An introduction to Pawleys Island rentals

An introduction to Pawleys Island rentals

Serene and relaxed, Pawleys Island is about slowing down your pace of life and taking some “me time”. At the very southern end of Myrtle Beach’s long Grand Strand, there’s a welcome change to the boardwalk buzz here. It’s down to all the untouched sands, the handsome Pawleys Island rentals, the golf courses, and the small crowds. Tempted? This guide can help you book your stay.

What types of Pawleys Island rentals can I pick?

A house on stilts sits behind a row of dunes on Pawleys Island

If you’re wondering what the range of rentals is like in this corner of the South Carolinian coast, the pointers below have you covered. They outline just a few of the most popular types of home away from home in Pawleys.

A swimming pool adds to the class

Yes, you’ve got the Atlantic. But what about on days when the rollers get a little rough? Cue those Pawleys Island vacation rentals with dedicated swimming pools. There are different sorts, from large condominium complexes that could even have shared lazy rivers and hot tubs to private cottages with miniature splash pools in their yard. All of them tend to be more common up in Litchfield Beach to the north.

Pet-friendly vacation rentals in Pawleys Island, SC

Calling all canine lovers – the main beaches of Pawleys Island are renowned for their dog-friendly policies. Pups can hit the sand all 365 days of the year, but there are some leash restrictions in the summer. What’s more, loads of the homes peppering the coast are suited to travelers with pooches. Just be ready to pay an extra surcharge if Fido will be coming along.

Pawleys Island oceanfront rentals – a view to prize

If you aren’t packing the golf clubs this year, it’s likely that Pawleys Island oceanfront rentals are the ones that are going to steal your imagination. It’s not hard to see why. They are the closest you can get to the honey-tinted beachfront and the Atlantic Ocean. And they know it, too, making the most of the vistas with decks, patios, and balconies of all shapes and sizes.

What areas have good Pawleys Island beach rentals?

A drive way with palm trees and hedgerows leads to a luxury house

Knowing your way around Pawleys Island is key to scoring a perfect vacation letting. It might not be the biggest barrier in the Carolinas, but there are some places you’ll want to put at the very top of your list.

Pawleys Pier Village at the heart of the town

It probably won’t seem like you’re in the midst of Pawleys Island when you hit the laid-back fishing platform at Pawleys Pier Village, but you are. It’s just a testament to how chilled this SC beach escape really is – no hubbub, no saltwater taffy, no bumping bars. At this location, it’s just you, that deluxe oceanfront condo, and the rhythm of the waves.

Golf-side villas at Pawleys

A grand and prestigious golfing destination set amid the rolling wetlands and snaking creeks of backcountry Pawleys Island, Pawleys is the place to go if you’re thinking about bringing the clubs in tow. There are a number of homes fringing the fairways just a stone’s throw from the clubhouse, so you’ll never be far from that first tee.

Loveable Litchfield Beach

North up the Ocean Highway but still only 15 minutes in the car from Pawleys Island itself, the bigger and more buzzy resort of Litchfield Beach is a popular choice for families. Head here to catch condos by water parks and whole villas with more than three bedrooms. There are also extra dining options in the vicinity – check Willbrook Blvd for grills and brunch spots.

Get booking bargains in Pawleys Island vacation rentals

A white-painted cottage sits near pines and palms in Pawleys Island

Remember – you’ll need some cash left in the travel fund to pay those green fees. Follow the handy hints below and you could see the cost of even the most sought-after Pawleys Island oceanfront rentals drop considerably.

Seasonal changes for whopping savings

Pawleys Island, like the whole of this great bay by the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, gets a load of attention from sun seekers when the weather warms up. You could find that average nightly rates in July and August are almost double what they are in May or September. That’s a no-brainer for budget travelers, who can wait for fall, or do a spontaneous trip in spring to save stacks.

Month-long Pawleys Island rentals can be bargains

If you’re lucky enough to have more time off than most, why not shift life to the shores of South Carolina for a little longer than you planned? It’s not totally against the budget thinking, because it’s common to see pretty hefty reductions in the cost of Pawleys Island vacation homes if they are contracted for a month or more.