Find out about Ocean Beach rentals

Find out about Ocean Beach rentals

In a world of yogis and artists, of long-haired surfer dudes and New Age meditators, you’re bound to get a feel for the SoCal lifestyle. In fact, you can secure yourself a place to stay right in the midst of it all by choosing Ocean Beach rentals, whether you’re after a romantic apartment by the sand or somewhere plush and hidden in the affluent neighborhoods behind.

Types of Ocean Beach rentals to consider

A cool patio with furnishings in Ocean Beach, San Diego

There’s not just one type of Ocean Beach rental that you can decide on. This enthralling corner of San Diego comes with all sorts, whether it’s a spot that will welcome the pooch or a sleek condo just a few feet from the waves.

A Californian cottage

Because Ocean Beach grew up as an alternative retreat for surf-hungry wave riders and lovers of more off-beat beach vibes, there are loads of characterful bungalows peppering the blocks of town. They channel a dash of adobe Mexicana, offering cute porches and cozy interiors, along with space to stash the board when your done with the Dawn Patrol.

A dog-friendly stay in Ocean Beach

One thing that keeps locals of San Diego flocking down to Ocean Beach is the dog-friendly policies of Ocean Beach Dog Beach. There, the pup can run free and chase sticks to his heart’s content, while plenty of pet-friendly apartments and cottages line the blocks nearby.

Oceanfront condos with style

There’s something truly irresistible about flinging open your patio doors and getting a front-row seat over the Pacific Ocean. Some of the coolest Ocean Beach rentals offer just that. Look for them by the bluffs of Point Loma and around the promenade by the tidal pools, touting awesome al fresco spaces to really make the most of their perch by the waves.

Neighborhoods to find Ocean Beach rentals

A characterful bungalow in Ocean Beach with a large patio and plants

Ocean Beach rentals string out along a wide arc of yellow-flecked sand, either side of the urban pier, and up and down a headland that runs south of the San Diego River. The city is home to a number of little districts, each with their own breed of vacation rental and a unique atmosphere.

Right by the pier

This is the nerve center of life in Ocean Beach. The pier and its rows of waves and dash of pristine sand is what draws the strollers and the sunbathers. The whole place is packed with attractive oceanfront homes and condominiums, all punctuated by bohemian cafes, barista-led coffee houses, and refined bistros.

Swish Point Loma Heights

Point Loma Heights is a place where the ocean breezes are always fresh and the streets always calm and leafy. If you choose to trade in the bustle of the promenade for this well-to-do area, you’re likely to be in the company of yachters and fashionable folk. What’s more, the homes that are available typically exude something upscale – think bubbling hot tubs and palm-speckled yards to call your very own.

Around Sunset Cliffs

The name says it all in Sunset Cliffs, where the glow of the sun as it dips low on the horizon is simply jaw dropping. Get yourself a clifftop rental and you can guarantee romantic evenings of watching the dying light. A little to the south, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is host to rugged rock headlands and carved stone arches, from where you can spot migrating whales from time to time.

Over in Mission Bay

Mission Bay isn’t in Ocean Beach at all, but it’s only a quick hop across the San Diego River. And it’s packed with some of the most bucket-list-busting attractions in the city, along with plenty of uber-luxurious vacation rentals that can inject your Californian trip with real pizzazz.

Securing cheap Ocean Beach rentals

The leafy garden of an Ocean Beach rental

You’re sure to want to leave as many dollars as you can for your board rentals and surf lessons. Follow the top tips below to ensure you get the best deals on Ocean Beach rentals, and don’t overpay for your getaway by the waves.

Forget the summertime

Artists, sun seekers, surfers, and all sorts of other folk flock across to Ocean Beach when temperatures are at their highest. That means rentals are in huge demand between June and August, which can crank up the cost of a stay by more than 50%. To get great deals and good weather, you might want to consider seasons like late spring and fall instead.

Get a-booking early

Ocean Beach rentals are always sought-after – this is one of the coolest corners of SoCal, after all. That means places – especially beachfront homes and luxury condos – can get booked fast, so you’ll want to get in early to secure yours for the right price.