The fun of beach house rentals in SC

The fun of beach house rentals in SC

Hopping from fun-filled Myrtle Beach to the historic Isle of Palms, this guide to beach house rentals in SC offers up plenty of inspiration and information for anyone eyeballing the Carolinian coast for their next vacation.

Beach house rentals in SC – Myrtle Beach

A vibrant view of palm gardens and sands from a Myrtle Beach vacation rental

Because it’s long been the go-to ocean escape of choice in South Carolina, and one of the most popular stretches of shoreline on the whole East Coast of the US, the fun-loving resort of Myrtle Beach is surely worth a special mention. The hints and tips below reveal some of the best areas of town to seek out your beach houses in South Carolina.

Cherry Grove Beach house rentals

Cherry Grove Beach is a place to unfold the deck chair and watch the world go by. It’s located at the quieter northern end of the Grand Strand, where the streets are peppered with pretty family homes for rent. Down by the shore, there are quaint cottages with timber gables and porches that spill onto the dunes, some even touting views of the rickety 1950s fishing pier.

Life around the boardwalk

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is the pulsating epicenter of the whole Grand Strand. It’s not only bursting with sleek condos and apartment rentals, but also has the mind-boggling exhibits of a Ripley’s Believe it or Not, ad hoc summertime music festivals to get the hips shaking to Southern jazz, and endless gastronomy – think pizza pies next to Philly cheesesteaks next to gumbo stews.

Surfside for days on the waves

Head to Surfside in South Myrtle Beach to try out your sea legs. The waves peak here to a couple of feet on swell days, so it’s a fine place to grab a board and wetsuit and start practicing the pop-up. There’s also a distinct family feel, with hearty eateries flipping burgers and clean sands running the whole shoreline.

Other destinations with beach house rentals in SC

Houses fringe the beach in Edisto, with palm trees and a sunset light

South Carolina’s shoreline extends well past the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach. It might be hard to leave behind that 60-mile arc of stunning beachfront, but sometimes it’s just what you need to do to discover all the other enchanting beach house rentals in SC.

Edisto Beach house rentals

On a stretch of the SC coast that’s managed – miraculously, considering how stunning it is – to stay relatively free of large-scale hotel resorts, Edisto Beach house rentals are tailor-made for spending quality time with loved ones. They’re homey and hearty, with decks that lead straight to shell-speckled sands or misty waterways filled with intriguing wildlife.

Pawleys Island – curious coastal escapes

A walk through a Moorish palace, historic districts brimming with Caribbean casas and chimney topped mansions, and endless swaths of rolling sand dunes all combine to make Pawleys Island something of a quirkier SC escape. It’s got plenty of vacation homes to go around, many of which come steeped in hearty Southern styles and with waterfront views.

Isle of Palms – hop out of Charleston

Once you’re done with haunting ghost walks and the visions of handsome Antebellum mansions that abound in historic Charleston, perhaps an Isle of Palms jaunt is in order? It’s just 12 miles along the coast from the age-old city, with plush South Carolina beach house rentals on the oceanfront and by its bustling pier district alike.

The perks of South Carolina beach house rentals

A stunning oceanfront location of a condo balcony overlooking Myrtle Beach's Grand Strand

So, what is it that makes South Carolina beach house rentals so darn fantastic? Well, there’s the charming Southern character – wooden decks, Victorian lounges, a touch of Colonial history. There’s the location right by the salt-spraying Atlantic Ocean. There’s the family vibes and the buzz of the nearby boardwalk. We could go on.

South Carolina beach house rentals on the oceanfront

Breathe deep. Stretch the legs. Don the wetsuit. You often won’t need to venture far from your bedroom to be treading the sands of South Carolina. That’s because oodles of shore-side lodgings here come with a perch that’s literally steps from the ocean.

Al fresco living around beach house rentals in SC

Whether it’s a compact condo balcony lofted above the SkyWheel of Myrtle Beach or a sprawling mansion garden that mingles with the palm groves of Edisto, you can rest assured that many a vacation pad in SC will make the most of its coastal setting with an alluring outdoor space.

A dash of luxury

You might arrive in your beach house rental in SC feeling stressed, but you can rest assured that you’ll leave invigorated by the rejuvenating airs of the Atlantic Ocean. That’s not the only thing that can help you unwind, though. The plushest oceanfront houses in the state can be downright opulent, with bubbling spa tubs, swimming pools, and more.