A look at Corpus Christi beach house rentals

A look at Corpus Christi beach house rentals

Over 220 days of sun and reliable year-round temperatures combine with vibrant bayfront parks and long sandy beaches to elevate this balmy city on the Gulf Coast to the status of a summer jewel. That’s where Corpus Christi beach house rentals come in, offering a gateway to some of the most celebrated shores and rolling seas in the whole Lone Star State. Looking to book? This guide has you covered.

The range of Corpus Christi beach houses

The stunning beaches around Port Aransas, United States

Choosing the right Corpus Christi beach house means pinpointing a pad that’s got all the features for you. Perhaps you’re after a large-scale rental for your Spring Break pals? Maybe you need somewhere for your pup to check-in, too? Let’s see.

Pet-friendly beach house rentals in Corpus Christi

Want to share that break to Texan shores with your four-legged compadre? That shouldn’t be a problem. There’s a smattering of beach homes in these parts that will welcome the canine, and some will even have little gardens for your floppy-eared friend to enjoy in their own time. Just remember that dogs will often need to be on the leash along the barrier island sands that fringe the city.

Family beach houses in Corpus Christi

Wholesome vacations with the whole troop are possible in Corpus Christi’s beachfront homes. That’s because oodles of the ocean-view rentals on offer here come with multiple bedrooms, meaning they can sleep up to 8 or more at any time. Add on self-catering kitchens, wave-side deck spaces, BBQs, and even private gardens – then it’s easy to see how you can discover your own Texan family home away from home.

Corpus Christi beach houses for large groups

To share cold beers by the Gulf of Mexico with all your beach-going buddies, a Corpus Christi beach house with a little extra capacity might be needed. Cue the vacation rentals with room enough for parties of 11, 14, and even as many as 16. You’ll get options with oversized kitchens, sprawling dining areas, big living rooms, and more.

Where to find your Corpus Christi beach house

A pelican waits on the quaysides of Corpus Christi, Texas

Of course, if you’re after a taste of the Texan coast, you won’t want to be stuck between the conference centers and parks of central Corpus Christi. You’ll want to be out where the waves roll in, waking to the sound of the swells crashing and seagulls chirping. That’s what the areas listed below have up their sleeve.

A place for the crew at Magee Beach

Head a little north along Mustang Island to Port Aransas and you’ll come to the powdery sands of the IB Magee Beach Park. It’s clean and awash with sunbathers and beachcombers from May to August, not to mention surrounded by some of the top-rated family Corpus Christi beach houses of all – those with extra sleeping quarters and more square footage.

The sands of Mustang Island

Cruise up TX-361 and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the flatlands of Mustang Island. It’s dressed in windblown grass meadows and has a peppering of lonely Corpus Christi beach houses that stand a stone’s throw back from the Gulf of Mexico. This is the area to look to for wilder, more secluded escapes by the Lone Star coast.

Buzzy Burleson Beach Park

The closest place to the center of the city to find your own Corpus Christi beach house is along the brown-tinted sands of Burleson Park. A real urban escape, the neighborhood has bicycle tracks and seafood eateries with some tasty Cajun creations on the menu. It’s also right by the immersive military history exhibits of the USS Lexington warship.

Getting bargain Corpus Christi beach houses

Cars line the sands of Corpus Christi, Texas, come sunset

If you’re trying to keep as many dollars as you can for the shrimp gumbos and Cajun delights, consider the following three tips for lowering the cost of that trip to Corpus Christi beach houses.

Corpus Christi beach house rentals in fall

Locals might not want to share the secret of Corpus Christi in the fall, otherwise everyone would be coming to enjoy the calm bay waters and sultry evenings. September and October are also times of year when rental rates tend to dip, so it’s the prime vacationing period for those on a tighter budget.

Widen your search outside of town

Remember that the areas in the heart of Corpus Christi, along North Beach and Burleson Park, are just a taster of the glorious beaches on offer in this part of the Lone Star State. To get even more options that could prove easier on the wallet, it can pay to widen your accommodation search to Mustang Island and beyond.

Try to book well in advance

Corpus Christi is a living city, not a dedicated beach resort. That means there’s a limited number of Corpus Christi beach house rentals on the menu, especially compared to out-and-out vacation destinations like Galveston. One thing to note about that is the lowest rates often sell out fast, so you’ll want to secure your pad as early as you can, particularly if you’re looking to bathe in the Gulf of Mexico come summer.