R&R courtesy of Aruba timeshare rentals and vacay homes

R&R courtesy of Aruba timeshare rentals and vacay homes

There are stacks of reasons why Aruba is up there with the most-visited of Caribbean islands. Just scratching the surface, how does reliable year-round sun, beaches of blinding-white sand, and an intriguing hinterland of jungled hills and cacti groves sound? And on top of that, you can add in glorious Dutch architecture in Oranjestad, chic shopping, and a whole hammock full of Aruba timeshare rentals and villas that’ll have you sighing with delight.

Alluring types of Aruba vacation rentals

A curvy swimming pool in a paved yard by a luxury villa in Aruba

To start unearthing precisely what sort of home away from home you want in the glorious A of the ABCs, let’s delve into the mix of different Aruba rentals there are to pick from. You shouldn’t be disappointed, with some offering downright luxury and pampering.

Aruba villa rentals you won’t forget

Touting private swimming pools in gardens that bloom with bougainvillea and orchids, sumptuous design features, and plenty of space for you and your crew, Aruba villa rentals remain a sure way to score luxury in the Caribbean. Some of the best will even combine all of the above with stunning views of the beaches and lagoons.

A vacay pad with its own chef

If you want everything done for you while you concentrate on bronzing your bod and dusting off that novel, there are ways you can secure Aruba timeshare rentals and other types of houses that come with their own chef. You can request any cuisine you like, but there’s a lot to be said for sticking to the local stuff – think sweet banana cakes and uber-fresh seafood cuts straight off the grill.

Aruba beachfront vacation rentals

Prepare to be wowed by the sight of some of Aruba’s most sought-after accommodations. Straddling the dusty hills behind beaches so white you’ll need to have the sunnies on to see them properly, they are the ones that put morning swims in coral-filled bays at the top of the menu. Options around Eagle Beach come in particularly high demand.

An area guide to the island of Aruba

A stunning luxury villa in Aruba at sunset, with deck chairs and a swimming pool in its grounds

Don’t just rush in and book that Aruba vacation rental. There are lots of bays and beaches, towns and resorts to consider before you do that. The list below offers just a glimpse at some of the most popular to get you started.

Malmok Beach is perfect for snorkelers and sailors

You could charter a catamaran and skim out to explore the endless montage of craggy coves and inlets, hidden lagoons and caves that fringes the northern coast of Aruba around Malmok Beach. Alternatively, there are Carib shacks and cabanas lining the shore. They are handsome Aruba beachfront vacation rentals with direct access to white-tinted sands and golf courses.

Oranjestad – the capital city

Oranjestad is the place to base yourself if you want to feel the energy of old Aruba. The streets are a lesson in contradictions, with flamboyant Dutch-colonial architecture peering over boutique fashion malls. Down by the marina, the vibe becomes more Monte Carlo than Caribbean, with hulking cruise ships pouring into ports laden with casinos and beer bars.

Baby Beach is a top pick for families

Anyone lucky enough to have booked an Aruba timeshare rental down by the big arc of ivory-hued sand that is Baby Beach can get ready to visit what’s hailed as one of the island’s best family escapes. The whole bay has a very shallow bottom and a protecting ring of reefs, meaning it’s easy-going on the swimmers and snorkelers.

Quintessential tropics at Eagle Beach

Some say Eagle Beach is the single best beach in the region. You can make up your own mind by booking one of the coveted Aruba rentals that pepper the palm groves just behind. But just to get you primed – this is entirely white sand, turquoise water, and pockets of resplendent coral gardens.

Keeping the budget when booking Aruba

A swimming pool surrounded by terracotta tiles and sunbeds in Aruba

You might think that Aruba vacation rentals would be up there with the priciest of all in the Caribbean, what with their soaring popularity. However, there are ways you can whittle down the cost and zero in on wallet-friendly stays. Check it out…

Always book far in advance of travel

You should try to secure your Aruba villa rental long before you jet off to the ABCs. That’s because good deals in this part of the world don’t tend to last, and you can guarantee that another lucky traveler will snap up the place you want if you don’t go for it.

Skip certain times of the year

One of the most alluring things about Aruba is the steady climate, which means temperatures in the 80s and reliable sun from December to December. The upshot? There’s no need to jostle for deals with the crowds that come at Christmas, over spring break, or the summer. Instead, you’re free to enjoy all the low-cost deals of May, October, and November.