A guide to finding great Rhode Island beach house rentals

A guide to finding great Rhode Island beach house rentals

So, you’ve settled on an ocean break to the sands of Little Rhody? Great choice. This small cut-out of the East Coast has some of the most celebrated sands in New England. Clam chowder-touting sea dog taverns, historic fishing ports, Colonial history, and bucket-list-busting whale-watching trips can surely only add to the draws. And that’s not even mentioning the charm and character of all the alluring Rhode Island beach house rentals that are out there facing the swells.

Amazing places to find Rhode Island beach house rentals

A set of sunning chairs sit on a green lawn by a Rhode Island beach where the waves roll in

Though Rhode Island remains the smallest state by size, it’s notable that it’s hailed as the Ocean State. That’s because the contours of the coast here mean there’s a whopping 400 miles of shoreline to get through. Use this guide to find the stretch that’s right for you.

A romantic jaunt to Charlestown

Anyone driving in from Connecticut along the Block Island Sound is likely to encounter Charlestown’s wide and sandy beaches before anything else in Rhode Island. Quiet, secluded, and calm, they are perfect for romantic breaks by the ocean. That comes through in the range of beach cottages and little cabins that line the town’s shores – they are indelibly cozy and compact, spot on for a loved-up duo.

Narragansett – the star of the show

There are loads of reasons why Narragansett vacation homes reign as some of the most popular Rhode Island beach house rentals of all. They sit amid miles of rolling beachfront that’s considered by many to be the cleanest and most picturesque in all of New England. And that’s not even mentioning the area’s seafood – think smorgasbords of lobster, fresh-caught snappers, and salty clams.

Glitz and glamor in Newport

Treat yourself to a Rhode Island beach house rental with real style by focusing on the historic town of Newport. Now a fashionable yachter’s hub, it’s got cobbled streets and gingerbread houses, Victorian districts and antiques boutiques. The best beaches run along exclusive Ocean Drive up the side of Aquidneck Island.

Your beachfront home in Misquamicut3

Misquamicut’s chilled coastal character comes from the fact that it’s isolated on a headland that juts out into the Block Island Sound. When things heat up in June and July, the cotton-tinted sands here fill up with fly-in sunbathers from Connecticut. Thankfully, you can get an ocean-view Rhode Island beach house within walking distance of the shore to be the first to lay the towel and stake your tanning spot.

Vacation tips for a Rhode Island break to remember

The famous Point Judith lighthouse in Narragansett

Check below to learn a few ins and outs about Rhode Island beach house rentals, whether you’re eager to take a four-legged friend or just want to save a few dollars when you come to book.

You can bring the pooch to beach house rentals in RI

Don’t worry if you simply can’t bring yourself to leave the pup behind when you whizz off to the East Coast this year. There are plenty of Rhode Island beach houses that would be glad to host a guest with a tail. You’ll just need to pay a tad extra – fees for pets are typically calculated per animal, per stay.

Book early for summer breaks

Because Rhode Island boasts some of the most celebrated beaches on all New England’s shores, you can always expect things to get busy when the temperature heats up. That’s especially true of uber-popular resort destinations like Misquamicut and Narragansett, where you might want to consider booking as early as you can to avoid inflated rates.

Character rentals with a Rhode Island beach house

A handsome Rhode Island rental right by the water's edge with a garden and jetty

The Ocean State is steeped in tales of whalers and fishing folk, with cobbled towns that are centuries old and a distinct New England culture. The upshot is that there’s endless character and charm to look forward to in beach houses in these parts.

A cabin right by the RI sands

One of the most alluring features of Rhode Island beach houses is surely how close they can get you to the Atlantic. Some have patio doors that slide open to reveal wide stretches of yellow-flecked powder that slopes down to the wave-frothing Block Island Sound. Others might occupy small coves and inlets on hidden islands deep in Narragansett Bay.

Something a little luxurious

You only need to sift through a few of the Rhode Island beach house rentals in places like Newport to realize that there are plenty of high-class vacation pads in this corner of the US coast. Expect to get sprawling mansions with lawns overlooking the Atlantic, big decks with double-grill BBQs, flickering fireplaces inside, and designer furniture throughout.

A New England cottage for two

Something smaller and cozier should be easy to find if you’re after a romantic break with the other half. Cue wood-faced bungalows and porch-fronted properties with flowerbeds in their gardens, the likes of which you can discover in hidden bays up and down the RI coast.