All about booking Virginia Beach rentals

All about booking Virginia Beach rentals

Let the good times roll down where Chesapeake Bay opens to meet the wide Atlantic Ocean. That’s where Virginia Beach rentals have been hosting vacationers for decades. They come for the buzz of the boardwalk, for the hedonistic spring break scene, for the family fun and the amusement parks. Top it all off with a little captivating bout of colonial history and viola – this could just be the perfect spot for you this summer.

Tempting features of Virginia Beach vacation rentals

A block of condos overlook a swimming pool and patio by the golden beach and waves

The allure of Virginia Beach rentals isn’t just in where they sit. The much-vaunted promenades and pristine Atlantic sands aside, they can also get the wanderlust a-going with a range of facilities and amenities, from private pools to back doors that open to face the swells.

Your place with its own pool

Don’t worry – Virginia Beach vacation rentals with a pool are everywhere. The only decision you’ll need to make is precisely what sort of pool you’re after. Will it be a lively swimming spot that’s frequented by other families, a kid-friendly splash pool with its own whizzing slide, or something a little more refined – private cottages with outdoor hot tubs or deluxe villas with covered pools are all available.

A sought-after beachfront location

It’s the same old story with the front-row properties in Virginia Beach. The homes that face the Atlantic and the sands often cost more. But they do mean breakfasts overlooking the waves and evening BBQs with stunning sunsets. As a cheaper alternative, you might consider heading for the Chesapeake side of town, where beach-views are swapped for cottages on the wetlands and sleepy inlets.

Condominium rentals abound in Virginia Beach

Condos remain one of the most popular types of accommodation choice in Virginia Beach, especially if you’re focusing your search on the vibrant quarters of the Boardwalk. They’re great because they pack in all the modern conveniences you’re used to – self-catering kitchens, comfy bedrooms, big living rooms. But they also boast extras, in the form of shared playgrounds, communal pools, and game rooms.

Your guide to VB’s happening neighborhoods

A boardwalk leads to a little brick house on an island near First Landing

If you’re a first-timer in Virginia Beach and don’t quite know what area of town’s got the buzz you’re going to like the most, the pointers below can offer a helping hand. They range from the Boardwalk to beyond, all in search of the city’s hottest districts.

Just steps from the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

The most iconic strip in the beach town is the Boardwalk. Running south from 40th street, it’s a wide promenade of clicking bicycles and gliding rollerbladers, all capped off with the famous statue of Neptune. Al fresco bars and restaurants add to the atmosphere, and there’s a collection of stylish oceanfront apartments for rent in the blocks behind.

First Landing State Park – calling all history buffs

If you like a side of history with your fun-filled beach vacays, then the area around the First Landing to the north of the Boardwalk could be a doozy. It marks the spot where a ship carrying English settlers pulled up in the early 17th-century, but it’s also awash with beautiful wetlands, marshes, babbling creeks, and rare bird species.

Something different over with Buckroe Beach rentals

A mere 40 minutes’ drive across the mouth of Chesapeake Bay and the James River can bring you to the more low-key resort of Buckroe Beach. Protected by lifeguards and backed by grills, play areas, and picnic tables, it’s a fine place to retreat to with the family when you’re done with the energy of the Boardwalk.

How to get cheap beach rentals in Virginia Beach

A cute little cottage sits behind a leaf-strewn lawn near Virginia Beach

Everyone likes to cut the cost of a jaunt to the ocean. But it’s all the more important when you’re thinking of breaking away to Virginia Beach rentals, which put you on the doorstep of whale-watching outings, dolphin-spotting boat tours, tasty crab shacks, and surfing schools.

Booking early means beating the rush

Virginia Beach remains the single most popular resort town in the Old Dominion state. As soon as spring break swings around, 1,000s of people start jostling for the most sought-after oceanfront pads and places to stay. To ensure you get the pick of the good deals, start looking early, before everything sells out.

Seasonal spikes mean higher rates

Timing is everything when it comes to scoring bargain vacation rentals in VA Beach. The average cost of a single night here lurches skywards in June, July, and August, for example. And college breaks in March mean paying more. The bargain periods typically come in September and October, when you might have the odd rain shower, but rates will certainly be less.

Look further afield

It’s also worth remembering that a condo on the Boardwalk isn’t your only option in these parts. Cruise northwards and you can find a whole medley of alluring resorts around the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, where Norfolk, Cape Charles, and Buckroe Beach rentals could all offer more bang for your buck.