Discovering beach house rentals in Oregon

Discovering beach house rentals in Oregon

When most people think of a West Coast beach holiday, it’s the palm-topped reaches of Malibu and San Diego that spring to mind. But further north along the Pacific Coast Highway there are other treasures waiting across the state border. Cue beach house rentals in Oregon, which clutch sheer-carved cliffs and cast their gaze out to whale-splashing ocean currents.

A cross section of beach house rentals in Oregon

A wide shot of Cannon Beach with Haystack Rock in the distance

Use this introduction to the styles and types of beach house rentals in Oregon to get a feel for what’s on offer in the Beaver State.

Oregon Coast beach house rentals for large groups

Looking to share that adventure of whale-watching and cliff hiking with a group of friends? There are plenty of oversized beach house rentals in Oregon that can cater to bigger expeditions to the West Coast. They come with extra bedrooms, larger living rooms, and self-catering kitchens. The extension spills outside, too, where you’ll find big gardens and BBQ-ready decks.

Pet-friendly beach house rentals in Oregon

There are more dog-friendly beaches stringing along the Oregon Coast than you can shake a tasty bone at, so it would be a shame to have to leave your four-legged pal back in the house for that vacation. That’s where pet-friendly rental homes come into the frame. They might charge a little extra for hosting a tail-wagging guest, but it’s usually a simple fee that’s calculated per animal, per stay.

Luxurious Oregon rentals by the ocean

Creature comforts don’t have to go by the wayside when you roam out to the wild West Coast. In fact, Oregon’s got plenty of beach-view vacation homes that’ll leave you feeling like a bona fide A-lister. They are the pads with steaming hot tubs and walk-in showers, panoramic patios with flaming BBQ grills, and sumptuous interiors infused with real stone and wood.

Hot spots for beach house rentals in Oregon

A pinnacle-like rock emerges from a wet beach on the dramatic Oregon Coast

From the Klamath National Forest to the borders of Washington state, Oregon’s run of coast covers a long and fantastical section of the Pacific. Carved by rock stacks and gushing rivers, it’s also got a few family-fun resorts a la Coney Island.

Lincoln City beach house rentals

There are a few great things about Lincoln City beach house rentals. They’re accessible, straddling the famous 101 right in the heart of Oregon’s coastline. Some cling to sandy hills right by a seven-mile run of gorgeous Pacific sand. And they are within striking distance of the Spyglass Ridge Open Space, where hiking paths reveal breathtaking lookouts.

Seaside – where family fun awaits

Seaside is like Oregon’s answer to Myrtle Beach. An unusually vibrant hubbub of concession stands and vaudeville theatre on the wave-bashed West Coast, it’s packed with some of the most family-friendly beach house rentals in Oregon. Head down to discover clifftop homes with big gardens and affordable condos close to the promenade.

Cannon Beach house rentals

You’re sure to draw a gasp the first time you stroll onto Cannon Beach – and all the other times after, for that matter. This place sums up the drama and sublime nature of the Pacific Northwest in grand style. Great rocks emerge from its sands like arrowheads slung by giants. There are tide pools filled with curious creatures. And the surrounding hills frame the town in redwood groves and woodland.

How to get cheap trips to the Oregon coast

A cozy Oregon cottage with wooden walls and blue-painted door

Rejuvenating jaunts to the Pacific Ocean, whale-watching hikes, and shots of iconic Haystack Rock don’t have to break the bank. There are lots of ways to cut down the cost of Oregon Coast beach house rentals – just look below.

Going last-minute to beach house rentals in Oregon

Being flexible and ready to jet off to Oregon’s shores means you can make the most of any last-minute deals that might pop up. It’s especially common for rates in cottages and homes to drop outside of the main summer season, when they otherwise could go empty.

Consider long-term rentals

If you’ve got a little extra time away from the office to spend exploring the Coast Ranges and the whale-splashing coves of Oregon, you could consider a long-term rental. There can be some enticing reductions for stays of over 30 days – think up to even 50% off in some cases.

Out-of-season beach house rentals in Oregon

If you like your cliff walks bracing and your coastline untamed, a beach house rental in Oregon during the stormy winter months might be up your alley. Of course, December and January are hardly times to lay the towel down and sunbathe, but Cannon Beach and beyond is sure to look wilder than ever, while rates can be just a fraction of what they are in summer.