d have to pay through the nose for the luxury of hitting Mission Beach rentals. Not so. In fact, there are some really effective ways you can cut the costs of any stay in this part of America’s Finest City.

Don’t focus only on beachfront rentals

The pull of Mission Beach vacation rentals is sent into overdrive the moment you factor in an oceanfront location. Panoramas of the Pacific and the boardwalk are really sought after, which means you’ll usually pay hefty chunks extra for those. Move a block back, closer to Mission Bay, and things become noticeably more affordable.

Don’t forget the offbeat seasons

While the crowds might come to San Diego in the summer, there’s plenty to be said for winter months like January and February – think roaring surf, around just four days of rain in every 30 on average, and temperatures in the high 60s. Oh, and there are sure to be lower rates in the local vacation rentals.