Virginia Beach oceanfront rentals – right by the boardwalk

Virginia Beach oceanfront rentals – right by the boardwalk

There’s simply no better way to ensure the energy and action of the boardwalk is right on the doorstep than by picking a Virginia Beach oceanfront rental. Stacked in high condo blocks with stunning views of the Atlantic, or peppering the peripheries of town near the First Landing, it doesn’t matter – they are the front-row stays that promise to make it just you, the ocean, and the salt-filled breezes. This guide aims to help you find the perfect one, in the perfect place, for the perfect price.

The various types of Virginia Beach rental

Virginia beach condo with ocean view

So, you’re set on scoring a Virginia Beach vacation rental on the oceanfront? Good choice. You will need to think about precisely what sort of rental that’s going to be. From whole homes to compact condos, there’s myriad to consider…

Condominiums for the win

The condo is almost certainly the most popular type of vacation home rental on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. That’s not just because of their smaller size, letting them be stacked together or joined in complexes steps from the boardwalk. It’s also because they are a favorite of families regardless, touting communal facilities like swimming pools and playgrounds.

Your oceanfront studio in Virginia Beach

A studio is an apartment that’s got everything you could possibly need for a beach escape packed into a single room. Fitted kitchens, living areas, flat-screen TV, double bed – it’s all there, in the same space. The bonus of these is that you get amazing views of the ocean all the time, whether you’re laying in bed or prepping breakfast.

Family cottages and houses

Bringing the crew to VA’s sparkling shoreline this summer? You might want to zero in on the larger homes that have multiple bedrooms. They often have the capacity to sleep more than five, but some even bigger mansions beckon groups of 17, 18, or more. Of course, there’s oodles extra square footage to go around here. And that means larger yards, decks, and kitchens, too.

If you do opt for a family escape, check out our guide to the the top kids’ activities in Virginia Beach.

Your Virginia Beach area guide

sand bridge vacation rental in Virginia beach

Let’s whisk away to Virginia Beach. It’s time to rumble up the boardwalk and explore the reserves of the First Landing, all with the aim of whittling down the districts to find the one you’re sure to love on your coastal getaway.

The Boardwalk – the electrifying middle of town

This is what the 1000s of year-on-year returnees come for. Clocking up 28 feet in width and over three miles in length, it’s one long montage of Coney Island-inspired fun. See the statue of King Neptune. Dine in sizzling seafood grills. Strut down the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. Party by the 5th Street stage. And while you plan all that? Don’t worry – this place is brimming with Virginia Beach oceanfront rental options.

Sleepy Sandbridge

Looking for a hideaway? Sandbridge is a doozy. The legendary boardwalk of VB is just to the north, within driving distance. Only here, south with the undulating dune parks and emptier sand stretches, you get to pick lonely lodges, cute bungalows, and large family homes that aren’t interrupted by carousels and cotton-candy stalls.

Around the First Landing State Park

A whopping 2,888 acres of protected reserve helps to ensure that any Virginia Beach oceanfront rentals in the vicinity of the First Landing State Park are engulfed by wilder nature than their compadres by the boardwalk. Tufts of sea grass mark the dunes, while tall beeches rise by trails further inland. It’s a fine place to explore, and also trace the history of the first ever English settlers in the country – they landed at the spot way back in 1607.

Cheap Virginia Beach vacation rentals on the oceanfront

vacation house rental in Virginia beach

There’s no reason you should have to fork out loads for that pad by the gulls and boardwalk. The pointers below are all about cutting costs. They can leave more in the budget for water sports and bouts of seafood, helping you use less for that home away from home.

Book fast – VB is in demand

Be warned – if there’s a great deal offered in any oceanfront rentals in Virginia Beach, VA, it won’t be available for very long. This is one of the most-visited beach destinations on the East Coast, after all. So, if you see a wallet-friendly bargain, snap it up.

Book early – VB is popular

Families, couples, history buffs, spring breakers – there’s no end to the types of traveler that have Virginia Beach on their radar. To ensure you don’t have to compete with all of them when you come to book that special Virginia Beach oceanfront vacation rental, try to get it arranged long before you jet off to the Atlantic.

Boardwalk stays are prized

The main promenade along the beachfront is the place to be in Virginia Beach. That cranks up the cost of condos and stays in the area, meaning budget hunters might do well to venture further afield, perhaps to Sandbridge or the First Landing to the south and north.