A guide to finding a beach house in Hermosa Beach

A guide to finding a beach house in Hermosa Beach

The energy of this salt-washed corner of Los Angeles is undeniable. During the spring and summer, the sands here come alive with bouncing volleyballs and joggers, while folk tan themselves on the sparkling shoreline and others do battle with the Pacific waves. On the boulevards just behind, you can also discover organic farmer’s markets and splashing water parks for the little ones. The upshot? A beach house in Hermosa Beach might just have that West Coast R&R you’ve been searching for.

Great Hermosa Beach neighborhoods to find your beach house

A surfer rides the waves underneath Hermosa Pier

Hermosa Beach isn’t huge, but then it’s not too small, either. That means it’s a good idea to have a feel for where the best and most buzzing areas are before you get stuck into the search for the perfect Hermosa beach house in earnest.

A Hermosa beach house near the pier

Sleek condos and family villas with a Mexicana vibe all crowd around the end of Hermosa Pier. Rent one of them and you might just be able to spy out board-ready surfers heading for the swells each morning from your bedroom window. You’ll also be surrounded by sizzling surf-and-turf kitchens, cool skate shops, and welcoming local BBQ joints with seats that look across the Pacific.

Life on the lively Strand

The Strand is the long pedestrian path that links all the of the so-called Beach Cities of Los Angeles. It’s, simply put, the place to be if you like to wake to visions of roaring Pacific Ocean swells and rollerbladers whizzing this way and that. It’s riddled with Hermosa Beach houses of all sorts, whether you want to watch the volleyball matches from your private balcony or bag a Spanish-style villa with a steaming hot tub in the blocks just behind.

Step down to nearby Redondo Beach

The great thing about Hermosa Beach is that it’s the middle of the Beach Cities. That means you can head north to Manhattan or just south to Redondo Beach for a whole host of other great surfside homes. Redondo itself is the closest. You can walk or cycle there on The Strand. And it’s got boutique shopping and high-class mansions butting up to its glitzy marina areas.

What beach houses in Hermosa Beach are there?

A silhouette of a father and daughter walking in the sunset underneath Hermosa Beach Pier

Cozy cottages with a nautical theme rub shoulders with cutting-edge pads for yogis who like to Downward Dog to the sunrise in Hermosa Beach. That’s just the way of things in this happening and cool corner of the LA coast. What sort of Hermosa Beach house will you choose?

Big, family beach houses in Hermosa Beach

If the whole family are eager to escape to the waves and rollicking BBQ stands of Hermosa Beach this year, you can home in on oversized houses by the Pacific. These are the places that sleep six or eight or even more. They have multiple bedrooms and come in a host of styles – think adobe-walled Spanish haciendas mingling with modern condo-apartments with breezy balconies.

Romantic bungalows for a Hermosa Beach house

If you’re more one for characterful stays, a bungalow might be the sort of Hermosa Beach house you’re after. Forget high-rise blocks of condominiums – these are small, compact little hideaways with whitewashed porches and cozy lounge areas. There should be enough room to stash the surfboard inside, and usually a patio for clinking those sunset beers together.

Luxurious Hermosa Beach houses galore

Pining for a good old steam in a hot tub after returning from the waves? Want the newest of the new when it comes to interior design and cool kitchen spaces? Hermosa Beach houses don’t disappoint. If you’re willing to pay a tad extra, there are vacation rentals here that can really crank up the style.

When to book your Hermosa beach house

Beautiful Hermosa Beach stretches into the distance during the sunset

Knowing what time of year to visit that beach house in Hermosa Beach is important. Do you go for the expectant energy of spring? Do you enjoy the soaring temperatures of summer? Or is it a low-key fall jaunt to Californian shores you’re after?

Springtime for festivals

Spring is when California comes out of hibernation. Winter recedes and ad hoc music festivals erupt on the beachside parks and promenades. Spring Break brings wild crowds of revelers to the bars between Redondo Beach and Hermosa, though this surfer town always retains its laid-back and health-conscious vibe.

Summer for the SoCal life

Summer’s high time for Hermosa Beach. This is when you’ll find the Strand promenade and the volleyball courts, the surf shops and the local marketplaces in full swing. Arts and crafts fairs sandwich the season in May and August, while there’s arguably no better way to explore than on a bike rental. Bag a pad near Pier Avenue to be in the heart of the summertime action.

Fall to get a bargain on Hermosa beach houses

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, the demand for Hermosa Beach houses only drops off a little as September sets in. That said, prices are lower, with fewer folk making for the powdery LA sands overall. The result? Fall‘s a slam dunk for a great balance between cost, weather, and lack of crowds.