Rehoboth Beach house rentals

Rehoboth Beach house rentals

Under 3 hours in the car from Capitol Hill in the heart of Washington DC, Rehoboth Beach house rentals have always been in demand with city dwellers wanting an escape to the Atlantic. The town’s filled the role of the classic American resort with ease, and now comes fringed with a ubiquitous boardwalk, packed with salt-scented seafood shacks, and awash with enticing whale and dolphin cruises. And that’s not even mentioning some of the cleanest sands and waves in all of Delaware.

Amazing features in Rehoboth Beach house rentals

A charming Rehoboth Beach house rental with a lawn, flowerbeds, and wooden porch out front

Rehoboth Beach house rentals have a truly unique charm about them. Some are quaint cottages with a nautical vibe. Others are sumptuous ocean-view units with shared swimming pools. Get a feel for just a few of the enticing features you can expect below.

Find Rehoboth Beach house rentals with a pool

Looking for a taste of Delaware’s stylish side? You can balance out the bracing salt breezes and the buzz of the boardwalk with a relaxing pad with its own pool. Many even fringe the shoreline, in the form of condo complexes or little wooden villas with a swimming spot that’s just steps from the beach.

Charming East Coast design features

A timber-clad exterior with steep-gabled roofs? Check. A wrap-around porch with whitewashed banisters? Check. A flower-blooming garden that glows with hydrangeas and tulips come spring? Check. In many Rehoboth Beach house rentals, it’s all about channeling that classic East Coast character.

Outdoor spaces

Make the most of the fresh ocean winds and the eye-watering location right next to the Atlantic with a Rehoboth Beach house rental that has plenty of outdoor living space. Big, private gardens might suit those coming as a family, but there are also condos with compact verandahs and wave-side decks to enjoy.

Different types of Rehoboth Beach house rentals

A handsome Rehoboth Beach house with a porch and garden

Rehoboth Beach has become an all-round escape for all sorts of travelers. The old-timey amusement parks and boardwalks bring the families. A wealth of LGBTQ-friendly bars can cater to the singles. There are romantic dune reserves for couples to wander. So, it’s hardly a surprise that there’s a range of beach houses to match.

Pet-friendly Rehoboth Beach house rentals

There are oodles of options on prime stick-chasing territory in Rehoboth Beach. However, getting somewhere that’s willing to welcome the pooch is just the first step. You also might want to consider venturing down to nearby Dewey Beach, where the canine roaming policies are a little laxer than in Rehoboth itself.

Oceanfront Rehoboth Beach house rentals

Put uninterrupted vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and the seagrass-covered sand dunes right on your doorstep by homing on the oceanfront beach house rentals in Rehoboth. Just be wary that these are always the most coveted pads, so they can fill up fast, particularly in the warmer months of the year.

A family-sized Rehoboth Beach house rental

Myriad houses in Rehoboth come with families in mind. These are the homes away from home, touting driveways for the car, garden spaces, and multiple bedrooms. They can even fringe the beachfront itself, where they typically throw in big patios or decks with BBQ grills and outdoor dining furniture.

How to find bargain beach houses in Rehoboth

A waterfront deck with tables, chairs, and wine glasses in Rehoboth

Keeping costs low when it comes to those Rehoboth Beach house rentals often means skipping the most popular vacation months, getting in early, and being willing to venture a little further from the buzzing center of the resort.

Skip the summer

Summer sees Rehoboth Beach fizz with life. When the Delaware sun beats down on the cinnamon-tinted sands, 1000s of vacationers swap out the bustling streets of Washington DC for a taste of the ocean. That means things can get busy, and prices in rentals can soar. So, think about jaunts in spring or fall if you want to get the best bargains.

Book as early as you can

With the most sought-after Rehoboth Beach house rentals filling up for the summer months as fast as you can say “East Coast crab sticks”, it usually pays to secure your lodgings in advance. If you’re looking to come between May and August, try to book long before the summer months are even on the horizon. Head away from the boardwalk

Head away from the boardwalk

Yes, the T-shirt shops and souvenir vendors, the whirligig arcades and the ice-cream parlors of the boardwalk might be the center of the action, but there’s plenty to be said for seeking out Rehoboth Beach house rentals a little further afield. Doing that will offer extra privacy near less buzzy sands, not to mention the chance of lower rates.