From beach houses in Ocean City to beach houses in Poipu

From beach houses in Ocean City to beach houses in Poipu

If you’re searching for inspiration on where next to hit the coast, this guide to vacation rentals right by the waves should have you covered. It ranges from Maine to California and even over to the Aloha State in search of the very best beach houses in Ocean City and the cream of beach houses in Poipu, stopping by more off-radar shores and beautiful coastal haunts in between.

Alluring beach house rentals in CT

The beaches of Connecticut have all sorts of sides to them. Eager for a glimpse of wave-bashed boulders and shell-speckled sand dunes? A remote getaway near Hammonasset Beach Park or lesser-known Clinton Town could be what’s needed. That said, there are way more beach house rentals in CT to choose from in spots like Ocean Beach Park and Fairfield, where swimming areas and surf patrols make the shore better for the little ones.

Pacific Northwest breaks to beach houses in Seattle

A view of the sound around Seattle from the famous Space Needle

Beach houses in Seattle are a far cry from the Caribbean-style cabanas of the Florida Keys, that’s for sure. These hearty Washington retreats spill down into the Puget Sound to offer sweeping panoramas of whale-spurting bays. In the other direction, they look over the glacier-capped peaks of the Olympic Mountains, so just be sure to have the camera at hand.

Atlantic waves by beach houses in Ocean City

Rattling roller-coaster rides and scream-inducing slides erupt on the pleasure pier of Ocean City, while beer-sloshing bars draw Spring Breakers and summertime revelers by the bucket load. Welcome to Maryland’s happy-go-lucky land by the sea. Bearing in mind the parties, you might want to book beach houses in Ocean City as early as you can for trips in March, June, July, and August.

A New England beach house to remember

Jaunts to the oceanside aren’t always about pristine waves and sun-warmed sands. States like Maine and Massachusetts are testimony to that. They host stacks of enamoring little numbers along their cliffs and coves, with Cape Cod and Saco Bay south of Portland drawing the biggest crowds. Look out for New England beach houses with a romantic and traditional feel to them – think nautical furnishings, big decks, and breezy porches with coastal views.

Unwind in a beach house in Poipu

Ready the hibiscus garlands and hula skirts, because a beach house in Poipu is a ticket to the Aloha State. Granted, you’ll need to make the 2,500-mile hop from California to Hawaii to discover these, but it sure is worth it. For starters, you’ll be staying just a stone’s throw from the acclaimed Poipu Beach Park, home to vibrant reefs filled with tropical fish. And there are crashing surf breaks on the outer reefs for daring adventure travelers to conquer.

Carolinian charms in Corolla beach house rentals

 Beach houses run the length of a North Carolinian barrier island

Two words can sum up the beaches in Corolla, – wide and long. Fronted by big mansions with long histories going back to the days of the oyster industry, this gateway to the much-praised Outer Banks region is peppered with plenty of deluxe escapes, many of which will open their back doors straight onto the Atlantic Ocean.

Get your beach house in Bradenton for Florida rays

Located on the south end of wide Tampa Bay, this city is the cap of one seriously breathtaking coastal stretch. A land of manatees and mangroves spreads out from beach houses in Bradenton, from where you can easily hop to the quartz-crystal stretches of Siesta Key or case out the lovely vibes of Gulf-side Sarasota.

Your Atlantic City beach house

An oceanfront complex in Brigantine just north-east of Atlantic City

Atlantic City beach houses have been in high demand since the Jersey Shore first became a popular place to soak up some rays on the East Coast. That means they’ve been in high demand since at least the 1920s, when the AC boardwalk bustled with life. These days, it’s still about munching salt-water taffy and strolling the wooden walkway, but there’s also a hedonistic dash of casino gaming thrown in for good measure.