The allure of North Myrtle Beach house rentals

The allure of North Myrtle Beach house rentals

A North Myrtle Beach house rental is your chance to delve into the enjoyments of South Carolina’s iconic Grand Strand. That means whizzing on jet skis and soaking up Southern rays. It means tasty seafood buffets and rounds of golf. It means dolphin-spotting boat tours and jaunts to adrenaline-pumping theme parks. This guide can help you find the perfect vacation abode between it all.

Exciting areas with North Myrtle Beach house rentals

The view of the Atlantic Ocean from the balcony of a North Myrtle Beach condo

Get your bearings along the wide arc of sands that combine to make up this resort with these introductions to some of the neighborhoods with the most inviting North Myrtle Beach house rentals.

Cherry Grove Beach for quietude

With the air of a 1950s retreat, and plenty of antiques and craft stores to go around, Cherry Grove shows another side of the South Carolinian coast. The center of life is at Cherry Grove Pier, where white sand rolls out on both sides and fishing folk sling their lines. Homes at this far end of the Grand Strand tend to be quieter, romantic, and more authentic escapes.

Crescent Beach condos

Condominiums cover the whole stretch of North Myrtle that’s known as Crescent Beach. They tower above undulating fields of grass-topped dunes to offer panoramic balconies and breezy lounges. The area also hosts some chic hotel resorts, which means you’re never too far from a sumptuous spa or fine-dining bistro.

The endless draws of Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is the home of the Carolina Shag dance and still twerks to a rhythm of bouncing bars and oceanside enjoyments. It’s got rows of seafood grills, cocktail lounges, and golf courses, all punctuated by some of the most coveted condominiums in town – a view of the beach in all of them, of course.

Fishing town vibes in Little River

Tucked neatly behind Cherry Creek on the Intercoastal Waterway, Little River is an exclave of North Myrtle Beach that likes to do things a little differently. For starters, it’s steeped in tales of swashbuckling pirates and smugglers. It’s also a base for gambling cruises and water sports outfitters – so get ready for poker showdowns and jet skiing. The houses are unique, too, with big gardens, boat docks, and a family vibe.

How to bag cheap North Myrtle Beach homes

Successful summer jaunts on a budget often mean keeping a close eye on the travel fund. But for stays on the sparkling sands of North Myrtle Beach, there are ways you can reduce the price of your Atlantic R&R before you even set off.

A boardwalk leads straight from a North Myrtle Beach house rental to the shimmering beaches and sand dunes

Pack the sunscreen for spring

With just six days of rain throughout the whole of May on average, along with temperatures that hover around 80, there’s plenty to be said for the weather in North Myrtle Beach during the spring. And if the promise of thinner crowds on the Grand Strand isn’t enough to convince you to come before summer, perhaps the reality of lower rates will – even beachfront rentals are cheaper before the season gets going.

Book as early as you can

So, you’re after an exclusive North Myrtle Beach house rental on the oceanfront with a pool and all sorts of other extras. In what’s up there with the most popular beach destinations in the whole United States, it always pays to get in early with bookings. That way, you’ll have more choice, be more likely to get the perfect pad that suits all your needs, and even have a wider selection of wallet-friendly condos and homes.

North Myrtle Beach house rental filters

A North Myrtle Beach condominium with a pool and a beachfront location

Knowing what filters to select when you’re searching for North Myrtle Beach house rentals can shorten the time it takes to home in on the perfect vacation lease considerably. Check below to see what boxes you might need to tick as you scour the Grand Strand for your next getaway.

Pet-friendly policies in North Myrtle Beach rentals

Looking to give Fido a taste of the SC coast, too? Cue pet-friendly vacation homes along North Myrtle Beach’s shores. You might need to pay a little extra for the pooch to be welcomed, though fees are usually as simple as per pet, per stay. Just be sure to check what sands allow dogs – there can be restrictions, particularly during the high summer season.

A North Myrtle Beach house rental on the oceanfront

It should be easy to uncover the North Myrtle Beach house rentals with the most stunning panoramic locations and views over the Atlantic. Online vacation sites often have handy map tools that show precisely where that prospective pad is located. You can also check out image galleries to see just how jaw-dropping those morning visions of the rolling Carolinian waves will be from your private balcony.

A North Myrtle Beach house rental with a pool

Although the ocean’s right next door, there’s always plenty to be said for having access to a pool. Thankfully, finding places with an exclusive swimming spot is just a single filter away. Then it’s just about deciding what sort of pool you want. An infinity one that mingles with the seafront, perhaps? A shared pool with communal sun loungers and chilled vacationing vibes?