Get great houses for rent in Huntington Beach

Get great houses for rent in Huntington Beach

The onetime stomping ground of the legendary Duke Kahanamoku, this corner of the Pacific shoreline south of LA really does deserve its nickname – Surf City. And as the waves roll in, the good-time living is always in full flow in these parts. Mornings are about smoothies and breezy jogs, afternoons about soaking up the rays, and evenings about beer-clinking bonfires as the sunset glows across the Cali coast. No wonder so many people seek out houses for rent in Huntington Beach…

Choose the right house for rent in Huntington Beach?

The main beach of Huntington Beach during the summer months is packed with people

With 1000s of individual houses for rent in Huntington Beach on the menu these days, you might just be spoiled for choice. So, before delving between the surf shops and craft breweries, it could help to have an idea of precisely what sort of escape you’re after, and what sort of options are available in the town.

Beachfront houses for rent in Huntington Beach

Want to be the first waxing down your board each morning and hitting the swells? You can master the Dawn Patrol by booking yourself one of the sought-after houses for rent in Huntington Beach’s oceanfront area. They are mainly condominiums and almost always come with a balcony or patio that gazes out to the Pacific.

Romantic cottages for two

Cute little cottages pepper the blocks back from the main sands in Hermosa Beach. These are the rentals that are primed for couples, typically boasting small self-catering kitchens, a cozy lounge, and a charming outdoor porch area with wooden fences and swinging deck chairs.

Huntington Beach homes with multiple primary bedrooms

There are a select few houses for rent in Huntington Beach that tout more than one primary suite. They are great if you’re traveling to this corner of California with friends of surf pals, requiring somewhere spacious and comfy to rest after demanding days on the swells.

Somewhere for the family in Huntington

Between beginner surf lessons and cycling jaunts along the boardwalk, Main Street’s fun-loving Tex-Mex eateries and the rollicking live music haunts, family travelers should fit into cool and collected Huntington perfectly. Thankfully, there are also oversized vacation homes to choose from, offering bedroom space for up to six people, along with lounges and self-catering kitchens to boot.

What neighborhood for rentals in Huntington Beach?

Swimmers and surfers in the waters of Huntington Beach, California

The trick to getting that perfect house for rent in Huntington Beach is knowing this city like the back of your hand. For vacationers, there are really only a few neighborhoods worth focusing on – you know, the ones with the salt-washed surfer cafés and the breathtaking ocean views.

Buzzy Main Street rarely fails to enthrall

Huntington’s Main Street is a medley of artisan coffee roasters, jalapeno-scented taco stands, spicy Bajan kitchens, and rollicking surf bars with plenty of après parties after the surfboard’s been stashed. It’s very much the nightlife hub of town, and it comes with a collection of houses for rent in Huntington Beach, most of which hide just one block to the east or west.

Ocean-view homes on the Pacific Coast Highway

A pad with a view onto the Pacific Ocean is a real prize in Huntington, so you’ll need to book early if you’re looking to reserve yourself one. These rentals are strung out along the Pacific Coast Highway right by the beach. They’ll have salt-washed balconies and the best bedroom views, but also walking access to the waves and main pier.

Hidden cottages around Olive Avenue

Quieter retreats for those set on a hidden space can be had by making for Olive Avenue. It’s only a few minutes’ walk from energetic Main Street, though the vacation homes there are low-key and quaint, with porch-lined gardens and relaxed residential blocks around them.

Securing bargain deals in Huntington Beach rentals

A lifeguard station on Huntingdon Beach in the sunset

Don’t overpay for that hop to Huntington Beach – you might just need the extra dollars for your surf rentals and nights on the town. Here are some top tips on how you can keep the cost of a stay on Californian shores nice and low.

Fall festivities and lower rates

Most people think of houses for rent in Huntington Beach as a solely summertime escape. But they don’t have to be. In fact, waiting for fall can mean catching a whole host of exciting festivals and events, from vintage car shows to a particularly rowdy rendition of Oktoberfest. What’s more, rates tend to dip in September, so you’ll pay less for a surfside lodging.

Book as early as you can for the summer

If you are intending to head down between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you might want to consider booking you house for rent in Huntington Beach as early as you can. Being prepared like that means you can have the pick of the top houses at the best rates, before they all se ll out.