North Myrtle Beach rentals – a booking guide

North Myrtle Beach rentals – a booking guide

Sitting at the northernmost end of the famous Grand Strand strip, North Myrtle Beach rentals are a ticket to somewhere a little more refined and relaxed than rambunctious Myrtle Beach to the south. They straddle an award-winning stretch of Carolinian sand, with surf waves, and fishing piers on the menu. They also throw in plenty of family fun – think whacky mini golf courses and exotic zoological exhibitions. And that’s just for starters…

Different types of North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals

A swimming pool waits in the garden of a large beach house

You certainly won’t be short on choices when it comes to picking that perfect vacation rental in North Myrtle Beach, NC. Large, small, traditional, cutting-edge, luxurious, romantic – there’s a real kaleidoscope of options fringing the beachfront and hiding in the blocks behind. Some examples of what to expect from them are below…

Make a splash in your very own pool

Daytime highs in the top 80s and plenty of sun – those are the magnet that puts ray-soaked bodies on the beaches of North Myrtle between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But the ocean isn’t the only option for cooling off here. You can also zero in on vacation rentals that have their own place to splash and swim. It’s likely to be a condominium in a shared complex, but could just as well be a mansion or villa with a private pool.

Pet-friendly places waiting for the pooch

There might be a leash law in effect on the beaches, and canine restrictions from May to September, but North Myrtle still boasts doggie grooming salons and plenty of pup-friendly seafood bistros with bowls of water out front. Then there’s the huge selection of vacay homes that are happy to host four legs and paws. You might need to pay just a little extra for those, but it’s usually calculated as a surcharge, per animal, per stay.

Oceanfront views – what everyone wants

The 60-mile stretch of the Grand Strand that ends at North Myrtle Beach becomes particularly handsome up with Cherry Grove and the estuary of the Little River. It’s all honey-hued sand and low dunes with tufts of sea oats. The upshot? An oceanfront property is a real doozy. Get them to add extra romance to those sunsets, or for morning walks straight from your back door onto the beach.

What areas are best for North Myrtle Beach rentals

A palm-tree blocks the way to a beach house that's reached by white-painted stairs

Choosing to head for North Myrtle Beach itself is only the first step. Next you need to think about what neighborhood within it you’re going to enjoy the most. There are quite a few lined up, from buzzy blocks with a boardwalk vibe to more refined areas touting larger homes.

Cherry Grove Beach – where it’s really at

For most loyal travelers, you say North Myrtle, they think Cherry Grove Beach. This northernmost part of the resort really is its star. It’s got everything, from a rickety timber fishing pier, to manicured links golf courses, to pizzerias and pancake houses. Oh, and talking of houses, the range of North Myrtle Beach rentals in Cherry Grove is nothing if not eclectic. You can get high-rise condos or cute East Coast cottages.

Escaping to N Ocean Blvd

N Ocean Blvd takes you just about as far as it’s possible to go on the Grand Strand without dipping into House Creek and touching the state line with North Carolina. The reward for venturing away from the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier is a collection of quieter blocks with stunning beachfront homes. Most have wraparound porches, are done in traditional beach-bungalow style, and face the sands with gorgeous balconies.

Bigger homes on the Intracoastal Waterway

Wiggling past the boating marinas and sailing channels of North Myrtle Beach on its northwest side is the shipping path of the Intracoastal Waterway. Make for its banks and you’ll notice there’s extra square footage given to the homes. You can sometimes score sprawling mansions that spill onto waterside golf courses there. Other properties tout their own boat mooring and jetty.

Chilled vibes down in Atlantic Beach

For a taste of a classic resort town in the heart of the Grand Strand area, Atlantic Beach could be perfect. It’s fringed by B&Bs and condo complexes that have a history going back to the 60s and 70s, and the atmosphere here is all about good-time living and R&R. There are crazy golf rounds and homemade ice-cream parlors – that sort of thing.

The road to cheap North Myrtle Beach vacation home rentals

A rectangular swimming pool outside a condominium block in North Myrtle Beach

Everyone wants to save some cash on their vacation, no matter the year, no matter the destination. But when it’s North Myrtle Beach on the menu, with its wild zoos, lashing surf, wicked family eateries, and boardwalk attractions, keeping the budget in tact is all the more important. The tips below should help with that…

Book long before you’re heading off

There are some great bonuses to booking nice and early. For starters, you’ll have the pick of the best accommodation deals. And you’ll get to start looking forward to that sun, sand, and sea session ASAP. Think of it as fuel to get you through the groggy winter.

Check seasonal changes

When the thermometers are reading close to 90 and the South Carolina sun is beating down on the Grand Strand, there are typically 1000s of travelers jostling for the best deals in North Myrtle Beach rentals. That’s why it can pay to come in late spring, before the rush, or fall, after most folk have returned home.