Get booking Newport Beach rentals

Get booking Newport Beach rentals

Mosey down to the OC shores to keep the company of surfers, A-listers, and sun worshippers. A mega eight miles of wave-washed beachfront goes from the gnarly breaks of the Wedge to the largest recreational marina in all of California here, pitting slick cafés against salty longboard emporiums. Amid the collection are all sorts of intriguing Newport Beach rentals, from colorful Balboa cottages to five-star condos on the Corona del Mar.

Be taken by amazing features in Newport Beach rentals

A row of elegant coast homes with flat roofs stands right on the sands

There’s loads that make Newport Beach vacation rentals stand out from the crowd. Yes, there’s that enticing locale, wedged between roaring waves, glowing honey-hued beaches, and some of the most stylish shopping precincts in the country. But a few other titbits also help…

Stunning oceanfront spots

If you’ve got the cash to splash, you can prepare to be wowed by the eye-watering broadside views that come with a whole host of vacation rentals in Newport Beach, CA. From the condos of the Balboa Peninsula to the millionaire villas of del Mar, you can pick places that fling open patio doors to reveal 180-degree visions of the frothing Pacific and its golden sands.

Offbeat styles you didn’t expect

You only need to hop on the ferry across to Balboa Island to feel in a totally different world than the celebrity-stalked boulevards of Newport Beach. That little town within a town is a land of kitschy boutiques and Victorian cottages. It’s the place to go if you like your beach homes colorful, curious, and a little left of field.

Score yourself a swimming pool

Love swimming but hate the salt and froth of the ocean? That won’t be a problem if you cruise into one of the more luxurious vacation rentals in Newport Beach, CA. Loads of those have their own place to take a dip. The most glorious of them are infinity pools that gaze to the ocean. The most common are shared pools in larger complexes of villas.

A neighborhood guide – know your way around Newport Beach

A balcony with outdoor furniture looks out at the Pacific Ocean

Newport Beach isn’t really a single place. Ask any local – they’ll tell you how Balboa Island, wacky and wild, is nothing like elegant Corona del Mar, where minimalist villas stalk the cliffs. Use the guide below to zero in on the area you think suits you the best…

Balboa Peninsula – classic Californian beach living

Three miles of clean sand and ocean surf runs the length of the Balboa Peninsula, which also packs in the rattling rides of the Balboa Fun Park, a rickety fishing pier, gaming arcades, and more eat-in seafood bistros than you can shake a swordfish at – but don’t do that. The area’s got something for everyone, in both entertainment and in terms of rentals.

Get arty over on Balboa Island

The strange and outlandish brother of Newport Beach is Balboa Island. Head here and your trip will become a series of art walks through avant-garde galleries, gorging sessions in craft bakeries, speedboating through narrow waterways – the list goes on. As far as Newport Beach rentals go, the options here can be pricy, but boy do they ooze character.

Southern California a-calling in Corona del Mar

Spread between the duo of beaches known as Big Corona and Little Corona, CdM – as it’s known to the natives – is all about living the SoCal high life. There are rollers made famous by the Duke himself on the shoreline, before bluffs rise in districts of Bauhaus villas and West Coast cottages with swimming pools. Expect to live it up amid the sunset cocktail bars, the yoga studios, and buzzy promenades of this one.

Securing bargain stays in Newport Beach vacation rentals

A charming yellow-painted beach house with an outdoor area

It’s no secret that Newport Beach rentals aren’t the cheapest in the country. They sit in a much-loved corner of the OC, and enjoy stunning views of the Pacific, after all. However, there are some ways you can chase the best bargains, just as the pointers below reveal…

Booking early can make all the difference

There’s whopping great big demand for vacation rentals in Newport Beach, CA, particularly if you’re pining after one overlooking the Wedge or Little Corona beach. To ensure you’re not beat out by someone jostling for a deal, get a-searching early and snap up a bargain as soon as you see it.

Perhaps you can dodge the summer

Ignore the Beach Boys and their surfing ditties – you don’t have to hit the Californian coast in the summertime to catch amazing rays and waves. You can come in fall to find hot weather, fewer crowds, and way lower rental rates than were offered in July and August.

Head away from the beachfront

Everyone wants that Newport Beach rental gazing down the soft sands of Balboa Peninsula. Unfortunately, a pad on the Pacific Ocean will usually cost a whole lot more, which means breaking away to the urban blocks a little behind can work wonders for the budget.