All about Galveston beach house rentals

All about Galveston beach house rentals

Join the 1000s of Houston locals who flock to fun-loving Galveston beach house rentals each summer by snagging your own pad overlooking the beige-tinted sands of this much-loved resort destination. The beaches might not be the most shimmering on the Gulf Coast and the seas not the clearest, but a place by the ocean here promises to be a stepping stone to Moody Gardens, the Victorian-era Strand district and Pleasure Pier, the gushing slides of the Schlitterbahn waterpark – the list goes on.

Galveston beach house varieties

A handsome historic home in Galveston

There are oodles of individual vacation rentals on Galveston Island, with a whole host of those offering front-row seats overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Beyond the location of your chosen home, there’s also plenty of other things to consider, whether that’s your level of luxury, the space that’s required, or the extras it’s possible to find along Galveston’s shores.

Galveston beach house rentals with a private pool

Because the beaches of Galveston aren’t all pristine white powder and turquoise shore waters, it’s actually quite common to find beach houses in these parts with access to their own pool. Some will be shared, but the most opulent of all could even have a swimming spot that’s totally private.

Condominium-style beach houses in Galveston

Galveston is brimming with condo rentals and apartments in complexes. These can be among some of the most affordable and cheap Galveston beach house rentals of all, though that might not account for the enticing extras you can score – think shared swimming pools, gym facilities, games rooms, and sunning terraces galore.

Luxurious beach houses in Galveston

Money not an object? There’s a smattering of Galveston beach house rentals that reward those who are after something extra special with, well…something extra special. They are the homes where gleaming interiors come packed with flat-screen TVs and marble-clad kitchen spaces spill onto ocean-view balconies. Some could even tout a steaming hot tub for good measure.

Something for the family in Galveston beach houses

Coming with the kids in tow? That’s cool. Galveston’s brick-fronted Victorian mansions and Antebellum villas are sure to delight, while Moody Gardens and the speedy slides of Schlitterbahn can keep up the entertainment side of things. Rental wise, there are lots of homes that can cater to the complete crew, offering fully equipped kitchens, large living spaces, and several bedrooms in the same unit.

Tips to get cheap Galveston beach house rentals

Galveston beach at sunrise with the Pleasure Pier silhouetted by some dunes

There are more heart-thumping rides, cotton candy stalls, carousels, enthralling Texan museums, and daytrip opportunities in Galveston than you can imagine, which means there’s always a good reason to try and keep the cost of accommodation low. The tips here offer some good suggestions on how to do just that.

Summertime isn’t the only time

It’s no secret that Galveston hits its peak during the summer. When the Southern sun cooks the sands and the Pleasure Pier packs out to bursting, the city has the vibe of a classic family escape. But it’s not the only time to visit. Spring boasts the Galveston Island Jazz & Blues Festival, with twangy guitar maestros and double basses rocking the streets. Fall, meanwhile, tends to have balmy days with less humidity. The upshot? Months like March, May, and September could offer a balance between good vibes and lower rates.

Head outside of the buzzy center

If you’re willing to make a longer trek to the Pleasure Pier and the famous crab shacks and entertainment outlets by the Galveston Seawall, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy lower rates. That’s the prize for straying away from the vibrant middle of this historic town.

Book Galveston beach house rentals early

Galveston is a veritable magnet for the city slickers of Houston and south Texas when the sun starts a-shining. So, if you’re hoping to book the very best bargains of all, you won’t want to hang around until the last-minute crowd start searching. Instead, try to get in as early as you can and secure the cheapest beach pads while they’re still available.

Two main areas for Galveston beach house rentals

The famous Pleasure Pier in Galveston

When it comes to getting beach houses in Galveston right on the shore, there are really only two parts of town that matter. Check below to see which one you think will suit your style of vacationing the best.

The Seawall Boulevard

The home of the iconic Pleasure Pier and the longest stretches of the main beach, electrifying Seawall Blvd is where most people go to seek out beach houses in Galveston. It’s within walking distance of the Strand Historic District – around 20 minutes to the north – and the lively rows of surf-and-turf eateries just west of Menard Park.

Apffel Park and East Beach

The eastern end of Seawall Blvd breaks off into the area of Apffel Park, which, in turn, soon becomes East Beach, where wetlands and birding habitats meet at the entrance to Galveston Bay. The result is a part of town that’s noticeably quieter than the boardwalk and pier, with condos that have serene views of the Gulf of Mexico and, often, access to their own pool.