Somewhere for R&R in Sandbridge rentals

Somewhere for R&R in Sandbridge rentals

Leave behind the buzz of Virginia Beach and head south through the marshes and the swamps to laid-back little Sandbridge. It’s a resort town that’s happy to do things slowly, with most visitors to Sandbridge rentals opting for book-reading sessions on the shore, fishing days, boat tours, or golfing outings. This guide has all you need to score a top stay…

Some alluring features of Sandbridge Beach rentals

A swimming pool surrounded by a deck with red chairs in a grand home in Sandbridge

There’s a whole host of things that make Sandbridge, VA, rentals such a favorite for vacationers. The list below might only scratch the surface, but it does offer some tempting titbits that could push you to press “book”.

Extra privacy, extra romance

If you’re looking to get sandy and breathe salt breezes but don’t want to be hemmed in by high-rise condo blocks and buzzy pleasure piers, Sandbridge rentals sure do have you covered. There’s a little more space to go around down here, so most properties are bungalows or beach shacks that have their own garden. They’re perfect for getting the romance going.

A deluxe Sandbridge vacation rental

Some aspects of the most upscale Sandbridge Beach rentals can be hard to resist. How about a bubbling spa pool to dip into when the stars come out? How about a private swimming spot nestled into oat-swaying dune parks? And then you delve inside, where flat-screen TVs cover living room walls, and sumptuous primary suites are themed like New England coast lodges.

A location that’s truly impressive

While jostling for real oceanfront homes can be a task in busy Virginia Beach, it’s usually much easier in lesser-known Sandbridge. In fact, there are loads of boltholes and condos and bungalows on stilts that peer straight over the sand hills to where the white-capping rollers crash against the VA shores.

An area guide to booking Sandbridge Beach, VA rentals

A multi-story coastal lodge with a swimming pool on the side

New to Sandbridge? Use the pointers below to get a feel for the sorts of areas and neighborhoods that are on the menu. Some come with beachfront lettings, others prefer views of Shipps Bay and the national wildlife refuge.

Sandbridge Beach – long, clean, and secluded

Covering a whopping five miles along the Virginia shore, Sandbridge Beach is linked by Sandfiddler Road just a dune or two to the west of it. That’s the ticket to reaching the gorgeous lodges that offer stunning vistas of the rollers from their living rooms and decks. It’s also the place to aim for if you want to spend days surfing, swimming, and sea kayaking.

More space and luxury on the bay

The other side of Sandbridge spills into wide Shipps Bay. There’s a tad extra square meterage for the multi-story houses to spread out there. Most have grassy gardens. Some even tout big swimming pools. And there are a few that are close to boating jetties and watersports outfitters.

Sandpiper Road and Sandpiper Beach

Oddly, the southern corner of Sandbridge is home to the most built-up part of the resort. It’s here you can find the occasional condominium with a glimmering shared pool just meters from the sand. However, the major pull is in the closeness of the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. A short drive from your doorstep and you can be spotting snow geese and other birds on the Atlantic Flyway.

A great deal on Sandbridge Beach vacation rentals

A coastal bungalow in a big garden with grassy lawns

The good news is that rentals in Sandbridge are often less than their compadres up in popular Virginia Beach. But there are loads of ways you can cut the costs even further. Just check out the pointers listed below…

Consider shoulder season dates for a bargain trip

Most of the crowds hit Sandbridge Beach rentals when the sun is shining and the temperatures are up along the Virginia coast. So, that makes June, July, and August the town’s busiest periods. They are also its most expensive months, which means bargain hunters would do well to opt for jaunt in May or September, instead.

Book early, be in line for great deals

Because there’s not the same overload of Sandbridge vacation rentals as there is in the region of Virginia Beach, there’s also a limited number of potential bargains to be had. To ensure you’re the one who gets them if they do pop up, you’ll need to think about booking as early as you can.