Choosing the perfect Myrtle Beach oceanfront rental

Choosing the perfect Myrtle Beach oceanfront rental

There’s perhaps no better place to be in all of Myrtle Beach than right on the coast. From the top to the bottom of the iconic Grand Strand, homes, condos, apartments, and cute Carolinian cottages all fringe the edge of the Atlantic. They are known as front-row rentals or Myrtle Beach oceanfront rentals, and are among some of the most sought-after in the vibrant resort town. This guide takes a look at what they offer, where you can get them, and how to steal amazing deals.

Some of the best features of these Myrtle Beach getaways

Two turquoise seats with wine glasses overlook the sands of Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has one of the biggest ranges of vacation rentals of any resort on the East Coast – it’s one of the most popular surf and sand towns in the country, after all. Of the group, oceanfront vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach, SC, really do stand out from the crowd, and not just because they’ve got a jaw-dropping location…

Pool-ready Myrtle Beach getaways

Venture out along the Grand Strand – the 60 miles of pristine beachfront that runs north and south from Myrtle Beach – and you’ll be inundated with oceanfront rentals that have a private swimming pool. For the most part, they are communal pools set in lush subtropical grounds topped by swaying palms. However, there are some sumptuous villas with private pools in private yards.

Family vacation home rentals on Myrtle Beach oceanfront

You only need to take a glimpse at the attractions on the lineup in Myrtle Beach to see that this is family vacationing territory extraordinaire. From Ripley’s Aquarium to the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, it’s all high thrills and adrenaline-pumping rides. Beyond those, oodles of homes have enough space for the whole crew, with some even combining that with an oceanfront perch, and a pet-friendly policy so that Fido can come along, too.

Sleek and deluxe condos with a view

As you head closer to the more built-up parts of the town, from the sailing outfitters of Cherry Grove Beach to the neon-lit SkyWheel of Myrtle’s Boardwalk to the cool cafes of Surfside, it’s more likely that you’ll be looking at condos than whole homes. That’s because these stays tend to be more compact than others, and can be stacked together in whole complexes. Some are downright deluxe, too, with lofted balconies with unrivaled 180-degree views of the coast and shared pools in oceanside yards.

A handy area guide for booking Myrtle Beach

A small cottage on stilts has a swimming pool surrounded by fencing

Knowing precisely where to look for that Myrtle Beach oceanfront rental is key. There’s over 60 miles of sparkling Grand Strand sand to consider in these parts, with countless towns, neighborhoods, resorts, and boardwalks to think about. Use the pointers below, which range from north to south, to get a feel for it all.

Cherry Grove Beach – the family option

The northernmost stop on the Grand Strand has long been hailed as a family spring breaker choice, offering something a little more reigned-in than the no-holes-barred energy of central Myrtle Beach. That certainly comes through in the oceanfront rentals of Cherry Grove Beach. They put you close to wholesome fishing piers, surf-and-turf eateries, mini golf courses, and more. And they are typically bigger homes with decks and porches loaded with BBQs.

Inject a little energy with North Myrtle Beach

Alligator-snapping zoological parks converge on a Main Street that’s riddled with ice-cream parlors and beachwear boutiques, creating a good prototype for Myrtle Beach proper in North Myrtle Beach, only a tad toned down. There are large-scale condo resorts and blocks of apartments in these parts, which means almost everyone who books will be in the running for a stunning ocean view, not to mention all sorts of shared facilities – think swimming pools and direct beach access via private boardwalks.

Feel the energy on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

This is where it’s at, folks. From spring break to Labor Day, this strip of paved oceanfront walkway beats to the rhythm of cotton-candy sellers, carousels, chatting families, beer-clinking young’uns – you get the idea. It’s within reach of major attractions like Ripley’s and the SkyWheel, and is brimming with modern condominiums that can cater to both big and small groups.

South Myrtle Beach – waves and chic settings

Head further south down the Grand Strand to Surfside to enter a resort area that’s perhaps more Long Island than it is SC. It’s got surf rentals, longboard shops, and cozy cafes, along with stilted bungalows just feet from white-sand dunes. Even further down is upscale Murrells Inlet, a hub for grander mansion homes perched on green bluffs above boat-bobbing marinas with refined seafood eats.

Bargain Myrtle Beach vacation rentals on the oceanfront

The reflective glass doors of a Myrtle Beach condo opens to a panoramic balcony

On the hunt for a great deal? It might not help that Myrtle Beach’s oceanfront rentals are the most coveted sorts of stay in town. But that’s not game over. Just check out the pointers below and you could be whistling “cha-ching” as you make for the boardwalk this year…

Booking early – really early – is key

They don’t call Myrtle Beach the mecca of sun, sand, and sea in the Carolinas for nothing, you know. Families, couples, college-goers, and all sorts of others hop here for good-time breaks, which means there’s often hefty demand for rentals, especially the ones mere steps from the shore. Book early and you can give yourself more chance of stealing a great deal, before they all sell out.

Be open to the whole Grand Strand

The great thing about having the whole 60 miles or more of the famous Grand Stand on the menu is that you’ve got 60 miles of potential oceanfront rentals to choose from. There’s bound to be a bargain option somewhere in the midst of that. You’ll just need to be open to staying in a different sector of the resort than you might be used to, up with Cherry Grove’s golf courses, perhaps, or down with the breakers of Surfside.