Getting to grips with Rehoboth Beach rentals

Getting to grips with Rehoboth Beach rentals

Artfully combining a family-ready boardwalk vibe with a rambunctious edge of spring-break madness, and LGBTQ-friendly charm, Rehoboth Beach rentals usually have something for everyone. This guide aims to reveal some of the top spots to check out in the de facto summer capital of the nation, and ways you can score great bargains.

Features of top Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals

A high-rise block of condos looks over the ocean and the beach in Rehoboth

Here, you can glimpse a few of the alluring features and styles of Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals. Whether you’re worried about weather Fido can come along for the adventure, or are pining after bedroom-window views of the rollers, it should have you covered.

Bark into a pet-friendly Rehoboth Beach rental

Your pup might not be allowed to bound onto the beach between May and September in Rehoboth, but they sure are allowed to enjoy the comfort of a rental. That’s because loads of the homes and condos in the resort have pet-friendly policies, charging a small surcharge per animal, per stay.

Rehoboth Beach rentals on the oceanfront

The best way to score those stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, and ensure you’re only a few steps away from the golden Delaware sands, is to limit yourself to the real oceanfront lettings in the town. They can be tricky to come by along the boardwalk, but Silver Lake and North Shores Beach has plenty in the way of big family homes and coast lodges.

Family-sized vacation rentals in Rehoboth Beach, DE

No matter what part of the resort you head for, there’s certain be a rental that’s got enough room to host your whole party. Townhouses in the blocks behind the boardwalk can have three, four, or five bedrooms, all tucked into handsome wood-paneled buildings. To the north, you can get spacious family homes with hot tubs and direct beach access.

A handy area guide to Rehoboth Beach

A symmetrical coastal home with white-painted fences and porches rises on Rehoboth's dunes

Knowing where to book that pad is just as important as knowing what sort of home away from home you’re after in Rehoboth. Cue the top tips below, which unravel a few of the town’s most-loved quarters.

The lively Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk

A mile-long run of herringbone timber planks that goes from the whirring carousels and rides of Funland in the south to Lake Avenue in the north, the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk is where the action is at during the warm summer months. Condominiums and flats are the main type of accommodation choice on the oceanfront part, but delve some streets back and you can find Victorian-style townhouses with period features.

South Rehoboth and Dewey Beach

As you scoot away to the south of the merry-go-rounds and gaming arcades at the boardwalk, things get a little quieter and more chilled. That’s South Rehoboth, where large-scale family homes are up for grabs just behind the oat-topped dunes. Keep going and Dewey Beach is an option, where sandy beach paths edge into the Coastal Highway and its mix of beer brewers and surf-turf grills.

North Shores Beach – all about the luxury

On the far side of Rehoboth Beach from Dewey is a small length of sand called North Shores Beach that not too many choose to visit. It’s just before the entrance to the Gordons Pond State Park, which means reed thickets and wetlands with rare birds are never far away. The beachfront rentals here tend to be large and sumptuous, with extra square meterage and roomy gardens with ocean-view decks.

The search for wallet-friendly bargains in Rehoboth Beach

The shutters and doors of a charming cottage are painted vibrant teal-turquoise

Leave more in the purse for East Coast crab dishes and ferry rides on the inland lagoons, surf rentals and boardwalk shopping, all by following the in-the-know hints below when you come to book Rehoboth Beach rentals.

Shoot ahead of the crowds

Cheap Rehoboth Beach rentals don’t come easy, especially not during the uber-popular summer months. This town is hailed as the Nation’s Summer Capital, which means 1000s of people will be jostling for lettings when the temperatures creep up in nearby DC. To ensure you don’t have to compete with them, booking early is absolutely key.

Skip Rehoboth beach vacation rentals on the oceanfront

Yes, vistas of the sand and rolling swells can be hard to resist, but remember that oceanfront homes in Rehoboth tend to be among the priciest. That means heading a block or two into the town from the coast is a good play for budget travelers.

Certain months mean certain high prices

The cost of Rehoboth Beach vacation rentals can go into overdrive during the summer. In fact, from June to August, average nightly rates can more than double. The upshot? The very best deals will be in winter, for sure. However, anyone banking on getting some sun can usually enjoy something affordable in May or September.